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Worst parking fail ever that 'looks like Top Gear challenge gone badly wrong'
driver has left people baffled after somehow parking their car on top of two caravans.Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service was called in to rescue the unlucky vehicle owner from the perch, who miraculously escaped without injury.It is not known exactly how the accident unfolded but the mistake, at Glossop Caravans on Brookfield Road, is likely a costly one with hundreds of pounds worth of damage, Derbyshire Live reports.READ MORE: Sleepy seaside town next to 'millionaire's row' is now 'heroin capital of England'A photo of the car on top of the caravans sparked disbelief online and one person commented: “That takes some skill.”Someone else drew comparisons to a challenge from TV motoring show Top Gear and joked: “Jeremy Clarkson was probably involved.”Another added: “I bet it was either Clarkson, Hammond or May!”A fourth poster poked fun at the unfortunate driver and laughed: “You can’t park there mate.”Whilst another bemused motorist said: “Must have wanted a closer look at the caravans.”Meanwhile, one person offered an explanation as to how it could have happened, saying the car park is “a two tier site and there are parking spaces where the upper tier caravans are normally parked… the driver misjudged the rear drop”. Crews from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service also attended, and the Major Rescue Unit) from Staveley Fire Station assisted with the extrication and stability of the stricken vehicle.