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Mark Hamill really wants to get back to discussing the Don’t Worry Darling Harry Styles and Chris Pine spitting drama
Don’t Worry Darling drama from earlier this week, days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.The Star Wars icon was, like the rest of us, clearly enamoured with the wild goings on around the release of the Olivia Wilde film, starring Harry Styles, Chris Pine and Florence Pugh.However, the attention around the film understandably quietened down later in the week following the death of the Queen at the age of 96 on Thursday.A few days on, though, and Hamill is clearly ready to get back to unpacking whether Styles spat on Pine at the screening of the movie at the Venice Film Festival.In a video that caused uproar on social media, Styles, 28, was seen returning to his seat at the screening on Monday, dipping his head slightly and causing Pine, 42, who was sat next to him, to react in a confused manner.  The clip was widely circulated, though a representative for Pine told US outlet People that the idea that the singer had spat on him was ‘ridiculous’.A spokesperson for Styles also poured cold water on the spit-gate speculation.But Hollywood icon Hamill, 70, known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Stars Wars films, still wants to talk about it, tweeting on Friday: ‘Wondering what’s the appropriate amount of time to mourn the Queen before we can go back to debating whether Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine.’Emmerdale actor Liam Fox replied: ‘Is there any possibility that after spending so much time in the U.K.