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British tennis appeal huge fine for kicking Russian players out of Wimbledon

tennis was fined £830,000 for kicking Russian players out of Wimbledon following Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine invasion. The penalty was imposed by the Women’s Tennis Association which disapproved of banning the despot’s stars from the showpiece tournament despite his troops’ brutal bloodletting.

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Drug-addled Libertines Pete Doherty's 'biggest low' was being phone-snatching mugger
READ MORE: The Libertines pay tribute to Ukraine ahead of landmark Glastonbury performanceHe admitted in his new book A Likely Lad that he was sating in a crackhouse in a pal’s council flat in Kentish Town at the time and was "really scraping the bottom of the barrel".Pete, 43, confessed: "I'd been kicked out and had nowhere to go, but I needed a steady supply of crack and heroin."He said he was with his crack den housemate "who really knew a 50-quid shakedown when they saw one".He added: "I was on the street with him one time, feeling this real dark energy, and he said I had to prove myself."So, I snatched a phone off this bloke on a bike at the traffic lights, and then I had to go out and do it again and get a better phone."It was as low as I'd been."This however isn't the old wild thing Pete went on to do in order to fund his addiction to the Class A drugs – having admitted to turning his hand to sex work.In his official biography penned by Pete Walsh, Pete said: "I was working in a bar, selling drugs, working on a building site, writing poetry in the graveyard shift at The King's Head - and I was wanking off old queens for like £20."He added: "I remember once being taken back to this mews house in Chelsea, right old f**king badger he was."It was a bit daft actually, as he slept, I locked him in his room, tied a pair of trousers over his head and nicked all these American dollar bills out of his drawer."He's probably still there, with an erection, listening to Classic FM radio."Pete has over 20 drug offences under his belt and has even been arrested on March 19, 2010, for suspicion of supplying controlled drugs and was subsequently bailed until April of the same year.Speaking to NME this year, Pete said he had "been
Martin Lewis hits back as he's branded a 'b****nd' over Scottish referendum poll question
While those who lived in Scotland and said it shouldn’t be independent made up 10%.It was a near tie for those living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, with both yes and no votes at 34%.Some Twitter users were outraged by the idea that the Money Saving Expert would ask people “not living in Scotland” for their opinion on the matter.@Markconner64 wrote: “Why would you ask people not staying in Scotland their opinion? Butt out b****nd.”Martin responded saying it obviously wasn’t an “official referendum”.He wrote: “Cos its just my daily twitter poll, not an official referendum. If it helps put ur mind at rest, don't worry it's not binding. (sic)“Ps I've also asked UK folk questions like who they'd as US president & whether pineapple should be allowed on pizza.They weren't binding either (sadly).”It comes as Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is trying to set another date for Scots to vote for the chance for their country's independence and is currently asking the UK's top court whether the country has the ability to hold a referendum without their permission.Following his reply, Twitter users rushed to Martin’s defence.@Wastefighter pointed out some hypocrisy in the social media user’s profile.He said: “You literally have a Ukraine flag in your profile, so you clearly have an opinion on a Country you don't live in.”They added: “It is possible to have polite discussion, you might find it actually strengthens the independent vote.”@Clairerhiannon wrote: “Martin you have no idea how bitter the whole independence question is in Scotland.