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Gemma Collins says 'desperate' fan climbed over toilet cubicle for selfie

Gemma Collins has detailed the bizarre moment a fan climbed into her toilet cubicle to get a selfie with her.The former The Only Way Is Essex star made the shock admission on The Gemma Collins Podcast, when asked by a listener what her "weirdest" moment as a celebrity was.The 40 year old, who has had a £22k life-size wooden elephant sculpture installed in her garden, explained: "I was going to the toilet, and someone was so desperate for a selfie that they climbed into the next cubicle and went over the top. "I mean, can you imagine? I was like, 'What are you doing?!' I was so shocked - it was kind of funny, but really it wasn't," Gemma added of the extreme length the fan went to.

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