Cities and Countries: news and gossips

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Australia 586
Austria 71
Belgium 103
Brazil 129
Britain 3 613
Canada 175
China 207
Atlanta 104
Berlin 34
Chicago 190
Dubai 45
Dublin 70
Hollywood 273
Houston 51
Las Vegas 197
London 537
Madrid 74
city Man 398
Manchester 2 644
New York 562
Paris 92
Miami 299
Croatia 184
Denmark 152
Disney 46
Eu 32
Finland 94
France 823
Germany 319
Greece 114
Hungary 40
India 336
Ireland 473
Israel 132
Italy 448
Japan 181
Jersey 81
Jordan 279
Los Angeles 1 111
Mexico 201
New York 841
Nigeria 32
Norway 82
Poland 90
Portugal 428
Romania 49
Russia 234
Scotland 2 071
Spain 403
Florida 220
Indiana 175
Texas 202
Sweden 100
Turkey 112
Ukraine 32
USA 2 068

Cities and Countries: news and gossip

Latest news from Scotland

Line of Duty star Martin Compston has refused to speak in his Steve Arnott English accent as Scotland play England for Euro 2021.
Ayrshire football team has been left homeless amid claims they were 'forced out' of their local community sports club.Amatuer side Irvine AFC say they have been left with no pitch to play or train on following a special AGM at Irvine sports club last night.A statement posted on Irvine AFC's Facebook page this afternoon claimed their park at the club will be turned into a hockey pitch.It read: "After a special AGM called at Irvine sports club last night, we now find ourselves homeless with no pitch to play or train on."Four-and-a-bit years of treating the place in the best possible way to now be forced out of the club and one of the best football parks in the west of Scotland, will now be turned into a hockey pitch.The Ayrshire Live app is

Latest news from France

LOVE Island bosses are repeating history by hiring another world-beating beauty pageant queen — five years after Zara Holland lost her Miss GB title for having sex on the show. Producers have signed up multi-lingual lawyer Sharon Gaffka, 25, who won Miss International UK in 2018, and represented Britain in a worldwide tournament.
Sheer Qorma — Bush describes this “endearing” 30-minute short from India, revolving around three resilient, queer Muslim women, as a film about “a single mom grappling still years later with her daughter and her daughter’s partner, now wife, [and] her spiritual beliefs and acceptance.

Latest news from New York

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