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Strictly Come Dancing releases audio of Adam and Katya's tango before their 'near kiss'

Strictly Come Dancing has confirmed what Adam Peaty and Katya Jones said to each other during their steamy Argentine Tango.The dance partners raised eyebrows and fuelled plenty of speculation when viewers believed the pair almost shared a kiss at the end of their lift-heavy routine on Saturday night's show.Following 26-year-old Adam denying the rumours and slamming the spreading of 'gossip', the official Strictly YouTube channel has released the words exchanged between he and Katya, 32, during the number.The pair's conversation can be heard in the Hidden Microphones - Week 4 clip, which reveals words exchanged between all the couples last week.The two-minute footage reveals Katya telling Adam to "push" and "relax" during their tango.At

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