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Hail, Caesar!, the Coens’ last proper comedy. After that, they made the Western anthology film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, then went their separate ways.Joel went full Shakespeare in 2021 with The Tragedy of Macbeth, an expressionistic exercise that was never quite more than the sum of its parts, while his brother took a hiatus from narrative filmmaking.

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Here’s why Michael Caine isn’t in longtime collaborator Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’
Christopher Nolan has revealed the reason why his longtime collaborator Michael Caine didn’t appear in Oppenheimer.The Oscar-nominated film took the box office by storm last year, and saw Cillian Murphy take on the role of the titular theoretical physicist who helped develop the first nuclear bomb.The project marked Murphy’s sixth time working with the renowned director, and first time taking on the lead role following supporting slots in Batman Begins and Dunkirk.However, Oppenheimer did not feature an appearance from another one of the director’s longtime collaborators: Michael Caine.The London actor has featured in eight of his films including The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk, The Prestige and Interstellar, and speaking at the British Film Institute chairman’s dinner, Nolan shed light on why he didn’t take on a role in the 2023 blockbuster.Accepting the BFI Fellowship, Nolan explained that he was willing to have Caine in the movie, but the actor jokingly turned it down, saying: “OK, enough is enough” (via Variety).Discussing his reaction to Caine sitting Oppenheimer out, Nolan said: “I had to go off on my own. OK, I haven’t got Michael Caine, I’d better get Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Kenneth Branagh, Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Josh Hartnett, Cillian Murphy, Tom Conti, and hoped that all those greats would add up to one Michael Caine.”He later added: “So many people have helped me, so many people have been there for me, in so many different ways.
Jennifer Lopez recalls meeting now-husband Ben Affleck on disastrous ‘Gigli’ set
Jennifer Lopez is down to create another love story on screen with husband Ben Affleck.The “Maid in Manhattan” star, 54, and the “Argo” director, 51, infamously starred in the 2003 box office bomb “Gigli.” Despite the rom-com being not-so well-received, it led to the long-time couple’s relationship as they met on set.The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer looked back on the film and other past roles in a sit-down interview with Variety.“The first time meeting him on that film was at the read-through,” Lopez said.“They did a read-through of the whole thing and I remember kind of just walking in and I think he was outside, smoking a cigarette and I saw him and we just talked for, like, a minute and then I sat down and we did the read-through,” she went on.“I don’t remember a whole bunch more about it, but I remember being on the set with him every day and loving it.” The singer was married to her second husband, backup dancer Cris Judd, at the time.When asked if she would ever make a movie with Affleck again, she revealed she’s “open” to the idea.“I don’t know, in the right thing, maybe, in the right thing. I mean, we love working together and being together, so maybe,” Lopez added.The Martin Brest-directed project chronicled Affleck as a dumb hitman (Larry Gigli) who is tasked with kidnapping the brother of a prominent district attorney.