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Belinda Carlisle on Her First Solo Pop Record in 27 Years, Why the Go-Go’s Are Finally Over and Being ‘Born Without the Fear Chip’
Chris Willman Senior Music Writer and Chief Music Critic Of all the things Belinda Carlisle has been mad about in recent years, her career as a pop solo artist has not been high up there, from all appearances. That changed with the May release of “Kismet,” a five-song EP that finally found Carlisle dipping a toe back into the recording studio with her first new collection of English-language pop music since 1996, including a single titled “Big Big Love,” which really did have the beat (as opposed to her last album, a mantra record). But if there’s any pop star of her generation that hasn’t cravenly coveted the spotlight, and isn’t likely to start now, it’s Carlisle, who seems like she’d be perfectly content even if Diane Warren hadn’t talked her into finally reentering the studio for a new batch of songs. Long an American expat and constant traveler, the singer seems quite content to spend most of her time with her husband of 37 years, Morgan Mason, at home in Mexico City, with only occasional forays onto the road. She’s not making any promises one way or another about whether this EP presages a full solo album… though Carlisle will offer assurances that the Go-Go’s are “done,” having gone out on top, in her estimation, with a long-, long-awaited Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.