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, effectively taking away the constitutional right to legal abortion access. Abortion may soon be banned in and is officially illegal in Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, and South Dakota. According to , an research and advocacy group for reproductive rights, a total of 26 states are “certain or likely” to completely ban abortion in the upcoming weeks and months. The decision has caused a reproductive rights—and human rights—crisis, with many and everyone from politicians to celebrities the loss of safe and legal abortion access for people who can become pregnant. Emergency contraception and birth control are still available and legal—though anti-abortion legislators have contraceptives may be their next target.

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Sheryl Crow and Paul Rudd help raise money at Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City
The Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City, Missouri kicked off on Friday in person for the first time since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The event is a fundraiser for the local Children's Mercy Cancer Center, and is hosted this year by four actors who grew up in the Kansas City area:Eric Stonestreet, Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle and David Koechner, according to the Kansas City Star.They were joined by about 30 celebrity guests, including musician Sheryl Crow, actors Adam Scott,James Van Der Beek, Ginger Gonzaga, Heidi Gardner, Richard Kind, Kat McNamara, Anthony Hill,Seth Herzog, as well as YouTuber Sean Evans, sports commentator Joe Tessitore and WWE wrestler Baron Corbin, among others. Star power: Musician Sheryl Crow lend her support for the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City that's a fundraiser for the local Children's Mercy Cancer Center Celebrity fundraiser: Paul Rudd was among the four co-hosts who grew up in the Kansas City area, which also included actors Eric Stonestreet, Rob Riggle and David Koechner; Rudd is pictured with YouTuber Sean Evans, who's the co-creator of the series Hot OnesLike years past, the weekend full of fun features an array of fun-filled events, includinglive music, comedy, magic,live auctions and a Friday afternoon softball game at Kauffman Stadium.With all the celebrities hanging around over the weekend, some of them, like Crow, took part in meet and greets and VIP experiences to help raise money.
Dog left home alone turns on stove and starts house fire after sniffing pan on hob
fire while sniffing around the hob at an old greasy pan.Video of the accident was shared by the Southern Platte Fire Protection District, from Parkville, in the US state of Missouri, to warn owners of the risks unattended dogs can cause.The dog is seen sniffing at a pan of grease left over the hob while leaning over the cooker's knobs, accidentally turning the stove on.It can then be seen jumping off the hob and moving around the kitchen as the pan heats up and smoke starts spreading upwards.As the dog leaves the kitchen, the pan can be seen bursting into flames as the grease ignited because of the heat.Flames can then be seen spreading through the rest of the room.Additional video from the internal security camera shows smoke slowly building up around the dining room before the stove lights up in a flash.The dog's owners were reportedly not at home at the time of the fire.Firefighters in Parkville, Missouri intervened to tackle the blaze and rescue two dogs left inside the home after neighbours started spotting smoke coming out of the property.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up for one of our free newsletters here .The Kansas City Fire Department said there were no injuries but that the home was severely damaged.Division Chief Chris Denney said: "New appliances have are being seen with touch controls that activate by the simple touch of a finger."An animal's paw can also activate these types of controls."Please use built-in safeties if available on appliances when not in use and accessible by children and/or animals."A report from the National Fire Protection Association found cooking was the main cause of home fires (48 percent) and fire-related home injuries (45 percent) between
Movie star chimp Tonka found alive after owner faked death to avoid PETA seizure
appeared in the film “Buddy” with actor Alan Cumming was found alive last week after his former owner faked his death to avoid having him confiscated by PETA, according to Rolling Stone.Tonka’s owner, Tonia Haddix, had previously claimed that he had passed away from heart failure and that she cremated him in a fire pit, the outlet reported.She fabricated the story after PETA sounded the alarm about dire conditions at her Missouri animal sanctuary and demanded its closure, according to the report.The facility eventually went defunct, but Haddix claimed Tonka was no more.PETA didn’t buy her story and joined Cumming in offering a $20,000 for information leading to Tonka’s shrouded whereabouts.“During the months we filmed together, baby Tonka and I became good friends, playing and grooming each other and just generally larking about,” Cumming said in an April statement.The aging primate was eventually located in a small room on a property owned by Haddix, who conceded that she had lied about his death, Rolling Stone said.Tonka, 38, has now been placed in a sprawling Florida sanctuary, PETA said this week.Cumming was elated by his old pal’s new lease on life.“I’m dancing a jig that PETA has rescued Tonka from the woman who locked him away alone in a basement and lied about it,” he said, according to PETA. “The thought of Tonka being able to wander free and happy at Save the Chimps’ lush, spacious sanctuary for the rest of his life has me singing a happy song.”Haddix told Rolling Stone that she expects legal consequences.“I’m sure that there’ll be some jail time in this,” she said.
Woman who caught STI from ex-boyfriend in back of Hyundai claims £4m on car insurance
£4.1million ($5.2m) on car insurance.The woman, from Missouri, America, was awarded the hefty sum in a settlement against her ex-boyfriend's car insurance company after she claimed she had received a sexually transmitted disease while in the car.The pair had sex in the back of his 2014 Hyundai Genesis and five years on from the encounter, the Missouri Court of Appeals ruled that the insurance company most fork over the millions.GEICO General Insurance Company must pay the millions to the woman after a three-judge panel ruled in favour of the woman.Court papers revealed that the woman had notified GEICO in February 2021 that she and the insured ex-boyfriend had been in a romantic relationship since 2017.She told of her intention to seek monetary damages from the insurance company and cited contracting HPV from an insured member of the car as her reason.The woman alleged in court documents that her ex-boyfriend had been diagnosed with a throat cancer tumour and HPV, yet continued to have unprotected sex with her while knowing the risks.In May 2021, the arbitrator of the case found that sex in the car had "directly caused, or directly contributed to cause" the HPV infection.The ex-boyfriend was found liable for not disclosing his infection status, in turn meaning GEICO had to pay out £4.1million for damages and injuries. Los Angeles attorney Miguel Custodio said that the settlement was reasonable, Daily Mail reported.