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Brutal new sport Punch Fall holds fights on shipping container hovering above lake

READ MORE: Bellator beauty Valerie Loureda cries tears of joy as MMA star signs with WWE"Well, I was planning on settling in for the night to watch UFC 276, but now it looks like I’ll spend my evening on a quest to find more of whatever this is," one fan joked."This is the dumbest s*** I’ve ever seen, Where can I watch more of it?" A second joked.

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Woman who's been married 11 times devastated as fiancé number 12 calls off wedding
married' has been left devastated after fiancé number 12 called off their wedding.Monette Dias, 52, has already had 11 weddings - with none of them working out.The interior designer, from the US, appeared on TLC's Addicted to Marriage, where she hoped to find a 12th and final husband.READ MORE: 'Britain's most hated woman' plans to charge guests £3k to attend £40k weddingHowever, unfortunately it didn't work out for Monette, as she didn't even make it down the aisle.After an argument with her fiancé John, she revealed on the show: "It's really painful for me to have another failure, especially in this relationship where I tried so hard."As the single mum opens up to her sister about her argument with John, she adds: "Sometimes I think he gets as mean as he can to me because he wants me gone."Her sister, Marcie, admits that she wasn't concerned when her sister got married the first two or three times.However, after he being married eleven times she worries her sister will never meet the right person.Marcie herself has been married once and has been with her partner for 38 years.After talking to her sister, Monette decided to speak to John about their issues in order to put things right, however it didn't go to plan.During another argument, John was heard telling Monette: "I'm done with the playing."Until you come to terms with what you do and your role in your failed relationships, you're never gonna have a good one... ever."Monette was heard replying: "Use that John...
Elle Brooke lists 'excuses' why no one will fight her as Astrid Wett's stand-in
OnlyFans star and amateur boxer Elle Brooke has posted a raunchy TikTok video that lists the "excuses" people are using to avoid fighting her.Brooke had been due to take on fellow OnlyFans favourite Astrid Wett in an eagerly-anticipated contest that was scheduled for July 16.But Wett pulled out of the bout three weeks ago, citing concerns for her safety.READ MORE: Prince Harry says Diana’s voice is ‘even stronger in my life’ after becoming a fatherA replacement has not yet been announced for Brooke to take on at London's O2 Arena and, judging by her 25-second TikTok clip labelled "2 weeks to go and still no opponent", she is struggling to find somebody prepared to enter the ring with her just a fortnight before she is due to be in action.The video, which has Alexis Jordan's Happiness as its soundtrack, starts with the accompanying words: "Excuses why no one will fight me."While Brooke dances in figure-hugging shorts and top at home, with a tracksuit top slipping off her shoulders, the supposed four excuses are then listed one by one.The first is "I am on steroids" followed by a a second of "I look like a man."To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here."I weigh too much" is given as the third reason with "I am unprofessional" as the final one.Brooke's video, which was viewed 143,000 times and attracted 18,000 likes within just a few hours of being posted, saw her simulate a pole dance using the long handle of her fridge.With her hands on her hips, she also strutted confidently down stairs, showing off her perfectly-toned legs.