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Taylor Swift leaves fans speechless after diving headfirst into stage gap

millions of views on Twitter and TikTok with many viewers praising her Michael Phelps-like form.“Where’s that gold medal?” one awestruck fan captioned a video of the stunt, which the 12-time Grammy Winner performed on Friday and Saturday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.The clip starts innocuously enough with the 33-year-old “You Belong With Me” singer strolling along the stage in an elaborate green dress towards at the end of her show. Then, all of a sudden, Swift dives headfirst into a hole in the stage like Greg Louganis as a splash effect sounds and Swifties erupt into rapturous cheers.Since when?? Where’s that gold medal?? #glendaletstheerastour #taylorswift #tstheerastour #swifttok #diver #swimmer #fyp And that was just the first part of the spectacle.

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‘Arrive early’ and other Swiftie secrets if you attend the Eras Tour
Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ at Glendale, AZ’s State Farm Stadium but luckily we spent all Monday morning catching up with a) her career-spanning, 44-song set lists, b) numerous costume changes and c) jaw-dropping production design.Now that the tour is officially underway though, we have more pressing questions for when we do get to see the “Anti-Hero” singer IRL.Mostly, how does one best prepare to see Tay-Tay live at one of her 50 remaining North American concerts?Thankfully, the New York Post had Lindsay Dove, an Arizona-based Swiftie who attended Saturday, March 18, tell us everything fellow concertgoers will need to know about what what to expect at an ‘Eras Tour’ concert.Want to see Taylor Swift live? Get tickets for all upcoming shows here.First off, Dove shared, “Leave with plenty of time, every line is insane when you’re with 70,000 other Swifties.”That’s a smart tip fans often take for granted — don’t wait until the last minute. Get to your show early or you might just miss “Shake It Off” standing in the merch line.In terms of what you can bring into the venue, Dove had the scoop for State Farm Stadium.“The stadiums have a clear bag policy,” she added. “You can bring a 16 oz water bottle in too.”We’re not 100% sure this stands for all venues on the tour but all fans should check their hometown venue’s FAQ ahead of time to ensure you don’t have a bag denied before entry.All that being said, Dove does have one regret about her ‘Eras Tour’ experience and wants to make sure Swifties in the future don’t make the same mistake.“Be sure you have space on your phone, and it’s fully charged.