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Antiques Roadshow guest annoyed as they can't sell item despite huge price tag
An Antiques Roadshow guest was left in a bit of a pickle when they found out they couldn't flog a precious family treasure, even though it came with a hefty price tag.The PBS series hit up Austin and met a bunch of eager individuals clutching items that tugged at the heartstrings as much as the purse strings, including one visitor who sought out the expertise of Colleene Fesko.To kick things off, she remarked: "Tim, your grandfather was a really interesting artist but this is such a luscious painting." "Henry Siddons Mowbray was born in, actually, Alexandria, Egypt, in 1858, studied in Paris, and died in 1928." The owner, curious about the date of creation, guessed it was around 1895 since it matched the era of similar works by his granddad. Fesko elaborated: "Well, apparently your grandmother wrote that your grandfather was very much influenced by classical themes, with themes of the American Renaissance and with figures of muses and virtues and these lovely allegorical figures are terrific." "You were telling me that you would wake up to this painting in your bedroom when you were 16 years old." "He considered his murals much more important than his easel paintings like this but I was much more enamoured by these paintings than the murals", the guest shared.