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'It's very green!' Richard Hammond defends keeping classic cars in electric cars row

The Grand Tour returns.Speaking ahead of the new outing, the presenter was quizzed about how some people change their cars because they don’t like their colour.Richard shared his thoughts on this, as well as car carbon footprints.He explained: “Well, it's very much an argument for that at the moment, isn't there? In terms of the car's carbon footprints.“I'm a big fan of classic cars and am in the classic car business.“There was some work done by a guy called Henry Pearman who showed that with a lot of classic cars, because their carbon footprint is so old and if you're keeping your car for 10, 20 years, that’s 10, 20 years of which to [overcome] the impact in terms of carbon where the bulk of it happens during manufacturing.“So it’s kind

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