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I dated Jeremy Clarkson – here’s what his ‘VVIP’ life on tour is really like & his unlikely dream after leaving Top Gear

PHILLIPA Sage's life was once filled with luxury as she hobnobbed with the rich and famous while dating Jeremy Clarkson. Here, to mark the release of her new book, The Wonderful World of Jeremy Clarkson – My Life on the Road with Jeremy, she shares a second exclusive extract from her life on the road with the ex-Top Gear host with The Sun.

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Jeremy Clarkson told former mistress he had 'turned down Madonna' for her, ex claims
Jeremy Clarkson's ex-girlfriend Phillipa Sage has claimed the Top Gear host turned down iconic hitmaker Madonna to be with her in an excerpt of her new book, The Wonderful World of Jeremy Clarkson – My Life on the Road.The duo were reportedly together when Phillipa worked on the favourite BBC series before splitting in 2017.Now, events organiser Phillipa has claimed that Clarkson turned the Material Girl singer down for her.She also added that she met some of Hollywood's biggest A-listers while she and the Grand Tour host were together.She claimed: "On one of my first dinners with Jeremy, he claimed to have turned down Madonna to spend the evening with me"It proved to be true because Clarkson has a social life with some of the most powerful, famous and wealthy people in the world," an excerpt from her book The Wonderful World of Jeremy Clarkson – My Life on the Road with Jeremy read which was featured in The Sun.She went on to add that during the time she spent with Clarkson she met a whole host of stars and celebrities while flying first class around the world.Phillipa added that she and the Top Gear star often "holidayed on private islands" together.She went to claim she met A-list royalty Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz who she was quick to gush over.It comes after Phillipa claimed she suffered a breakdown after her relationship with Clarkson ended.Speaking on the Driven Chat Podcast last year, she said: "I think it was about seven years we were officially together."It was pretty intense and high speed."When probed on her current relationship with Clarkson, she added: "We are vaguely in touch, yeah, but I’m pretty bruised by it so I don't get too involved."Addressing the end of their relationship, Sage continued: "It took
Jeremy Clarkson scarred after stumbling across a man masturbating in a car
Jeremy Clarkson has admitted that he once stumbled across a man in a car who was “pleasuring himself” whilst parked out in public.The former Top Gear presenter recalled the disturbing moment he got an eyeful of the man’s activities.The 62-year-old said he had pulled up beside the vehicle with his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan because he was worried about “poachers” as there had been a number of reports in the area.The inquisitive Clarkson got out of his car to take a look but soon realised what was happening, unfortunately too late.Writing in his Sunday Times column, Jeremy wrote: “I was coming home from the pub the other night when I saw a car parked at the side of the road."In the middle of nowhere, next to what I call 'the Big Wood' and as there have been reports in recent weeks of poachers in the area, I thought it might be prudent to stop to see what was what."He continued: “So, I pulled up alongside the car and inside was a young man who was using one hand to smoke a large joint and the other to, how can I put this, frantically pleasure himself."Clarkson said that the man had stopped what he was doing in horror before he lowered his window and said: “Oh my God, you’re Jeremy Clarkson!”He says that he and Lisa exchanged a smile before he had realised the couple were there and fortunately they still recall the moment and laugh together.Fans recently questioned whether the former presenter had been hacked after he posted a suspicious-looking tweet.He posted an automated link from TikTok which alleged he had “found the greatest thing ever on social media” and urged his followers to “check out” the link.Followers thought that his account had fallen victim to online trolls and tweeted back at him, but Jeremy was quick to clear
Jeremy Clarkson details Buckingham Palace hoax after being told he would receive an OBE
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has poked fun at a hoax that posed as the Department of Media, Culture and Sport and claimed he would receive an OBE from Buckingham Palace.The Top Gear star grew suspicious after receiving an “official-looking email” stating he was set to receive the honour.Jeremy wrote: “There were a couple of things that made me suspicious, though.“Number one: Why on earth would they give me an OBE? And number two: The email said it was for services to sport.“What services to sport? Turning up at Stamford Bridge once in a while.”Jeremy went on to say some “gullible” people might actually take the bait and turn up to Buckingham Palace “in a penguin suit”.“Imagine their little faces when the guard says they’re not on the list,” he added in his column for The Sun.Jeremy had previously said he thought it was unlikely he would ever receive a knighthood due to his past actions.He admitted he was "hardly a model citizen" and thus did not think he would ever get to kneel before Her Majesty at ­Buckingham Palace.In a 2020 interview, the 60-year-old said: “I think you only have to look on Wikipedia and go, ‘No, not this one’.“I’m hardly a model citizen. I just can’t in my wildest dreams imagine anybody’s going to sit there and go, ‘Queen’s Honours, I think Jeremy Clarkson’."I just can’t hear those words being spoken in an oak-panelled room in Whitehall.
Only Fools and Horses icon David Jason in rare appearance at Jeremy Clarkson's farm
Only Fools and Horses legend David Jason has made an unexpected flying visit to Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm Shop.The Del Boy actor, 82, hasn't been seen in an official public capacity since he appeared on This Morning earlier this year but on Thursday (May 26), he paid an unexpected visit to the former Top Gear presenter's Chipping Norton farm.Not content to travel to the location by car, the David Frost star instead arrived in style by helicopter.David's visit with Jeremy, 62, was confirmed in a social media post shared by the official Diddly Squat Farm Shop Instagram account.The post featured two adorable pictures of Jason posing with The Grand Tour host.Jeremy could be seen dressed in a khaki green jacket with relaxed fit blue jeans, while David opted for a blue baseball cap, brown gillet and a bright red jumper.He can also be seen holding an official Diddly Squat Farm Shop bag in the images.A caption posted alongside the snaps reads: "Flying visit to Diddly Squat Farm from @onlydavidjason @captleonharris."Quick to share their excitement and admiration for the post were followers of the Diddly Squat Farm Shop's social media account.Followers and fans of Clarkson's Farm praised the "legendary" snaps and even requested that Jeremy and Jason begin a "new show" together.One fan wrote: "What a legend. In fact, two legends in one picture."Another commented: "Absolutely legendary, one of my favourite actors."A third admirer replied: "That's really something to cherish Jeremy.
Jeremy Clarkson's daughter marries partner as she shares stunning first snaps
Jeremy Clarkson's daughter Emily has married her partner in a lavish ceremony.Emily, who is known more widely as Em Clarkson online, has gotten hitched to her fiancé of two years Alex Andrew.Sharing the first slew of snaps on social media and captioning them: "MARRIED!!!", the stunning body-positive advocate looked incredible as she beamed with her husband on her arm after tying the knot.Wearing a dainty 1920s inspired gown, adorned in intricate beaded details – Emily looked ultra glam as she cosied up to her now-husband.Fans and friends of the blonde beauty were overjoyed when the news broke on social media, with many flocking to the comments section to send well wishes and messages of congratulations."Congratulations to you both! Babe you look stunning," penned one model pal.Another added: "OMG THE DRESS, THE VIBE, THE EVERYTHING!! I’m so happy for you both - the most amazing couple."While a third said: "The hugest congratulations my angels!!!!! Have the most wonderful life together."And a fourth added: "Congratulations!!!!! You look unreal."In the first snap the newly weds could be seen exiting a church that had a gorgeous floral arrangement around the arch of the entrance. In pink and peach hues, the colour scheme appeared to be delicate and feminine.With her bouquet matching the arch of flowers, Emily held it while linked onto her hubby with the pair linking hands as they smiled into the distance.
Top Gear star James May admits he used to be a 'rebel' who would wee on gravestones
Top Gear host is known for being quiet and mild-mannered but he admitted he was a “little s**t” growing up.The 59-year-old, who presents The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, told how he was a “horrible” schoolchild.May revealed how he spent his teenage years in south Yorkshire, where he was a choirboy at Whiston Parish Church, Rotherham.Speaking on the Comfort Eating podcast, May said: “As choirboys we were a bunch of little sh*ts. I mean, awful people.“Fighting, urinating on gravestones, stealing things, singing at people’s weddings for 50p without a moments thought for the sanctity of marriage.”He said he used to go “try it on at pubs” when he was underage and ask for pints of lager.“You couldn’t quite reach the bar but you still get away with it, it was so exciting”, he said.“You think you are going to get arrested and put in prison for drinking beer when you’re only 15, but of course you’re not – you’re just going to be told to p**s off.”When asked what he was like at school, he confessed he would describe himself as “horrible”.May, who attended Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham, added: “I was daydreamy, belligerent, incredibly lazy and slightly subversive.” It comes after the Grand Tour presenter confessed that his co-star Jeremy Clarkson does not like to share his food while working on set for the beloved car show.
James May says Jeremy Clarkson 'bristles' at sharing food after meal-related Top Gear axe
Jeremy Clarkson’s eating habits, sharing that the Clarkson's Farm host becomes displeased if anyone suggests they share food. It comes after Jeremy was asked to leave Top Gear in 2015 following an incident where he had hit producer Oisin Tymon.They had been involved in a dispute concerning dinner.When asked about his experience of working with Jeremy, James, who is appearing on Have I Got News for You this evening, revealed that there is an unspoken rule on set when it comes to mealtimes.He said in reference to Jeremy: “Well, we definitely don't share our food."We both bristle a bit if there is somebody says, 'Shall I order a bit of everything for everybody?'"Following their time as a presenting trio on Top Gear, James, Jeremy and Richard Hammond have worked together on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.James described their chemistry on set.“It's something we don't understand and it can't be replicated, and it's also very delicate,” the car enthusiast told The Mirror.Richard Hammond may not agree entirely with James on this, as he once said “everything goes wrong” when he is with James and Jeremy.He once admitted that things seem to go more smoothly when he is on his own than when he's paired with his Grand Tour co-stars.In an interview with the Lancashire Post last year, he said: “Something happens when we three work together.“I remember in the special we just made in Scotland, Jeremy saying, ‘This is weird, when I go away on my own, caravans don’t suddenly become disconnected from cars, boats don’t sink, car wheels don’t just jam up and stop all of a sudden.
Jeremy Clarkson issued stern warning by Kaleb Cooper over farm addition 'Don't damage it!'
The clip was shared in full view of the Diddly Squat Farm Shop's 769,000 Instagram followers. Jeremy captioned the post: “A shiny new thing from Kaleb.” The new equipment was a 1,000 kilogram toolbox which could be picked up by, and attached to, the front of a tractor. The duo can be seen in the video examining the toolbox, with Jeremy expressing deep awe for the new equipment. “That’s so cool!” he said in the video. Kaleb then retorted to this by reminding Jeremy: “Don’t damage it.” Jeremy then went round the back of the equipment to check where it was constructed. He read: “Made in Great Britain.” Kaleb expanded: “In Yorkshire!” Fans rushed to the post to share their thoughts on the subject. Chrissiebricknell wrote: “Don’t damage it,” with two laughing emojis. Jamie_davison123 quipped: “Bet Jeremy never knew what it was or how to use it.” The_woofpack1 penned with a laughing emoji: “The excitement in Kalebs voice.”Notoverthehillyet1234 pressed: “When season 2 starting ? TELL US!!” Geoffers08 wrote: “The best things are made in Yorkshire, that will even the weight out nicely.”Clarkson’s Farm began airing in June 2021. It follows Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to run a farm in the countryside.Having no prior experience running a farm, Jeremy contends with bad weather, disobedient animals, and a pandemic. Filming is underway for a second season of the documentary show. Kaleb teased in an Instagram post three days ago that the season would be released in August.
Jeremy Clarkson predicts people will turn to 'cannibalism' due to food shortages
Jeremy Clarkson has issued a grave warning in light of the recent cost of living crisis, saying "people will eat their neighbours".The former Top Gear host was discussing the rising price of fertiliser and other costs that farmers are set to incur, when he predicted that farmers will start to reduce the amount of crops they are producing.While on the topic, he said: "Some have already decided to fallow their fields next year and grow nothing at all."The presenter has recently started documenting his life working on a farm for his Amazon Prime show, Clarkson’s Farm.He bought the farm in 2008 but in 2019, decided to have a go at running it himself.While on the topic of farming, he believes that the knock on effect of less produce will lead to food scarcity and rising prices for shoppers.He described it as the world hurtling towards "hunger, misery and death" and as a result, people will turn on each other.He said: "People can live without heat, clothing or even sex but they cannot live without food. Hunger makes people eat their neighbours."For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.It comes after Jeremy recently vented his frustration about being refused planning permission to improve his farm.While making an appearance on Talk TV's The News Desk, he discussed the problems he had encountered when trying to add a car park and a farm track to his land.He said: "Maybe I should buy an apron and join the Masons.
‘Wish he hadn’t entered’ Jeremy Clarkson says Eurovision's Sam Ryder will 'get beaten’
Clarksons Farm star Jeremy Clarkson has admitted he wishes the UK’s 2020 Eurovision entry Sam Ryder “hadn’t entered” the competition this year.The former Top Gear host went on to explain how he felt the singer’s talents have been wasted on the competition because he was “always going to get beaten” by the Ukrainian entry for this year.Jeremy, 62, has shared his thoughts on the UK’s chances in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Britain has a reputation for placing at the bottom of the leaderboard year after year. Sam, 32, is hoping to change our country’s fortunes this year, however, with his positively-received song SPACE MAN. Despite the hype, Jeremy remains unconvinced that this year could spell victory for us Brits.But he did praise Sam for his incredible vocal capabilities in his latest column. “For some time, I’ve been listening in awe to Sam Ryder singing on TikTok,” Jeremy wrote.“He may be a vegetablist and a beardy but he seems like a nice lad and his voice has the power to knock down walls.“Which is why I wish he hadn’t entered this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.” This year, Ukraine is tipped to do well in the competition - a likelihood that can be attributed, at least in part, to Russia’s brutal ongoing invasion of the country. Meanwhile, Russia has been banned from Eurovision, with the European Broadcasting Union making their final ruling on the matter back in February. Reflecting on Sam’s talents, Jeremy continued: “He was always going to get beaten by the Ukrainian entry.“Even if they’d fielded two dogs barking at one another,” he added in his piece for the Sun.The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra is competing on behalf of their country this year, with special permission to leave Ukraine in order to
Jeremy Clarkson suffers another blow at Diddly Squat Farm as car park expansion refused
Jeremy Clarkson’s application to expand the car park at his Diddly Squat Farm has reportedly been rejected.The TV presenter had been hoping to increase the number of parking spaces in the compound from 10 to 70.The application also outlined new entry and exit points off Chipping Norton Road, as well as a storage compound, according to the BBC.The aforementioned outlet reported that the West Oxfordshire District Council had declined the plans, saying they would have been "visually intrusive”.West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) explained in its decision notice issued on Friday that the location, size and design of the application would not have been "compatible or consistent in scale with the existing farming business or its open countryside location”.It added that it would have had a "harmful impact on the rural character, scenic beauty and tranquillity of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”.The update comes after an application for a restaurant on the property was refused by the council in January.Jeremy had faced backlash from the local community over his idea to expand the farm.More than 50 objections from local residents were registered with the council.Soon after the application was rejected Jeremy broke his silence in a post shared on Twitter.Taking to the social media platform, an online user questioned if the presenter-turned-farmer had any vacancies available.The Twitter user, who went by the name Suzie Pennington, wrote: "Hi Jeremy. Do you take on work experience on the farm?“My son...
Jeremy Clarkson spills ‘spoiler’ for girlfriend Lisa's birthday in bizarre Tiffany's visit
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has been shopping while searching for “missing Londoners” in his latest column.The car enthusiast included a “spoiler” about where he purchased his girlfriend Lisa Hogan’s upcoming birthday gift.On Sunday, the star of Clarkson’s Farm wrote about his frustrations with London feeling “empty” and said luxury retailers seemed to have forgotten what they were selling due to “inactivity”.The 62-year-old spoke about visiting Tiffany on Bond Street, but admitted this was a “spoiler for Lisa’s birthday,” which is in a “couple of weeks”.Recalling one of his recent visits to London, Jeremy said: “Later I went into Tiffany on Bond Street, which is a bit of a spoiler for Lisa’s birthday in a couple of weeks.”Jeremy observed there was a distinct lack of customers when he visited.He said: “There must have been 20 staff standing around serving absolutely no customers at all.“‘And what brings you to Tiffany’s, sir?’ said the man on the door.”Jeremy wasn’t impressed by this question and added: “As though he’d forgotten what they sold there.”“‘I need some potatoes and a bag of carrots,” Jeremy joked.He told The Sunday Times that “boredom and inactivity” could be to blame for the sales assistant not understanding the joke.Lisa, who is Jeremy’s co-star on the Amazon Prime show, Clarkson’s Farm has revealed what is in store for their relationship in a new interview.The couple have been dating since 2017, when they were introduced to each other by mutual friends.The Irish model spoke to Fabulous magazine and said they don’t have any plans to marry or have children in the near future.Lisa said: “Mrs Clarkson? No, thank you, I like Lisa Hogan.
'His was worse!' Jeremy Clarkson aims dig at Lewis Hamilton over F1 loss to George Russell
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, gave his opinion on Lewis Hamilton’s recent disappointing finish in his latest column.Speaking about the Imola Grand Prix in Italy, which took place in April, Jeremy was critical of Lewis' performance.Jeremy said Lewis “qualified badly”, adding that he “spent most of the race at the back of the field, trying and failing to get past someone who was driving what was basically a Morris Marina”.The car enthusiast revealed that, while Lewis’ boss and some commentators had blamed his car for his performance, Jeremy pointed out that his younger Mercedes team-mate George Russell, “soundly” beat him by coming in at fourth position.The Clarkson's Farm presenter claimed that George’s car was “worse” than Lewis’ had been, and was not equally as problematic, as had been previously suggested.The former Top Gear host explained that the Mercedes team “forgot” to change the set-up of George’s car.Damon Hill, the 1996 Formula One World Champion, had a different viewpoint and recently said Lewis had not been “humiliated” by George, although Lewis has been falling behind his team-mate this season.Damon described Lewis as being “a little unlucky”.The multiple champion only managed a 13th place-finish at Imola.Jeremy hasn’t been reserving his anger just for Lewis lately, as he has also been making comments aimed at Amal Clooney in the same column for The Sun.The star of Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm said he had assumed the barrister to be a “drippy human rights loony”.He had also thought of her as only having a platform “to get her lefty messages across” because she is married to George Clooney.Despite these assumptions, he did say Amal has “the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard” when he found himself
Jeremy Clarkson brutally mocks Neil Parish as MP resigns after watching porn in Commons
Jeremy Clarkson has taken to Twitter to mock former Somerset MP Neil Parish who resigned after claiming he accidentally looked at porn in the House of Commons while searching for a tractor website.The MP from Bridgewater and former farmer went on TV on Saturday afternoon to say he would resign after being named as the politician reported for twice by female colleagues for watching porn in the House of Commons.And the former Top Gear presenter, who is the star of Amazon Prime series Clarkson's Farm, was one of many social media users to poke fun at the former politician.Clarkson tweeted: "I spent all day looking at tractors."His post was a hit with his follows, with more than 60,000 liking it.Others joked the Clarkson's reality farming series should be aired after the watershed.Explaining his porn watching at work, the MP said: “The situation was that, funnily enough, it was tractors I was looking at and I did get into another website that had a sort of very similar name. And I watched it for a bit, which I shouldn’t have done.”"But my crime - biggest crime - is that on another occasion I went in a second time."He admitted that second time had been deliberate and that it happened in the House of Commons while he was sitting waiting to vote.Parish said what he did "was absolutely totally wrong", adding: "I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.