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Woman buys PrettyLittleThing jacket but is mortified as it resembles 'parachute'

TikTok user @amylynnnc has shared the fashion blunder to the video sharing app, which has now racked up 823,000 views and 82,000 likes.Amy showed a snap of the model posing in the cosy looking jacket.She added text to the video that explained:“I ordered this puffer jacket from PrettyLittleThing thinking it would be so cute for winter.”Unfortunately, Amy thought wrong.Instead of receiving the stylish grey number, the online retailer took the words "extreme oversized" a bit too seriously.In the next clip, Amy revealed what the puffer jacket looked like on her.In a mirror picture, the shopper is consumed by a ball of puff with just her head poking out and legs dangling through the bottom.Mortifyingly, many people have said Amy should keep the

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