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Stereolab announce 2022 UK and EU tour dates

Stereolab have announced a new run of UK and European dates, which will take place in October, November and December this year – find tickets here.The band will begin their tour in Paris at La Gaité Lyrique on October 26, after their extensive US tour finishes up in North Carolina. The Paris show is followed by dates in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin and more.They head to the UK on November 24, where they’re due to play Concorde 2 in Brighton, with shows in Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow shortly after.The tour culminates with a takeover of both stages at EartH in London on December 3, where the band will be be joined by four other acts that are still to be announced.Afterwards, Tim, Laetitia and Martin will be playing disks in the main room until 3am for the UltraDisco.

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John Isner branded 'far too nice' by Dan Walker after ending Andy Murray's Wimbledon hopes
John Isner, 37, was called “far too nice” by Channel 5 News presenter Dan Walker, 45, yesterday after defeating Andy Murray, 35, at Wimbledon.The former BBC Breakfast presenter described the American tennis player as a “lovely fella” after he beat the British hopeful early on in the competition. Dan took to Twitter yesterday to sing John’s praises after he had bested Andy on his home turf. Speaking to his 768,600 followers, he wrote: “John Isner is far too nice, and gracious and kind and respectful. “What a lovely fella #Wimbledon.”Yesterday, British two-time champion Andy suffered his earliest Wimbledon exit ever.The Scottish tennis star put up a good fight, but lost in four sets against John in the second round.The former world number one secured the third set, with the hope that he could bring it back, but unfortunately fell 6-4 7-6 (7-4) 6-7 (3-7) 6-4 to the big-hitting 20th seed.Andy has never failed to reach the third round at Wimbledon over 13 previous attempts, but that all changed yesterday.Meanwhile, John fired 36 aces on his way to victory on centre court after previously competing as a semi-finalist in 2018.The athlete, who is originally from North Carolina, will play 20-year-old Italian 10th seed Jannik Sinner next.John proved himself to be a good sport, as he hailed Andy as “one of the greatest players ever” after knocking him out of the second round. "It's no secret that I am not a better tennis player than Andy Murray," he said.
Great white sharks 'killed off' 20-metre sea monster Megalodon, experts claim
great white sharks, a new study has shown.And all it took was to analyse the teeth of both creatures.The Megalodon is often the topic of dodgy science films found on the SyFy channel, but it has always been a fact that the 65ft (20 metre) giant shark swam our oceans between 23 million and 3.6 million years ago.But it now appears, thanks to a study conducted by Chicago's DePaul University professor Kenshu Shimada that a more modern beast killed it off.Despite being around three times smaller, the Great White Shark is now thought to have ended the reign of the Megalodon.Co-author of the report, Professor Shimada said: “These results likely imply at least some overlap in prey hunted by both shark species."Analysis of zinc levels found they were at the top of the food chain - meaning nothing ate them.An international team generated a database of values across 20 living and prehistoric shark species ranging from aquarium and wild individuals - to Megalodon.And fellow co-author Prof Michael Griffiths, of William Paterson University, New Jersey, said: “Our results show both Megalodon and its ancestor were indeed apex predators - feeding high up their respective food chains.“But what was truly remarkable is zinc isotope values from Early Pliocene shark teeth from North Carolina suggest largely overlapping trophic levels of early great white sharks with the much larger Megalodon.”Megalodon was already six and a half feet at birth - dwarfing most humans.