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BBC Breakfast host Victoria Fritz’s life - waters breaking on-air to health battle
BBC Breakfast fans have seen a whole host of different presenters in recent weeks, as permanent hosts Jon Kay and Sally Nugent took some time off to coincide with the summer holidays.Even Charlie Stayt has been absent from some programmes, with Ben Thompson standing in for him alongside Naga Munchetty.But presenter Victoria Fritz particularly caught fans’ attention as she branded herself the “luckiest woman alive” while standing in for Sally alongside Ben.READ MORE: BBC Breakfast Ben Thompson’s life - hunky boyfriend, shirtless snaps and ‘bullying’ rowWhat about the star’s life when the cameras aren’t rolling, though? From her waters breaking just after a live broadcast to her struggles giving birth to a premature baby, Daily Star takes a look.Victoria knew that, while pregnant, she’d need to be prepared with a job that took her all over the country.The star made notes of good hospitals in various UK cities as a worst case scenario - and found she needed them when her waters broke just after she discussed the business news of the day live on BBC Breakfast.She was hundreds of miles away from her home in London while at the Media City studios in Salford, and unable to contact her husband Dan.Sally Nugent was forced to step in for Victoria as she travelled to the nearby St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, and she gave birth to her son William five weeks early.Speaking of the incident, Victoria admitted to MailOnline: “It feels surreal. Everything happened so quickly.
BBC Breakfast fans baffled as Jon Kay leaves Nina Warhurst hosting alone in studio again
BBC Breakfast fans were left baffled as another shake-up saw host Jon Kay abandon the studio completely for the second time in a week.The permanent presenter only officially landed Dan Walker's old job a fortnight ago - but catching Covid-19 last week meant he couldn't take up the role immediately.And on Jon's official first week on the job, he fled the studio entirely, leaving Nina Warhurst to present alone from Media City.READ MORE: BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood reveals how she 'ruined' her fiancée's proposalInstead, Jon took up a post at Droitwich Spa Lido near Birmingham to present live on the latest heatwave news. Meanwhile, weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was also out and about at Kew Gardens to bring viewers the latest temperature updates.Even business correspondent Ben Boulos escaped the air conditioned BBC Studios in exchange for taking up a post at King's Cross Station in London to talk about the disruption to rail services.On Monday (July 18), Jon exchanged the red sofa for a spot by the river in Cambridge - where a pigeon unfortunately decided to poo on his linen jacket.After fans wondered why he was wearing a jacket at all in the heat, on Tuesday Jon opted for something a little more summer-ready, looking dashing as ever in a white button-up shirt dotted with lilac flowers.
BBC Breakfast's Jon Kay left red-faced as he suffers pooey wardrobe blunder live on-air
BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay was left red-faced on Monday (July 18) as he suffered a major wardrobe blunder live on the programme.Jon was presenting on location in Cambridge to warn viewers of the extreme heat expected across the UK, with temperatures reaching 41 degrees Celsius in parts of the country.Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was also out and about in Central London, while only Nina Warhurst held down the fort at the Media City-based BBC studios. READ MORE: BBC Breakfast in chaos as presenters abandon studio and Jon Kay hosts aloneAnd on what was Jon's official first day on the job after landing what used to be Dan Walker's permanent role on the programme - after contracting Covid-19 left him homebound last week - his experience was unfortunately marred by excrement.Busy presenting the show, Jon couldn't help but bring things to a halt when a bird unceremoniously pooed on his linen jacket.Turning to Carol, a flustered Jon asked: "Carol, have you got any tips for removing bird poo from linen jackets? Because I've just been splatted by a pigeon."Carol simply burst into laughter at his admission, before gathering herself enough to say: "Try one of these wet wipe things - it might spread it a wee bit, but if you use a few..."Looking completely unimpressed by Carol's tips, Jon said: "It could get messy, couldn't it? I'm slightly anxious about doing this.