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Christian Eriksen shares staggering stat with Man Utd pass master David Beckham

Manchester United pass master David Beckham as the Dane edges closer to an Old Trafford switch.Eriksen and Beckham are the only two players in Premier League history, according to Squawka, that have registered ten or more assists in four consecutive Premier League campaigns. Beckham achieved his at United, while Eriksen's came at Spurs.And United will be hoping that Eriksen can replicate that form after the Red Devils verbally agreed a deal for the Dane.

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Love Island's Dami and Andrew kiss new girls before fire pit clash with Luca
Love Island fans look set to be shocked during tonight's episode (July 4) as a few of the guys kiss new girls, while the original lads get into a heated row at the fire pit.Fans previously saw a teaser which showed Andrew Le Page kissing a new girl, and Dami Hope is set to lock lips with one of the bombshells too.It starts when the lads dare Coco Lodge to kiss Andrew, before Dami and Summer Botwe head to the terrace for a chat. Summer asks Dami: “Do you feel sneaky up here?” Dami replies: “Well, we didn’t crawl in so it’s fine.”Summer agrees: “It’s a secret but it’s not a secret.”Summer then asks: “Would you say I’m your type?”Dami admits she is his type and they have a staring competition, before sharing their first kiss.Elsewhere, Andrew goes for a chat with Coco and tells her: "You're a bit of me."Coco tells him he is the one her mum would want her to go for as they'd get on well.And they share another kiss after they previously locked lips as a dare.Before long though, a different sort of tension rises when Dami clashes with a pot-stirring Luca Bish.The lads are talking at the fire pit and the kisses get brought up, as Luca tells Dami he should stay in the bed with Summer, trying to get Jacques O'Neill to agree.Dami says though: "Stop egging other people on man.
Love Island Gemma could dump Luca for Billy as spark spotted after history exposed
Love Island's Casa Amor new boy Jack Keating, 23, and Gemma Owen as the two bond over lifestyles and family.It didn’t take long for Jack to reveal his links to boyband royalty through his dad Ronan Keating, but it was his family oriented trait that seemed to impress Gemma the most.Gemma, 19, who is an international dressage rider outside of the show, beamed as Jack mentioned his mum and sister’s role in showjumping, before name dropping his dad as a member of Boyzone.READ MORE: Love Island Casa Amor girls - from Charlotte Crosby's pal to EastEnders stintJack revealed he’s looking for a family oriented girl, which perfectly matches what Gemma has been looking for in a man: “He’s dead close with his dad too and he surprised me a little bit, he seems like a good guy.”However, Love Island: The Morning After podcast host Arielle Free wasn’t convinced of anything between the famous pair.“There’s a common bond in terms of experiences and she always talks about how she’s family oriented as well, but I wasn’t convinced they were into each other in that way.”The Morning After guest host, Jackie Adedeji agreed, providing a better match for Gemma, “I just get friendzone vibes from them two. I think if she was going to be with anyone it would be Billy.”It was also revealed that roofing company director Billy Brown, 23, and Gemma know each other through mutual friends after things heated up with the opening of Casa Amor on Friday night.She told the girls: "I know Billy, I feel like me and Billy have got mutual friends..."“I don't "know" know him, I've never met him.
People left in stitches at bus driver job ad that reads like dating profile
READ MORE: Mum forced to wet herself in River Island after staff refused to let her use looInstead of a bog standard advert, the company decided to list the vacancy in the style of a dating profile.In a snap posted to Reddit, the job position was titled “lonely bus desperately seeking new driver".Cheekily, the advert said “about me” just like a dating bio would read.Describing a bit about the bus and what it is looking for, the ‘profile’ said: “Single decker, with drive , would like to meet companion for travel!”And, that companion must be interested in: “Cathedral views, historical landscapes, shift work and be available for full training.”The charming bus offers a weekly pay at £12.45-£14.88 per hour and asked if the potential employee would be a “perfect” fit.Some eagle-eyed users pointed out the words “reply to me at” looked suspiciously close and appeared to read “meat” instead.Naughty!It seems that the bus advert has impressed a fair few, the original poster read: “As bus ads go, pretty good.”One person commented: “I might actually apply.”Another user giggled: “REPLY TO MEAT.”Whilst a third person chuckled: “The driver of that bus is sitting there, slumped at the wheel, a broken man, wiping the tears from his eyes just to see if the light's changed.”We do wonder what the current driver must feel if the bus is looking for someone new…what a brutal breakup!READ NEXT:Hospitality workers typically take just half of their annual leave allowanceBloke sends picture of dog dressed as Steve Jobs in red face inducing CV blunder