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Holiday horror as family suffocate in sauna hours after checking in to 5-star resort

family who died from “asphyxia” in a 5-star hotel sauna complex on holiday in Albania.Sergey Burenkov, 60, and wife Natalya Burenkova, 58, from Moscow, were on holiday with their daughter Katya, 31, and her partner Nikita Belousov, 37.They perished within minutes of each other after going for a sauna following their arrival at the luxury Gloria Palace Hotel.Cops are reported to be examining whether the ventilating system in the sauna was functioning properly.Pictures show the family Katya and her parents were keen travellers but for now mystery surrounds their sudden deaths on their latest trip.They had ordered drinks and food to the sauna complex but by the time a waiter delivered it, they were all dead.“I shouted several times that the

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