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Partially paralysed man able to feed himself after robotic arms connected to brain

READ MORE: 'Several killed' in Copenhagen shooting by gunman with 'automatic' weapon The man moves his arms slightly to bring the cake to him as the computer says: “Moving food to mouth.” A brain-machine interface creates a direct link to the robotic arms. The study was carried out at Johns Hopkins medical centre in Maryland, US.The feat is part of an experiment by American researchers who hope to assist people with disabilities by developing robots that can be operated with brain signals and require limited physical movement.

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Mars rovers 'could be less than 7ft away from finding proof of aliens', say NASA
NASA boffins say that Mars rovers could unearth evidence of alien life if they dig seven feet down into the Red Planet.The hunt for extra-terrestrials involves discovering certain amino acids on Mars, which in turn are a component to build proteins.However, new research by the US space agency published in the journal Astrobiology suggests cosmic rays are destroying this evidence on Mars faster than we realised.READ MORE: NASA baffled after 'mystery spacecraft' smashes into the Moon leaving odd craterAlexander Pavlov, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, said: "Current Mars rover missions drill down to about two inches."At those depths, it would take only 20million years to destroy amino acids completely."The addition of perchlorates and water increases the rate of amino acid destruction even further." Although it sounds like a long time, 20m years is just a blip when hunting for proof of ancient life from billions of years ago, when Mars was much more like Earth.NASA now reckons that the rovers will need to dig around 6.6ft deep to make a breakthrough and find amino acids that haven't been degraded by ionising radiation from space.Pavlov, who was the lead author of the study, continued: "Missions with shallow drill sampling have to seek recently exposed outcrops — e.g., recent microcraters with ages less than 10m years or the material ejected from such craters."There is evidence to suggest that, billions of years ago, Mars had a thick atmosphere and global magnetic field shields like Earth.This atmosphere would have allowed for liquid on the Red Planet. It also would have blocked cosmic rays from reaching the surface.
'I grew up poor - now I'm multi-millionaire at 21 thanks to naughty bikini pics'
multi-millionaire at the age of 21.Linsey Donovan didn't have much money growing up in Maryland, USA, where she lived with her parents Mary and Vincent.However, now she's worth a whopping £4million from selling sexy bikini snaps and investing in property.The stunner, who brands herself 'Bikini Barbie' moved to Florida on her 18th birthday and turned to social media to make money, as she began streaming videos of herself.She became a millionaire aged 19 and put the money into property, which really saw her get rich. Linsey now owning seven homes, with a property portfolio which is worth millions.And she's so desperate for her parents to move down to be with her that she's bought them a house.She told Truly: "I'm surprising my parents with their dream house.""They screamed as they looked around the gorgeous home which included a swimming pool."'You're buying this for us?' they asked of the property which boasted four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a guesthouse."It feels good to give them the life they deserve."Her dad added: "[I said to her the other day] 'I'll be your rock' and she said, 'No, I'm your rock'."Linsey herself lives in a multi-million pound mansion and recently even bought her horse, The Great Oz, a house.She also revealed that she's spent more than £80,000 on clothes since she was 16 and had makeup worth £40,000.Mary and Vincent said their daughter had "always wanted to make money".
Freddie Mercury’s ‘priceless’ stamp collection to be celebrated
Video: Queen to debut unreleased song featuring Freddie Mercury (Cover Video)Britney Spears' first husband arrested after crashing her weddingBritney Spears calls out Kelly Clarkson over resurfaced commentsGabrielle Union details 'agony' of 30-year battle with anxietyChris Pratt recalls panic over failed mudslide prankJohnny Depp and Jeff Beck to release joint albumRebel Wilson comes out as member of the LGBTQIA+ communityGrammys add new categoriesKim Kardashian slams Tristan Thompson over paternity scandalKourtney Kardashian upset with editors of The Kardashians over engagement episodeBritney Spears and Sam Asghari are reportedly set to get marriedHalsey slams Maryland venue after flooding cancels showNick Cannon hints he's expecting more babies this yearJesse Williams admits leaked nude footage from Broadway play has 'improved ticket sales'Julie Andrews rules out starring in The Princess Diaries 3Cher teams up with Versace for Pride Month collectionKylie Minogue insists trademark dispute with Kylie Jenner was 'just business'All 54 pages of Mercury’s album will also be available online this summer on the museum’s website. Eight years after Mercury’s death, his creative legacy was marked with his own commemorative stamp, but the image became controversial, with one Daily Mail columnist criticising the Royal Mail for honouring the star’s “degenerate lifestyle”.