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Cairo-Based MAD Solutions Takes Stake in New York’s D-Street Releasing

Nick Vivarelli International CorrespondentCairo-based film marketing and distribution outfit MAD Solutions has taken an equity ownership stake in New York’s revived arthouse distributor D Street Releasing.The partnership will extend the reach of MAD Solutions’ theatrical distribution operations, giving it an inroad into the U.S. arthouse sector where so far Arab cinema has been largely reliant on festival exposure.MAD Solutions, which is a top distributor of specialty Arab cinema across the West Asia region, now plans to release between five and seven standout titles from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries to North American audiences.D Street Releasing, which has been largely dormant in recent years, is a division of D Street Media Group, the New York-based production, distribution and music publishing company with affiliate operations in the U.S., Germany, Ecuador, Argentina and South Africa.

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penis size compared to bulging men across the globe, according to a penis league table. A study of international men has revealed Brits are lacking in size and have ranked 66th place, with the average size todger being listed as 5.17inches when erect.And according to the table, the French aren't just known for their romantic gestures, but also their larger average of 6.2in, which puts them in 11th place.But claiming the top spot are hunky Ecuadorian men, who are said to be packing in their trousers, with their general size being 6.93in.Following closely behind is Cameroon (6.56in), Bolivia (6.5in) and Sudan (6.48in), reports The Sun.The tiniest willies can be located in Cambodia at 3.95in, with Taiwan’s 4.24in behind, followed by the Philippines polled 4.27in.Online pharmacy From Mars examined Google data on men from 86 countries and discovered the global average size is 5.5in.US men ranked higher than Brits in 59th place with 5.35in, while Ireland fell behind and were listed 70th on the list with 5.03in.Over in Australia, men were reported to be an average size of 5.69in, putting Aussie's 43 on the poll.Germany managed to trickle over the average proportion and reached 39th place with 5.72in, while Argentina came in 30th place, boasting 5.86in.Meanwhile, Senegal just missed out in the top at 6.26in, with Cuba, Gambia, and the Netherlands joint seventh on 6.25in.Pharmacist Navin Khosla commented: “Most men have wondered at some time or other if their penis is big enough.