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‘New York, New York’s’ Colton Ryan is literally lighting up the city

Colton Ryan is still getting used to spotting his image on street lamp banners throughout the Theater District.“Every time I take a new block home, I’m like, ‘Oh hey, me,'” said Ryan of the nearly 100 flags bearing his likeness. “It’s pretty wild, honestly.”The 27-year-old — who this year was nominated for his first Tony Award for his portrayal of Jimmy Doyle, the leading man in “New York, New York” — was at first unaware of his high-flying honor.“I was asked to approve a photo and I did, but I didn’t know that’s where it was going,” he said of the banners, which feature a shot of him and his costar, Anna Uzele.In the musical, nominated for nine Tonys, he plays the role of Robert De Niro originated in the 1977 film of the same name.

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DeSantis Kicks Off Presidential Campaign Tour With Claim Teachers Are ‘Forcing’ Students to Pick Pronouns
READ MORE: ‘Will Make a Great Trial Witness’: Experts Thrilled Jack Smith Is Investigating Trump’s Firing of Election Security ExpertWhile DeSantis is insistent that teachers are forcing very young students to pick pronouns, NCRM found no news reports supporting that claim.We did find several news reports of teachers suing for not wanting to use a child’s preferred pronoun, which are issues for the courts.We did find one report of a teacher who allegedly insisted on calling a 9-year old girl who identifies as a girl a boy, and the parents are suing.News12 on Long Island, New York in March reported, “the lawyer representing the girl’s family…says the student was bullied and had suicidal feelings.”“She says the teacher told the student to ‘try being gay.’ The teacher is also accused of calling the girl a male name. ‘The teacher had some kind of agenda to have these students have alternate sexual preferences or gender identities they may or may not have had,'” the attorney said.READ MORE: ‘It Has to Be Done’: These Are the House Republicans Open to Firing Kevin McCarthy as SpeakerIn April, Colorado’s KRDO reported, “During the last Colorado Springs School District 11’s board meeting, officials tabled a controversial pronoun policy that would prevent educators from asking students their preferred pronouns.
'Run the World' Cast Teases Big Surprises and 'Celebrating Black Women' in Season 2 (Exclusive)
promises to give fans more fashion, fun and, of course, lots of drama. After two years, the sophomore season of the STARZ series returns to follow the 30-something trio of Renee (Bresha Webb), Whitney (Amber Stevens West), and Sondi (Corbin Reid) — Andrea Bordeaux, who played Ella, departed the series in February 2022, after its debut season — as they navigate the trials and tribulations of being successful career women in pursuit of world domination while juggling their romantic relationships and their connections to one another. As the three strive for personal growth and self-discovery, balancing career, love, and the ups and downs of life in Harlem, New York, they rely on their sisterhood to propel them onward and upward in a world in which they were never meant to do so.The show's logline promises, «At its core, it’s an unapologetically female show about enviable friendship and not only surviving – but thriving together.»And according to the cast, viewers will get all that and more when they tune into the show. ET's Rachel Smith visited the set ahead of the series premiere on May 26, during which Webb, West and Reid teased all the exciting things fans can expect in the second season. «We're doing big things, big style in Harlem, honey! We are taking things by the reins, we're being selfish and not apologizing for it and, might I add, we look fabulous doing it as well,» Webb proclaims.West adds that the cast's real-life friendship enhances their fictional bond, pointing out how close they've gotten while working on the show.