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James May claims Jeremy Clarkson is 'putting it on' during farm show 'Infuriatingly inept'

Jeremy Clarkson, 62, first broadcasted Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime Video last summer with the series documenting the former Top Gear presenter's attempts at running a thousand-acre farm in the Cotswolds. James May, 59, Jeremy's longterm pal and The Grand Tour co-star has admitted in a recent podcast that he finds the hit farming show "infuriatingly inept at times", while also claiming he thinks Jeremy is "putting it on".Jeremy bought the land in 2008, with the place formerly being called Curdle Hill Farm.Clarkson then decided later on to try farming the land himself and renamed the farm Diddly Squat due to its lack of money-making potential.While the Prime Video series has been a huge success, Jeremy's former Top Gear colleague James May is not sure about the show.He said on The Radio Times podcast: "I don’t know how much of the practical stuff he’s really doing."He’s obviously having a go, which is odd because I do find him infuriatingly inept at times – to the extent that I think he might be putting it on."He might think it’s cute, or it makes him seem more sophisticated.Sometimes his inability to operate the mechanism that opens a sliding door makes me think rations are wasted on this man."James and Jeremy co-hosted Top Gear, alongside fellow presenter Richard Hammong, 52, for over a decade together.After leaving the BBC show in 2015, the three went on to film The Grand Tour with Amazon Prime.When James was asked if he would ever be tempted to get into the farming business, he sternly replied: "Christ no."Farming is just big gardening in my view.

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Jeremy Clarkson left 'genuinely hurt' as he refused to talk to Richard Hammond over move
He then cheekily joked: “I wish it had been longer."It comes not long after The Grand Tour showrunner, Andy Wilman, opened up on the tension between the stars while filming the Amazon Prime Video show. He explained the dynamic between the trio as like that of a band, rather than a group of friends. He told Express.co.uk about the arguments that went on during the adventurous series, which involved James May suffering a 70mph crash.The longtime collaborator with the trio explained the dynamic they share by saying: "Their relationship is intense and it's more like a band."Richard, Jeremy, and James are currently entertaining fans with the latest instalment of the show, The Grand Tour: A Skandi Flick. Andy said: “They bicker and do think things differently and so on, because they are so much part of it.“So they have fallouts and then they come back together, and so on and so on."Andy has been working with the trio since Top Gear's meteoric rise in 2002.Due to the length of time the team have known each other, Andy joked their advancing years may also contribute to the tensions.He added: "There's a bit of age creeping in now, James was taking longer to get out of the hotel and they were like 'Jesus, what is he doing now?'"But despite the odd fallout and bickering, he believes they will continue to work together on TV projects well into their last years.Andy quipped: "I can see when they're in an old people's home in about 15 years what it will be like, you get the signs of it."They will be bickering or just concentrating on separate, small things, but their relationship is still fully there."The showrunner also insisted that despite the challenges of filming together for long days, they were still close.
Richard Hammond admits he's glad 'stupid' James May crashed car and not him
Top Gear trio Richard, James and Jeremy Clarkson have just finished the fifth series of The Grand Tour, which is called A Scandi Flick and hits Amazon Prime Video on September 16th.However, the trip went horribly wrong when James crashed his Mistubishi Lancer Evo 8 into a tunnel wall at 75mph at a Norwegian naval base.READ MORE: Jeremy Clarkson admits he 'accidentally bought pub' as he enjoys 'variety in life'James had to be hospitalised, reportedly broke a rib and needed to get a brain scan before getting the all-clear from medics.The tough driving stunt involved the trio taking it in turns driving along the tunnel, but the lights came on when they were already speeding, so they only had three seconds to react before they ran out of space.Unfortuantely, James broke too late and had to be helped out of his car by paramedics covered in blood.However, it seems his pal Richard Hammond wasn't too worried about him and was, in fact, relieved that it wasn't him crashing cars for a change.Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Richard teased: "I think selfishly I was more relieved than anything else that somebody had taken the focus off me, and people can stop asking me: 'Woah, you're always crashing'."He then jokingly threw his hands up in the air as he added: "Well, it's not just me, is it now!"Richard suffered a catastrophic crash in 2006 whilst filming an episode of Top Gear at the RAF Elvington near York.He spent two weeks in a coma and sustained life-changing brain injuries following the accident, where he had been driving at 317mph in a Vampire dragster before the front tyre failed and the car flipped over and rolled.Richard did admit that he was briefly worried about his friend James, but jibed he was more concerned
Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence on Grand Tour co-star James May’s crash 'Massive accident'
Jeremy Clarkson has broken his silence on James May's "massive accident" earlier in the year.The Grand Tour hosts were filming for their Prime Video series in Norway when the accident occured, after James crashed into a wall at 75mph whilst driving on a naval base.The Clarkson's Farm star branded his co-star's crash a "massive accident".He went on to compare it with a crash Richard Hammond was in over a decade ago, which saw him in a two-week coma.Jeremy said: "You know when Hammond has an accident, he keeps going after the accident has begun."And this is what peple need to remember with accidents - you can roll down a road upside down and on fire for as long as you like, and it’s very unlikely you’ll get hurt."He added that it's more likely to be hurt when the vehicle comes to a "sudden stop", adding that it was the case with his co-star James.Jeremy continued: "Richard, when he went upside down, didn’t come to a sudden stop.That’s why he’s still here today.""I was standing right next to him when he crashed."I mean, 10 feet away. And I couldn’t believe how fast he was going," he added to the Evening Standard.Ricard Hammond also spoke about the crash, saying: "[James May's] taken the only thing I had left, which was crashing."It was a hell of an impact.
John Wayne's second wife 'almost shot him' before split after furious affair accusation
John Wayne rose to prominence as an American actor and filmmaker who became a popular icon through his starring roles during the "Hollywood Golden Age".The three-time married actor is especially known for his appearances in Western and war films, his career having flourished from the silent era of the 1920s through the American New Wave that began in the mid-Sixties.In total, Wayne — whose real name was Marion Robert Morrison — starred in 179 film and television productions.In the legend's real life, the actor had a tumultuous love life, most notably with his second wife Esperanza Baur, who assumed he had been having an extramarital affair.Esperanza was a former Mexican actress and the second of John’s three marriages, who had believed her husband was seeing actress Gail Russell.Both actors denied having an affair despite the accusation.John and Gail filmed the 1946 film, Angel and the Badman, where the pair were involved in love scenes during the movie.The actor's other half was unimpressed and later accused the actor of having an affair.According to the Outsider, following a wrap party for the film, John arrived back at his estate late.But an allegedly intoxicated Esperanza had waited to catch her husband.As the actor walked through the door, she attempted to shoot him.Despite the drama, the couple remarkably stayed married for almost seven more years before they eventually divorced.The Hollywood actor tied the knot with Esperanza in 1946 but the couple called it quits with a high-profile divorce in 1954.John was first married to his wife Josephine Wayne after the pair tied the knot in 1933 but they called it quits 12 years later.James May 'hospitalised with broken rib as stunt goes horribly wrong'[LATEST]Nigella