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Kate Garraway fears Derek won't be home from hospital in time for Christmas in sad update

Broadcaster and journalist Kate Garraway won the award for Best Authored Documentary at last night's National Television Awards for her documentary Caring for Derek, which followed her struggle of caring for her husband after he contracted a serious case of Covid-19.The win came at a rather bittersweet moment for Kate, 55, as she had earlier shared an update on her husband's health, announcing that he has been admitted to hospital again following complications caused by contracting sepsis earlier this year.Taking to the stage to accept her award the Good Morning Britain presenter thanked her husband for his "incredible fighting spirit" and spoke of the “care crisis”, while praising professional and unpaid carers in the UK for the work they do. Following her win Kate opened up to The Sun as she looked forward to the Christmas season, and how Derek's health my impact how the family celebrate this year.

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Gogglebox viewers have been left in stitches after Stephen Webb made a cheeky comment about bedroom antics, alongside his husband Daniel Lustig.The pair were watching a clip of American series Kings of Pain, presented by dare devils Adam Thorn and Robert Alleva, where one of them was willingly bitten by a poisonous bearded dragon. A voiceover could be heard saying: "Their hemotoxic and neurotoxic venom trigger deep penetration." As he watched it, Daniel asked Stephen incredulously: "You're going to let that bite you?" To which Stephen cheekily quipped: "Well, if it offers deep penetration..." as Daniel giggled and muttered: "Shut up." Viewers rushed to Twitter to share their reactions to the comments, with one user writing: “Stephen cracks me up, funny man" and another commented: “Lol Stephen is hilarious #Gogglebox.” Another tweeted: “He just hilarious says it how it is doesn’t give a s*** that’s what I like keeping it real #Gogglebox.” While someone else wrote: “Oh this fella!! This was awkwardly hilarious!!!!!!! #Gogglebox.” It comes after Stephen was recently forced to apologise after pulling a woman into a swimming pool, explaining that he felt it was "all part of the fun".The 50 year old, who is known for starring in the hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox, was said to be fuming after being pushed into the water by a prankster friend while fully clothed at an exclusive club.