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‘Lightyear’ reportedly banned in 14 countries over same-sex kiss scene
Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story spin-off movie Lightyear has reportedly been banned in 14 countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, due to a scene that depicts a same-sex kiss.The scene depicting a lesbian space ranger named Alisha and her partner sharing a brief kiss had originally been cut by Disney, but was reinstated after Pixar animators penned an open letter criticising the company for censoring “overtly gay affection” in its films.As a result, the film will not be screened in cinemas across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and more, Reuters has reported. Disney has yet to comment.The United Arab Emirates’ National Media Council announced via Twitter on Monday (June 13) that the film will not be licensed for screening in cinemas “due to its violation of the country’s media content standards”.The animated film "LIGHTYEAR" is not licensed to be shown in the cinemas of the #UAE.#UAE_BARQ_EN— UAE BARQ (@UAE_BARQ_EN) June 13, 2022A Variety report also claims that the film was initially approved for release in the UAE, but had its license revoked after posts on social media accused the film of insulting Muslims and Islam.According to Variety, a source close to Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board had asked for edits to the film.
'Queen's personal request' Alicia Keys defends herself after Platinum Jubilee backlash
Queen as a "sister", and British Eurovision winner Sam Ryder seemed to fit the bill, some viewers were confused when Alicia belted out 'Empire State Of Mind' at the event, as the song is about New York."I mean I love Alicia Keys and this song BUT WHAT is an AMERICAN doing at the PLATINUM JUBILEE CONCERT singing about NEW YORK?????" one fan, @Magdalena_0319, tweeted in confusion.She exclaimed that Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney or even Gary Barlow would have been a better choice than American Alicia.The songstress also took to the stage for soulful renditions of City of Gods, Superwoman and Girl On Fire.However her theme, according to some viewers, didn't "encapsulate our Queen"."Call me old fashioned, but why is Alicia Keys singing about NY when she is celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in LONDON?" concurred @Honestlnjim."Alicia Keys and New York – my fave song but one that doesn't exactly scream the Queen and jubilee tbf," joked @janemartinson.Meanwhile @bracealmighty exclaimed: "BBC: Have you got any songs that really encapsulate our Queen, that sum up her time on the throne and that really celebrate her 70 years running our country?"ALICIA KEYS: Yep…*plays opening notes to New York*#PlatinumPartyatthePalace."While it might have seemed an unusual way to celebrate the Queen's seven decade reign on a British throne, it turned out there was a reason - Her Majesty herself had requested it.Even Alicia's 12-year-old son Egypt weighed in with his own opinion, declaring solemnly that it was "against the law" not to obey the Queen.In her behind the scenes video capturing all the action from the big day, she told the world: "[I’m] telling the boys that the Queen requested the songs that I’m singing, and they