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Meghan and Harry 'didn't look royal enough' to monetise 'pivotal' trip, TV host says
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry missed a “pivotal” opportunity to improve their brand during their UK visit for the Queen’s Jubilee, a media personality has claimed.Before Meghan and Harry returned to the UK for their first public visit together since their controversial departure, there had been questions raised about whether they would be accompanied by a Netflix crew of cameras.However, the couple instead decided to keep their visit low-key, attending only one public event before reportedly heading back to their home in California early.READ MORE: Meghan Markle says men must speak out as she reveals Harry's reaction to abortion ban Now, a TalkTV panel has reacted to reports that the Sussexes’ popularity may have fallen in the US, with TV and radio host Vanessa Feltz suggesting that the couple failed to make the most of the opportunity for a royal reunion.“The pivotal thing is that they weren’t able to harness the Platinum Jubilee, they weren’t able to get Netflix in, they weren’t able to be photographed with the Queen,” she claimed.“They didn’t get to sit in the front row, they scarpered without going to the lunch, they had a party for the baby that no one was invited to and then they went home.“So they weren’t able to use it, they couldn’t monetise the trip here could they? They didn’t look royal enough.”Some on the panel disagreed with Vanessa with journalist Afua Hagan arguing: “I don’t think they actually wanted to.”Instead, Afua argued that any supposed shrink in the Duchess of Sussex’s popularity could be put down to the vocal opposition she has received from groups of trolls online, who see hating the ex-actress as a “sport”.“People will read into everything that Meghan and Harry do because they need a hate
Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray 'savages' Labour MP over chaotic rail strikes
Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray really grilled Shadow Economic Secretary Tulip Saddiq over Labour's stance on the current rail strikes.On Tuesday morning's programme (June 29), Tulip Saddiq told Adil and co-host Susanna Reid that the Labour Party didn't support the strikes.However, the interview got heated when Adil asked her: "Are you out of touch with your own party?"To which she replied: "Let's put it this way, we can't sit around and clap workers who are driving our trains or tubes during the pandemic, calling them key workers and then refuse to give them better pay conditions."But I want to go back to what you said, why are these people striking?"They are striking because the situation we're facing is the worst cost of living crisis in 30 years."We're in a situation as you've already said, where my constituents are being told, 'Wait 10 weeks before you even apply to renew your passport'."We're in a situation where people are being told, 'Don't renew your driving licence because we can't get it to you'."There are 400,000 currently waiting for a new driving licence. People who rely on their driver's licence for their livelihood."Susanna then argued: "If you're behind the strikers, and you support the strike action, why did your leader order front benches to stay away from picket lines? Surely that's the most obvious way to support those workers who are striking." The Labour MP slammed: "Well, as I said, we didn't want this strike to go ahead."We obviously respect workers' right to strike but we didn't want the strike to go ahead.
Kim Kardashian reveals North and pals took PRIVATE JET to Wyoming birthday party
Kim Kardashian spared no expense for her daughter North's ninth birthday party this month, that saw the young one and her pals whisked off by her mother's private jet to Wyoming for a glamping soirée.On Tuesday, the 41-year-old Kardashians star shared pictures from the grand event that had fans in awe over the extravagance on display, with one writing: 'Perks of being a billionaire's daughter…. I wish this on everyone.''These kids are livin' the life,' one person added, while another noted the personalized private jet writing: 'Kim air is the biggest flex I literally can't.''GLAMPING at its finest,' another pointed out in the comments section, with another joking: 'If my kids can't flex like this I ain't having none.' 'Perks of being a billionaire's daughter': Kim Kardashian reveals North and her pals including Jessica Simpson's daughter took PRIVATE JET to Wyoming for 'glamping' 9th birthday partyAmong North's party crew was Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell, 10, as well as Kim's niece Penelope Disick, daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.Tracy Romulus - Kim's chief marketing officer at KKW Brand - also had her 10-year-old daughter Ryan along for the ride at the bash.Kanye West, who shares North with Kim, was not pictured in the birthday post, though he is known to have a ranch in Wyoming, where at one point they were rumored to be moving as a family before the couple divorced.Kim first showed off her new 'Air Kim' private plane earlier this year, and it is rumored to have cost upwards of $150million.