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Dawn French says women 'b****ed up' equality with men due to 'orange skin' and 'big lips'
Kardashian-style figures".Dawn revealed on the podcast that she thinks "peacocking" is fine during performance, but not in real life.Meanwhile in her everyday life, she admits she prefers the figure of a "crunchy w****r".The comedian continued that she will love imperfect people all the more for their flaws."I’m going to laugh so hard if you’ve made a bigger mistake than me," she exclaimed.“I will be sympathetic to your humiliation at your error and I will love you even more as a result."The star has also spoken about how she felt obliged to fit in with a feminine stereotype during her career as an author."I had to fight against the kind of book covers that were suggested to me only amiably by my publishers," she admitted."They would have loved me to have cupcakes, and kitten heels, and someone on a swing… and a girly, approachable, female, cosy, cardigan."In spite of her dislike of women choosing to work on an image of perfection, Dawn lost more than seven stone when she split up with ex-husband Lenny Henry.She achieved it with a strict regime of low-calorie meals and exercise.However, following her dramatic weight loss journey back in 2014, she now admits that she has piled the pounds back on.Initially she had been afraid for her health following advice that she was at risk from uterine cancer.She was forced to lose 7.5 stone from her 19 stone frame on doctors' orders before she could undergo a hysterectomy procedure to protect herself, but now she says she is back to her former self and has declared she "doesn't give a f***".
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's new trailer shows Middle-Earth being thrown into turmoil
A new trailer for the forthcoming fantasy seriesLord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was released during a panel for the show that was hosted at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday.In the clip, several characters from the new program were shown moving from peacetime to war as the various inhabitants of Middle-Earth clashed with each other.The forthcoming show will serve as a prequel to both The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings, and it is set to premiere on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. It's here! A new trailer for the forthcoming fantasy series Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was released during a panel for the show that was hosted at Comic-Con International in San Diego on FridayThe trailer begins withGaladriel, played by Morfydd Clark, placing an empty helmet on a stack of hundreds of others situated on an empty battlefield while observing that 'we thought the war, at last, was ended.'Several other characters from the series were seen while enjoying the benefits of peacetime, and the Elven warrior states: 'We thought our light would never dim.' However,Sadoc Burrows, played by Sir Lenny Henry, ominously comments that 'the skies are strange,' and another character remarks that 'the moment we feared' has arrived.Galadriel then touches an orb that explodes, revealing a rapid-cut montage of warfare and destruction.
Naga Munchetty refers to BBC colleagues as 'rivals' then backtracks in dramatic podcast
BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty, 47, had been in conversation with fellow presenter Jo Whiley about the music festival Glastonbury, which kicks off today, when she made the blunder.She referred to other BBC reporters as "rivals" before swiftly changing gears and substituting the word with "colleagues"."Who else do you want but Jo Whiley there presenting for the BBC?" she began during an interview from the festival published on BBC Sounds."I was talking with our rivals," she told Jo, before hastily adding: "Not rivals - our colleagues, I should say!"Jo, 56, responded: "I'm glad I'm talking to you as well then!"The pair then went into a conversation about Glastonbury, which Naga revealed that she had never attended before.Her admission followed comments from comic Lenny Henry querying why the world-famous festival did not attract large numbers of ethnic minorities.Jo assured her that it was "the most extraordinary experience" which would hold "appeal for all ages".She told of how her mother had camped out with her several years earlier and was now nagging her for a repeat experience as she was "desperate" to go again.Jo said she had also seen off her children, the youngest of whom is 13, as they headed to the festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset.Top acts include headliner Paul McCartney, who is expected to wow at the event after having just turned 80 last week.DJ Jo spoke of the strong "female representation" that she was looking forward to her daughters India and Coco being inspired by.She has previously joked that her youngest daughter was conceived thanks to Glastonbury favourite Noel Gallagher."I’d always wanted a fourth child and I kept saying to Steve not to forget that,” she ­told the Mirror previously.“Then I
Kerry Katona quits UK for 'new start' after star shared regrets moving back 'up north'
 The former singer also explained how she went to London for work the week before and the long journey put her off staying in the UK due to the trip taking a whole day.She shared how you can hop on a plane and be in Marbella in "less time".Kerry has five children from previous relationships, Molly Marie McFadden, 20, Lilly-Sue McFadden, 19, Heidi Croft, 15, Maxwell Croft, 14, and Dylan-Jorge Kay, eight.It comes after the on-screen personality opened up about her plans to move house after "not feeling safe" because of the ordeal she went through last year, as she expressed her regret at moving back "up north" to Cheshire.GMB's Charlotte Hawkins exudes elegance in show-stopper at Royal Ascot[LATEST]Sir Lenny Henry questions lack of diversity at Glastonbury[OPINION]BTS fans in tears as K-Pop superstars bid emotional farewell[MUSIC]In December Kerry was left completely devastated when her Range Rover was stolen while out shopping, and 11 days after her fiancé Ryan's car was taken from outside their home.Addressing the incident in her column for New! Magazine, she talked about moving out of her home.Kerry added that it's "really is a horrible feeling knowing that someone has been to your home," before explaining that she felt "violated" and still doesn't feel safe despite it happening weeks ago.The mum-of-five then revealed that she can't wait to move out of her current abode and buy a home with her fiancé."We’re currently renting where we are," she told readers, before explaining how she had mulled over buying the place they are renting but have now decided against it.She concluded by saying the family will stay in the same area that they are in now.Back in December when the cars were stolen, Kerry said: "Two cars gone in 11
Chris Tarrant shell-shocked as Status Quo star 'smoked spliff' in front of kids on Tiswas
“I remember once somebody said ‘I saw a child crying on their show’, well yeah go to a kids party, kids cry you know, they fall over and stuff.He added: “We had this famous incident where, I decided we would have a celebrity cage, instead of normal members of the public we pelted with rubbish, let’s get celebrities in there.“We had Status Quo, a rock band from America called Goldie and the Gingerbreads, Lemmy from Motorhead and the late splendid John Peel, the cage was rammed.“We pelted them with whatever and then I’m doing a sketch with Lenny and I suddenly thought that’s marijuana, I, a producer of a children’s show and somebody is smoking a spliff.”When asked “Did you find out who it was?”, Chris said: ”Yes, basically Lenny and I were doing the sketch, he was dressed up as a waiter and Lenny was like ‘where are you going’ and I said forget it and just pelted the cage with water and the offending item was put out.“I can’t tell you who it was… Rick Parfitt.”Tiswas, which stood for Today Is Saturday: Watch And Smile, ran between 1974 and 1982 with Chris at the helm for seven of those years.Featuring a stitch-together of competitions, film clips, pop promos and comedy sketches, the show left kids howling with laughter across eight series.Chris was joined by co-host Sally James as well as a young Sir Lenny Henry and occasional appearances from comedians such as Jim Davidson.Chris believes censors would pour cold water all over Tiswas today because of how some of the guests were treated.A popular segment on the show was “The Cage”, where, usually, a child in the audience who had applied, would be locked up and periodically doused in water.It became so popular that the 100th show featured several hundred fans lining the
'The gates of hell' Dawn French fans wish her luck ahead of harrowing dental procedure
She also received a deluge of supportive comments from fans who reassured her about the procedure by pointing out that her dental surgeon was attractive.@pawmorewine joked: "I would be much happier going to the dentist if mine looked like him!""The dentist looks like a bit of a dish," @shrewsnp chimed in.An enthused @cathprior15 exclaimed: "I thought that was Pierce Brosnan for a second!"Meanwhile some of the almost 20,000 followers who had liked the post joined each other in cries of "CHEESE!" as they compared her stretched mouth to the scenes in popular cartoon Wallace and Gromit.@john_moloney_artworks wrote: "What big teeth you have and the lips, a real Wallace and gromit moment!"Then @shirlston joked that she'd thought Dawn's image was a promo for the latest episode of the show.However, many fans shared her shudders as they agreed with her comment that dental work could be hell.Referencing the star's ex-husband, @garybartoszewski joked: "I'd rather listen to an hour of Lenny Henry jokes than visit a Dentist!"@houseonthe154th added: "Blink 2 times, if you need help!"However, Dawn has battled with worse than dental pain in recent years.She had a nasty health scare several years ago when doctors feared she might have a brain tumour.During her 30 Million Minutes tour back in 2014, she was forced to take to the stage with the help of a walking stick after feeling convinced she would tumble over.The terrified star told Michelle Visage on her podcast Rule Breakers that it felt as if her skull was "collapsing inwards"."Everything [started] spinning - it’s like being very drunk and not understanding what is up and what is down," she recalled.However, it turned out that the star was suffering bouts of vertigo.
‘Better with age’ Lenny Henry, 63, leaves Comic Relief viewers taken aback with appearance
Comic Relief viewers were wowed by Sir Lenny Henry tonight, with some unable to get their heads around how youthful the comedian looked.Sir Lenny, 63, who co-founded Comic Relief back in 1985, kicked off this year’s Red Nose Day telethon.Tonight, Comic Relief was filmed in Salford and presented by Doctor Who actor David Tennant, Top Gear’s Paddy McGuinness and pop star Alesha Dixon.Sir Lenny’s presence on stage proved to be a distraction, however, as people just couldn’t get over his age-defying looks. The comedian looked trim in a navy suit, which he paired with a bright blue shirt.BBC viewers took to Twitter to share their amazement at the comedian’s appearance on the show. Twitter user PottyDotty wrote: “Lenny Henry you get better with age #likeafinewine”.While Lexi commented: “Wait what 63??? You look fantastic”.Prime Time Gav asked: “How does Lenny Henry look younger now than he did 30 years ago?!”KatieBenz53 exclaimed: “Flippin heck! Lenny Henry doesn’t age!” Jen Jen added: “Lenny Henry wow, defo better and better with age”.In 2018, the comedian first surprised fans with his newly-slim frame in 2018, when he appeared at the Unsung Heroines: The Lost World of Female Composers premiere, held at Soho House.Lenny has put his impressive three stone weight loss down to a strict vegetable-based diet and rigorous fitness regime.  He told The Mail On Sunday: “What's my secret? Well, it's eating broccoli and not much else. “I've also been running a lot.
BBC viewers baffled as Comic Relief suffers 'technical blunder' in first few minutes
BBC viewers were confused when Comic Relief appeared to suffer a technical blunder at the start of the show.However, the apparent technical issue came during a segment called Magic Goes Wrong, which left some viewers wondering if the so-called blunder was actually intended.The mysterious moment came just 20 minutes after Comic Relief kicked off on BBC One (March 18).The BBC's annual fundraising show was hosted by Alesha Dixon, Paddy McGuinness, Lenny Henry and David Tennant.When Alesha and Paddy introduced the Mind Mangler, an act played by Henry Lewis, fans could still hear the previous segment, which saw Fantastic Beasts stars Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law surprise school kids with a trip to the Wizarding World.It meant the Mind Mangler's segment was interrupted by Eddie and Jude's voices at first before a long silence filled the studio.Cutting off the segment, Alesha said: "Give it up for the Mind Mangler!", before correcting herself, saying that there had been a "technical fault" in the studio.Some viewers on social media questioned whether the 'error' was staged.One fan wrote: "Is it wrong that I genuinely can't tell if that Mind Mangler bit was genuinely supposed to happen, or if it was an actual technical fault?"A second replied: "A fourth added: "Exactly. We have a storm going on in Spain and I thought the signal had gone.
BGT's Alesha Dixon wows in chic red blazer as she hosts BBC's Comic Relief
Alesha Dixon put on a glamorous display when she stepped out to host BBC's Comic Relief.BBC's annual Red Nose Day fundraising event which aired on Friday night (March 18), saw Britain's Got Talent beauty Alesha join co-hosts Doctor Who legend David Tennant, comedian Lenny Henry and Take Me Out star Paddy McGuinness.Alesha stole the show in a collared red blazer matching Red Nose Day's trademark red colour theme, which she paired up with a black bra and stylish black trousers.The star-studded charity show was filmed at the BBC's studios in Salford for the first time ever, but it didn't come without its dramas.That's because Radio presenter Zoe Ball, as well as Kylie Minogue and Joel Dommett, all had to pull out of the show after testing positive for Covid.Kicking off the show, Alesha and her co-stars sent their well-wishes to Ball.David said: "We will miss you tonight Zoe, we are sending you loads of love."Zoe was meant to be one of the presenters, but she said she would be "watching and supporting from bed".Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Pook ! fell at last hurdle and have had positive lat flows this am – noooooooo – gorgeous @AleshaOfficial is going to work the double shift tonight on @ComicRelief, i owe you lady love...She added: "good luck to A, Lenny, David, Paddy, AJ, Vernon, & the @comicrelief gang."Joel revealed he was "super annoyed" to catch the virus, as it meant he couldn't host the show.He wrote: "Super annoyed to report that I have the vid. This unfortunately means I have to pull out of hosting @comicrelief.
Comic Relief Red Nose Day hosts now - heartbreak, co-star romances and health battle
BBC fundraiser Comic Relief is back on our TV screens on this weekend.The long running programme was founded in 1986 by stars including Lenny Henry, and has since featured some of the biggest names of stage, screen and film including Alan Carr, Tess Daley, Chris Evans and Graham Norton.Its 2022 show will also feature huge celebrities including David Tennant, Davina McCall, Alesha Dixon, Zoe Ball and of course, Sir Lenny Henry, to name a few.Ahead of the highly anticipated event, Daily Star has taken a look at where some of the hosts, past and present, are now.Lenny Henry was one of the stars to co-found Comic Relief back in 1986 and has regularly hosted the charity fundraising programme throughout the years.Having risen to fame as a comedian, he made his way into television through the talent competition New Faces in 1976, at the age of just 16 years old.From there it was onwards and upwards, as he also appeared on Tiswas, The Fosters and starring as multiple characters in 1986's Lenny Henry Tonite and The Lenny Henry Show.He has most recently appeared in Doctor Who as Daniel Barton, Broadchurch as Ed Bennett and The Syndicate as Godfrey Watson, as well as being listed as appearing in the new Lord of the Rings TV series.His career also led him to his future wife and fellow comedian Dawn French, who he was married to from 1984-2010, and with who he has one daughter Billie Henry.The couple divorced in 2010, but Dawn French told The Mirror that she and Lenny are still very close friends, saying: "Remarkably, we seem to have shifted with relative ease from a 25-year marriage to a lasting friendship.“I am amazed by us – there is no war, we’ve turned out to be the best of friends."Zoe Ball is no stranger to presenting roles,
'We have our wars' Dawn French and Lenny Henry's fraught relationship with daughter Billie
Dawn French, 64, revealed their “bizarre” relationship meant they could no longer live under the same roof.The Vicar of Dibley actress admitted her daughter, now 30, had moved out of the family home at the age of 24.Dawn French and her ex-husband Sir Lenny Henry adopted Billie Henry when she was just two weeks old.She said their relationship causes “frequent wars”.While they love each other, they do not always get along, she told the Daily Mail in 2015.She joked that there “would be murder” if they had continued to live under the same roof.However, her daughter’s new house, at the time, was only 12 minutes away, so they still both lived in Cornwall.Shooting to fame as part of the French and Saunders duo in the eighties and nineties, Dawn also admitted that motherhood had been a challenge for her.“I expected that if you nurture [a child], like a tomato plant, it grows towards the light, and surely if your mum is someone who wants to have fun with you and have adventures and read with you and spend time with you, how could you ever have a war?,” she said.“But I haven’t got a kid who wants to read with me and have adventures with me, I’ve got a different kind of kid who’s a different set of challenges and that’s been my lesson.“Nothing is ever what you think it’s going to be at all.”Dawn said the love between them is what keeps her going through the challenges of motherhood.“If the love wasn’t there I don’t know how we’d survive all this other stuff."Despite the ups and downs, Dawn has described her daughter as ‘the greatest achievement’ in her life.She explained: “Our relationship exists in a bizarre kind of process of peacetime, small battles, war.“The peacetime is much more than the other two energies, but we have our