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Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, notable as the home of the U.S. film industry, including several of its historic studios. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people associated with it. Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. It was consolidated with the city of Los Angeles in 1910 and soon thereafter, a prominent film industry emerged, eventually becoming the most recognizable in the world.

Clifton Powell Says He's Repeatedly Been Told He's 'Too Black' For Roles

Ray, Eve’s Bayou and Woman Thou Art Loosed. Now, the actor is candidly speaking out on how he’s been slighted from potential roles due to colorism in the industry. In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand’s Robin Ayers, Powell discussed how pervasive racism prevails in Hollywood and revealed a disheartening anecdote of his personal experience with it during casting.

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