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Siblings make £2m filming each other's OnlyFans content – and parents are proud

OnlyFans by storm – and they help each other to film their content.Daisy Drew deiced to follow in her sibling’s footsteps after seeing him raking in a fortune.The 24-year-old, from Glasgow, was travelling around New Zealand when she ran out of money.She knew her brother Sean Austin, 29, had a job on the adult subscription site because he’d signed up back in December 2019.So in February 2021, she decided to take the plunge too.The duo now help each other to shoot content for each other – but are horrified when people ask them to do “explicit” films together.Daisy said: “We have similar fans and people that follow us both – people say they don’t know who they fancy more out of me and Sean.“It’s very common that I receive custom content

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