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Travellers entering UK will need new ETA travel permit next month

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Travellers arriving into the UK will soon need a travel permit as the British Government tightens up the country’s borders. In October the new ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation)scheme launches for people planning to travel the following month and new countries will be added until all overseas nations are encompassed by the end of 2024.

The ETA is Britain's equivalent to the ETIAS permit which will be needed to enter the European Union from 2024. The ETA will be electronically linked to an individual’s passport and will give them permission to travel into the UK, Birmingham Live reports.

The Home Office said: "The Government's number one priority is keeping the UK safe. To strengthen the security of our border and improve travel, the UK is launching an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme - a digital permission to travel to the UK.

The ETA scheme is broadly for visitors who do not need a visa for short stays in the UK, or who do not already have a UK immigration status prior to travelling. READ MORE: 'We sold everything in the cost of living crisis to travel full time - now we save £2k every month' READ MORE: 'I went on holiday to Rhodes after wildfires and the island has bounced back' "Those applying for an ETA will provide their biographic, biometric and contact details, and answer a short set of suitability questions.

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