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Barack Obama admits his dream job was to play in the NBA

Barack Obama has achieved many things in his life as a politician, but his younger self may have wanted to be on the court and not in the White House. The former president of the United States recently sat down for a fun interview ahead of the release of his new show on Netflix, “Working; What We Do All Day,” where he admitted that he wanted to play in the NBA when he was younger.Una publicación compartida por Barack Obama (@barackobama)He published the confessions to his 36.1 million followers on Instagram. “As a kid, I’d tell adults that my dream job was to be an architect.

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Barack Obama Calls Out ‘Embattled’ Studios and Streamers During Panel for His Netflix Series: ‘I’m Very Supportive of the Writers’
Jennifer Maas TV Business Writer Former President Barack Obama opened Netflix’s livestream event for his new docuseries, “Working: What We Do All Day,” on Thursday with a more aggressive statement of support for the Writers Guild of America (WGA) than what he initially said in solidarity with the ongoing writers strike. Before the panel, which aired on LinkedIn at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT, got underway, moderator Ira Glass revealed Obama had prepared remarks he wanted to deliver about the WGA’s work stoppage, which is currently in its fourth week. “Part of what this show ‘Working’ is about is how certain things are constant about the work experience. People trying to find work that’s satisfying, people trying to pay the bills,” Obama said. “Unfortunately one of the things that’s also been constant is the struggle for people to make sure their employers are treating them fairly and they’re getting a fair share of the pie. I think what we’ve seen throughout American history is that unions and worker organizations have had to make demands on their employers, those that are controlling whatever industry they’re in, to make sure they’re treated fairly and entertainment is no exception. My hope would be that in a time of big technological change, where you’ve got big mega corporations that are doing really well, that they keep in mind the creative people who are actually making the product that consumers appreciate and that gets exported all around the world.