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Love Island fans slam 'entitled' Antigoni after frosty confrontation with Ekin-Su

Love Island fans have labelled newcomer Antigoni as "entitled" after a recent confrontation with Ekin-Su.At a recent recoupling, Ekin-Su went with her gut and picked Davide, despite pursuing both Jay and Charlie throughout her time in the villa and the fact that Antigoni was trying to make moves on him.Danica went after Ekin-Su and picked Jay, even though he had told her earlier that "the door was closed".This left Antigoni last and forced to pick new boy Charlie.After the recoupling, Danica walked off with Paige to discuss the events that had just unfurled.Later, Ekin-Su pulled Antigoni to talk about her decision but fans weren't happy about her "entitled" nature.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comIn a segment where Antigoni spoke to the camera, she said: "I didn't have an issue with her, nothing outright nasty I just thought she was playing a bit of a game, but it's water under the bridge." One wrote: "Antigoni has nose dived from my instant fave to entitled sore loser. Please shut up, how were you having any kind of connection with Davide or even Jay to be honest?!"Another said: "I’m ready for Antigoni to go.

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Horny seagulls will become crazed ‘acid heads’ - causing summer hell for Brits
seagulls will make this summer hell.Brits and holidaymakers are being warned they will be terrorised by swarms of the monster birds – high as kites after gorging on billions of flying ants.Experts say the pests could lose all inhibitions and become ‘acid heads’ as the insects contain formic acid that makes them act out of their minds.READ MORE: Extremely rare two-headed snake stuns serpent wrangler in strange discoveryA spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds warned about the looming ant plague: “Seagulls are mad for them – they are like M&Ms to them.“The gulls go wherever they are.”A spokeswoman from the Society of Biology added the ants’ formic acid can cause gulls to “appear drunk or stoned” and make them even bolder.As well as making the gulls hungry and horny, ingesting the insects is also said to make gulls increase dive-bombing attacks and refuse to fly away from the humans they leave in a flap.The phenomenon of flying ant swarms up to 50 miles wide invading the UK in hot weather has been dubbed ‘Flying Ant Day’.Their swarms have grown so large they are being spotted from space.It usually happens in July or August amid a sustained stretch of hot, still and humid weather.Infestations can be focused on seaside towns where gulls are already despised for dive bombing to snatch food and attack kids, pets and pensioners.READ NEXT: Young mum shot dead in 'execution-style' murder as she pushed pram down busy street Babysitter and cop 'sexually assaulted' 12-year-old girl and took naked photos of her Man breaks his neck after being thrown into back of police van without seatbelts Woman killed driving Uber Eats car may have 'solved her own murder' with final photo Teenage swimmers make sickening
Julianne Hough makes a splash with impressive photoshoot - fans react
Julianne Hough sure knows it! The star bared it all for an aerobics themed photoshoot, and she has seriously never looked better.MORE: Emotional Julianne Hough receives standing ovation during POTUS playShe shared a jaw-dropping throwback that perfectly ushered in summer, and showed off just how much all her dancing seriously pays off.The black and white snapshots are undoubtedly frame-worthy, and see Julianne taking on a series of impressive poses right by the water, wearing nothing but some gold hoops on her ears, with her hair styled in a gelled bob style.WATCH: Emotional Julianne receives standing ovation after delivering pro-choice quote during her play MORE: Julianne Hough reveals incredibly toned figure as she dances around in black braNot only do the photos showcase the actress' incredible physique, but her strength as well, and some of them see her expertly grasping onto aerobics bands as she hangs above the water and wraps the ropes around her to execute some seriously daunting poses.The photographer behind the spectacular shots, Brian Bowen Smith, shared the series of images, and Julianne was quick to express on her Instagram Stories how much participating in the photoshoot had meant to her."This was such a special shoot," she said, before shooting a sweet "miss you" alongside a heart emoji to Brian.A post shared by
Mars rovers 'could be less than 7ft away from finding proof of aliens', say NASA
NASA boffins say that Mars rovers could unearth evidence of alien life if they dig seven feet down into the Red Planet.The hunt for extra-terrestrials involves discovering certain amino acids on Mars, which in turn are a component to build proteins.However, new research by the US space agency published in the journal Astrobiology suggests cosmic rays are destroying this evidence on Mars faster than we realised.READ MORE: NASA baffled after 'mystery spacecraft' smashes into the Moon leaving odd craterAlexander Pavlov, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, said: "Current Mars rover missions drill down to about two inches."At those depths, it would take only 20million years to destroy amino acids completely."The addition of perchlorates and water increases the rate of amino acid destruction even further." Although it sounds like a long time, 20m years is just a blip when hunting for proof of ancient life from billions of years ago, when Mars was much more like Earth.NASA now reckons that the rovers will need to dig around 6.6ft deep to make a breakthrough and find amino acids that haven't been degraded by ionising radiation from space.Pavlov, who was the lead author of the study, continued: "Missions with shallow drill sampling have to seek recently exposed outcrops — e.g., recent microcraters with ages less than 10m years or the material ejected from such craters."There is evidence to suggest that, billions of years ago, Mars had a thick atmosphere and global magnetic field shields like Earth.This atmosphere would have allowed for liquid on the Red Planet. It also would have blocked cosmic rays from reaching the surface.
Terrifying great white shark hotspot where swimmers and fishermen are regularly attacked
great white shark attacks has led to one coastline being warned of as a shark hotspot.Swimmers and fishermen are regularly reported as being attacked by the ocean-dwelling beasts, with a series of reported deaths and grisly injuries coming out of the area.A huge great white shark was spotted flying out of the water near a fishing boat, while others have been left brutally savaged and even killed by the massive predator.READ MORE: Megalodon - the biggest shark that ever lived - ate sperm whales for breakfastBeach-goers take life in their own hands when heading to parts of the South African coast, where the ocean-residing beasts are taking lives frequently.Most recently there were reports of a man being brutally mauled to death as panicked onlookers could do nothing but watch on as the horror unfolded. The shark is said to have been stalking the coastline some minutes before the attack at Sanctuary Beach in Plettenberg Bay, with reports of a great white attacking a man in the ocean.National Sea Rescue deployed two boats to save the bloke after witnesses raised the alarm with water authorities, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.The horrifying incident led to a spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue team imploring sailors and ocean-goers to "exercise caution" following the incident.
Swimmer dies in brutal shark attack as horrified beachgoers watched on
READ MORE: Megalodon – the biggest shark that ever lived – ate sperm whales for breakfastThe National Sea Rescue deployed two rescue crafts after witnesses raised the alarm, but the efforts of rescuers were in vain.NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said: "On arrival at the scene, the body of an adult male, believed to be a local, was recovered from the water from the back surf line onto an NSRI rescue craft."The body was brought to the NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue station."An NSRI doctor, Western Cape EMS and the South African Police Services responded."The man was declared dead at the scene.Lambinon said that the Bitou Municipality closed all nearby beaches following the incident."Condolences are conveyed to the family of the deceased man," Mr Lambinon added."The NSRI and Bitou Municipality are appealing to sea users, bathes, sailors, paddlers and boaters in Plettenberg Bay and also on the Southern Cape coastline to exercise caution following this fatal incident."READ NEXT:Man breaks his neck after being thrown into back of police van without seatbeltsCruise ship smashes into iceberg 'size of truck' and terrifying passengersDecapitated heads and charred corpses found as 15 die in one day of cartel killingsAbandoned dog with no food or water survived off scraps thrown over garden fenceTime traveller warns 'mysterious and dangerous' virus will sweep across the world in 2024
Aquaman star Jason Momoa becomes UN's Advocate for Life Below Water
Video: Tim Peake reveals International Space Station smells rotten because astronauts fart more in orbit (BANG Showbiz)Magic mushrooms should be given out in care homesNew study finds showing love to cats makes them more likely to scratch sofasCompany to pay homeowners to release 100 cockroaches into housesPet dogs are like surrogate children to humansBritish astronaut Tim Peake claims aliens and time travellers could be behind UFO sightingsMonkeys watch videos with new gadget!Scientific study claims heart attacks could be predicted in advance with eye testMusic fan makes £65,000 from Liam Gallagher gig grass!Remains of Europe's 'largest ever' predator dinosaur found!Vegans have better memories than meat-eatersNew Zealand plans to tax cow and sheep burps!NASA chief says intelligent alien life is likely to exist somewhere in the universeTomato ketchup could vanish due to climate changeRunaway tortoise reunited with family after eight months after being discovered by railway workersExpert claims aliens could use rogue planets as spaceships to reach EarthUNEP’s Executive Director, Inger Andersen, said: “In 2021, the four primary measures of climate change – greenhouse gas concentrations, sea level rise, ocean temperatures and ocean acidification – all hit record highs. This means the time for action is now.
Legendary Loch Ness Monster may live in Stranger Things-style parallel universe
Stranger Things.From its first sighting in Scotland in May, 1933, when the Inverness Courier reported a local couple seeing “an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface”, the mysterious beast has captivated the world ever since.But nobody has ever been able to prove, with definitive evidence, that the possible water beast was real.READ MORE: Nessie could actually be a 'giant toad' lurking in deepest depths of the lochNow one paranormal investigator has a theory about why – and it involves Netflix show Strangers Things.Ron Halliday, who is actually Scottish, said: “Scientists have suggested there could be other universes."And somehow our world interacts with these other worlds through portals."With the Loch Ness monster, people could be seeing a dinosaur that existed in the past.“They may see something that looks solid but isn’t actually in our world. “That can spread across a whole range of things, such as UFO sightings.” Stranger Things revolves around evil beasts living in an alternative universe known as the Upside Down, and (spoilers ahead) the big boss is known as Vecna – which could very well be the Loch Ness monster.Ron, 72, added: “Some people are more psychic than others."They can pick up these experiences while others may not."It’s possible that some may walk into these portals without realising it, then they can see these things.“They are having genuine experiences.
Teenage swimmers make sickening discovery in murky waters of dangerous lake
Florida wildlife park made a grisly discovery after two divers got into difficulties in a lake with a maze-like network of underwater caves.The three teens, a 17-year-old and two 15-year-olds, saw two cave divers arrive at around 11am on Wednesday, June 22, and had chatted to the men as they got their equipment ready.Buford Springs Cave, set in the 31-square-mile Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area near Tampa, Florida, is considered "hazardous" even for experienced divers, according to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.READ MORE: Giant nuclear-powered 'flying hotel' with gym and swimming pool to carry 5,000 passengersThe two divers – named as Stephen Roderick Gambrell, 63, and 52-year-old Todd Richard McKenna – carried out one short dive before resurfacing, when the young swimmers had heard them talking to each other.One of the men appeared to mention a problem with their air tanks, one of the young swimmers later told police.Later, the trio saw Gambrell return to the surface, where he floated face-down as if he might be looking for something under the water.But after a short time, the teenagers noticed that there were no bubbles going from his scuba gear.They swam over to Gambrell, to check he was OK, and realised that he wasn’t breathing. They dragged the unconscious scuba-diver to the side of the lake but were unable to haul him out of the water.They dialled the emergency number, 911, and two police arrived.