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Holly Willoughby forced to look away as guest gets Botox live on This Morning
Holly Willoughby couldn't face watching as a member of the studio received Botox live on This Morning.The presenter, 41, is known for being squeamish and made it apparent at the beginning of the segment that she would be unable to watch.Holly, alongside co-presenter Phillip Schofield, welcomed Dr Amiee Vyas to speak about department store John Lewis offering Botox and also to give a demonstration.Phill, 60, made it clear that they would be "keeping an eye" on Holly and even prepared for events if she ended up feeling slightly "woozy."As the camera panned around, two members on set were holding stools waiting to be brought in if the Freeze the Fear presenter needed a sit down.Phil informed viewers that the patient receiving Botox was in fact a member of their green room, Fleur. As Dr Amiee, who is an aesthetic doctor and cosmetic skin specialist, was about to begin, Holly assured "Yep, I'm alright.""How are you feeling Fleur? Are you not nervous about it?," Phil asked."No, not at all," the This Morning studio member assured. Dr Amiee said: "If anyone's feeling squeamish please look away now" before Holly decided: "Yeah I am going to look away."As soon as Dr Amiee had finished, Holly asked: "How was it? Did it hurt?" "No! I find the dentist worse than that" exclaimed Fleur. The segment sparked debate amongst viewers however, with many fuming the ITV show had decided to "advertise" Botox."@thismorning Can’t believe your advertising Botox has a lunch time treatment..
Eagle-eyed Eastenders fans 'work out' upcoming affair after spotting steamy clue
EastEnders fans think they've predicted a shocking new affair for the next big storyline in the soap.During Thursday's episode, viewers noticed that two characters started to grow closer which could be a glimpse into what to expect coming up.Currently, we've seen Rainie struggle to bring up baby Roland while her husband, Stuart, is undergoing cancer treatment.Getting no help with the baby from Stuart, Rainie has been turning to her neighbour Mitch for some help.Although she first thought he was too exhausted from his treatment to be hands-on with Roland, Stuart recently made a heart breaking confession to Rainie.He admitted to having no feelings for the infant and if he could he'd give Roland back to the surrogate mum Bernie.Devastated by the news, Rainie tried to get her head together when she ran into Mitch who noticed she wasn't ok.Helping her look after the baby, the duo got speaking as Rainie covered for Stuart by saying things have been difficult having a new baby while her husband is ill.Before she left, Mitch assured her that he was there for her "anytime" as he took her arm.As it's been evident to viewers the neighbours have been growing closer over the past few months and people are convinced it's building up to them having an affair.One Twitter user said: "My "I'm sad so I'm going to have an affair" klaxon is BLARING during this Rainie and Mitch scene."Another posted: "Rainie and Mitch up a tree..."Before the episode came to an end, we got to see Stuart and Rainie have a chat about their child.Rainie said: "I don’t hate you, Stuart, I just don’t understand you.