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Al Pacino, Charlie Heaton, Diana Silvers to Star in Drama ‘Billy Knight’

Brent Lang Executive Editor Al Pacino will star in the upcoming drama “Billy Knight” opposite Charlie Heaton of “Stranger Things” fame. Diana Silvers, best known for her work in “Ma” and “Space Force,” rounds out the cast of writer and director Alec Griffen Roth’s debut feature film. “Billy Knight” follows grad school students Alex (Heaton) and Emily (Silvers) who dream of becoming filmmakers. In addition to wanting to make it in the movie business, Alex is also grappling with the death of his father, a failed screenwriter. The only thing Alex’s father left him was a box of unfinished scripts and a handkerchief with the name “Billy Knight” embroidered on it. Those clues send Alex on a quest to find the mysterious and reclusive Billy Knight.

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