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John K. Painting Named Director Of American Federation Of Musicians’ Electronic Media Services Division Following Tragic Death Of His Predecessor

John K. Painting has been named director of the American Federation of Musicians’ Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD) and assistant to the president following the tragic death of EMSD director Pat Varriale, who was struck and killed last month by a hit-and-run MTA bus on Staten Island. He was 69.

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New image shows massive Soviet-era missile that destroyed Ukrainian shopping centre
Russian missiles that obliterated a Ukrainian shopping centre has been revealed.The heinous act – which was labelled by Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky as an “act of terrorism” - took place yesterday (June 28) and shocked the world.Around 20 people were killed at the centre, which it was claimed has around 1,000 people inside at the time.READ MORE: Putin mouthpiece accuses West of ‘bloody provocations’ after shopping centre attackAnd despite Russian claims that it did not hit the shopping centre – just a weapons facility next door – CCTV captured at the site shows otherwise.The chilling footage of the incident shows the building engulfed in flames as debris is sent flying into the air, which is so intense that local fire chief Ivan Melekhovets, who has been taking part in the rescue operation, said anyone left inside had "no chance of surviving”.And it has now been revealed that the missiles launched by Russia was a X-22 ant-ship missile.The X-22, or Kh-22 as it is also known, weighs 12,800lb and measures 11.65m in length.It has a diameter of 92cm, with a warhead of around 2,205lb at its head.It is a thermonuclear weapon with a range of 600km, created by to Soviets.The terror missile was first used in 1962, and is usually fired from a Russian Air Force Tu-22M3 strategic bomber – which actually carries two of the missiles on board.Earlier this month, Ukrainian and British officials actually warned of Russia using the weapon.The UK Defense Ministry said that Russia would use them because they are “are highly inaccurate and therefore can cause severe collateral damage and casualties”.
'First human to live past 150 years has already been born', claim age-stopping scientists
150 years old has already been born, an expert has claimed.Currently, the world's oldest human is just 118 years and 137 days old.Lucile Randon lives in France and was born in February, 1904.READ MORE: Putin health mystery deepens after claims Russia faked president's latest appearanceBut an expert in computational biology has claimed that this record could be smashed in just a few generations.Dr Andrew Steele, the author of a new book on longevity and living longer, told MailOnline that there is no reason why a human couldn't actually live to the ripe old age of 200.He said: “I don't think there is any kind of absolute cap on how long we can live.“Studies come out every few years that propose some kind of fundamental limit on human lifespan, but they're always missing one crucial piece: we've never tried treating the ageing process before.“I can't see physical or biological reason why people couldn't live to 200 — the challenge is whether we've can develop the biomedical science to make it possible.”Dr Steele did not, however, explain how that could happen – something he has probably kept for his new book Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old.So far, the oldest ever recorded person was Jeanne Calment, who was born in February 1875.She died in August 1997 at the impressive age of 122 years and 164 days.The oldest verified male was Jiroemon Kimura, who died in 2013 having been born in 1897.Another expert, Dr Peter Fedichev, a Russian molecular physicist who runs a biomedical AI firm Gero.He said: “Such life extension would increase their lifespan past the end of their health span and thus reduce their quality of life.“Only addressing the root causes of ageing may help bring humans closer to