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Brit mum, 20, strangled in front of baby daughter by robbers in Greece pictured

tortured and murdered by three robbers in her home in the Glyka Nera suburb of Athens.They reportedly forced her to reveal where valuables were kept in the two-storey house, before fleeing with £13,000 and jewellery.The hooded robbers first strangled and hanged the family’s dog to stop it from raising the alarm on Tuesday, May 11.They smashed a window and entered the property at around 5am while a fourth man stood guard outside.Once inside, the trio tied up Caroline’s pilot husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, 32, to a chair in the bedroom.The robbers then found Caroline, a student at the University of Piraeus, in the attic with her 11-month-old baby.They tied up and tortured her in a bid to get her to reveal where the valuables were,

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