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Britney Spears' husband Sam Asghari wants Marvel role to be family 'breadwinner'

Britney Spears' new hubby Sam Asghari is reportedly hoping to become the breadwinner by landing a Marvel role.The Iranian-born actor, 28, tied the knot with the pop princess on June 9 after dating for around five years.But it seems Sam wants to make sure he's paying his way so he is actively pursuing movie success.According to The Sun, the budding film star has sent taped auditions in to Marvel's film studios.However, he wants to be a goodie rather than a baddie on the big screen as he wants to be someone others can look up to."Sam wants to play a positive role model for young Persian men, rather than the villains they are usually portrayed as," a source said."He has been working on his screen fighting skills and has upped his training in mixed martial arts and undertaken stunt classes."So far Sam is best known for his work as a model and as a personal trainer.He has also had screen roles in shows including Black Monday, Hacks and Dollface.The hunky star has previously said that he'd like to follow in the footsteps of A-list actors like Tom Cruise and Jason Statham.He told Variety last year that he was keen to "get into blockbusters"."My ultimate goal is to really become a well-rounded actor," he said."I'm doing a lot of MMA training, I'm doing a lot of gun and stunt training to be a well-rounded actor such as Tom Cruise, such as Jason Statham.

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