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Ex-teacher goes on trial accused of sexual activity and communication with pupil

An ex-teacher has gone on trial accused of engaging in sexual activity and sexual communication with a student. Rebecca Whitehurst, 46, appeared at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court on Monday (July 4) accused of two counts of sexual activity and sexual communication in 2019.

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Cruel dad posted intimate pic of grieving mum on WhatsApp blaming her for son's killing
murder in a campaign of harassment where he shared intimate photos and sent her a picture of their son in a coffin.Ian Nice, 45, subjected his ex-partner Laura Tansey to the abuse during a "nuclear fallout" after their son Reece Tansey was killed by James White in May 2021.Tragic Reece was stabbed six times by the 16-year-old, who was sentenced to 15 years in jail for murder alongside Mark Nuttall, also 16, who was present during the crime and received six years for manslaughter.Prosecutor Richard Blackburn said at Bolton Magistrates’ Court that Nice blamed Tansey for their son's death and targeted her three times during one week in January 2022 - two months after their son's killers had been convicted.As well as changing his profile picture to an imtimate image of his ex-partner on WhatsApp and texting her a picture of their late teenager in a coffin, Nice caused damage to her car, reports Manchester Evening News.When he saw her having breakfast with a friend in Bolton town centre, Nice reportedly shouted: “She was the one who killed our son Reece.”Prosecutor Blackburn said in court: "These offences have been committed against a tragic background that their son, Reece, was murdered in 2021 and the defendant for some time has laid blame for that on the complainant, his former partner."He said he was very sorry for any damage he had caused and he would pay for the damage.
Pilot detained in Dubai facing years in jail for sending rude WhatsApps to ex-lover
Dubai, and is facing a long stint in jail for calling his ex a “b***h” on Whatsapp.Due to strange cybercrime laws in Dubai, anyone there faces arrest for sending messages deemed “offensive or abusive”.And now 28-year-old Achraf Arjaouy could be sent to prison after being accused of such crimes by an unnamed Syrian woman.According to Detained in Dubai the pair met at a shopping centre while on holiday and hit it off.They began seeing each other but Achraf had been splurging on staycations and being generous towards her requests to support her family.Eventually, he felt he was being used as the requests seemed “never ending”, so he let his feelings be known.Whatsapp message show that he called her a “gold digger”, “b***h” and a “thief”.Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai who has represented a number of defendants in the past said: “Under the UAE’s strict cybercrime laws, any messages deemed offensive or abusive by the recipient can be reported to authorities.“We have seen a British national charged for a private message on Facebook effectively referring to someone as a horse.“We’ve seen a woman charged for swearing at her flat mate in a private WhatsApp message and more.“What is legal, common and private in the West can mean jail time in Dubai.
Rebekah Vardy walks out of court as Coleen's lawyer claims she 'destroyed evidence'
Rebekah Vardy has walked out of the Wagatha Christie High Court case after Coleen Rooney's lawyer claimed she'd "destroyed evidence".The 40-year-old wife of football star Jamie Vardy left after Coleen's legal representative David Sherborne accused her of "lying under oath" about missing WhatsApp messages.Mr Sherborne said to the Court room that he was stunned this case had got this far in the process. He outlined that in his opinion, Rebekah had no more than a "slither of a case" as he said that her case "shrunk to almost nothing" after recent revelations.Coleen's lawyer said that Mrs Justice Steyn now had to rule on two key things - whether Wayne's wife's post was "substantially true" and if her statement was in the "public interest".Mr Sherborne also made apologies on behalf of his clients - Wayne and Coleen - for not being present for the closing speeches.Their absence was explained as a "long standing travel arrangement with their four children" which had been agreed with their legal representatives, with the view the trial would have ended on Wednesday, May 18.Speaking on behalf of Coleen and Wayne, Mr Sherborne told the court room that famous pair "did not want to go for a trial".He added: "We say what Mrs Rooney said in her post was true.
Rebekah Vardy's explosive text exchanges revealed from WAGatha case
Rebekah Vardy to her agent were released as part of the Wagatha Christie trial.The WAG was accused of leaking information from Coleen Rooney’s private Instagram account to the press in October 2019, which she denies.Now Vardy, 40, is suing Coleen for libel at London’s High Court.As the trial comes to an end, we look back at nine key exchanges between Rebekah Vardy and her agent Caroline Watt.Giving evidence, Rebekah was asked about the so-called ‘Photoshop girl’ conversation with Caroline where they discuss edited photos.An image appears to have been sent to Caroline by Rebekah, but the trial heard that, due to issues with uploading Whatsapp data, all the image files have been lost.Rebekah says to Watt that the pictures “made her fume” as the editing software Photoshop can make you look “five sizes smaller”.Giving evidence, Rebekah said that, when she told Caroline to “leak a story”, she was talking about a report on “body positivity”.‘Lads are fuming’The court saw messages between Rebekah and Caroline in which they discuss Jamie Vardy’s former Leicester City team mate Riyad Mahrez “not turning up to training”.Vardy tells Watt: “Lads are fuming”.An article in The Sun was later published stating Mahrez’s teammates had “turned on him” which David Sherborne, for Coleen, said no other media outlet had.Vardy said this had nothing to do with her.She told the court the story was based on information already in the public domain. A photograph of a number of WAGs at a restaurant in Russia during the 2018 World Cup was discussed at the trial.