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Big Brother bosses 'eyeing up Celebrity Gogglebox star' to host show amid return

Gogglebox's Mo Gilligan has reportedly become the top name bosses are eying up to present the reboot edition of Big Brother next year.The comedian is said to have found himself thrown into the mix alongside the likes of Rylan Clark and original host Davina McCall, who presented the show for ten years between 2000 and 2010.But while the popular programme is reportedly returning to screens in 2023, bosses are believed to have had a whole hat full of names they want to entertain fans.READ MORE: Big Brother to 'represent contemporary Britain' as revival talk escalatesSpeaking to The Sun, an insider said: "He has the one thing that any Big Brother needs — pure on-screen energy."The source went on to claim that while Davina and Rylan are both excellent presenters, bosses were keen to put a fresh spin on the programme that last aired in 2018."So they want a host who is not associated with the reality show's previous incarnations," the source added before going on to say: "They also want a cool figure who is going to hook in the younger viewers the reboot is likely to appeal to."It was rumoured in April that ITV were keen to get the programme back on screens five years after the famous house closed its doors in 2018 after an emotional finale episode.News about the programme started circling earlier this year, with sources saying it "needs the full treatment" for it to return to its "legendary former glory".Big Brother had originally started as a social experiment in 2000, with members of the public entering the house where they could be watched 24 hours a day on television.Shortly after the first series became a hit, Channel 4 who aired the programme at the time launched a celebrity edition of the show with the likes of Jackie

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Big Brother reboot set to 'represent contemporary Britain' as revival talks escalate
Big Brother is set to return to our screens once again with the reboot promising to cast people who ‘represent contemporary Britain’.It's been reported that ITV is in advance talks to revive the show and wants to have the most 'interesting characters' possible.The network is keen to sign a deal to bring back the show and wants to raise it to the same popularity of the hit dating show Love Island. According to Broadcast, ITV want to have a back-to-basics approach for Big Brother and not only cast "beautiful people".The outlet reports that "Its casting will seek to reflect a slice of contemporary Britain and will be based on finding interesting characters."It is believed that former contestants from the show are being used as inspiration for the revival such as ex-nun Anna Nolan and transgender winner Nadia Almada.Originally starting on Channel 4 back in 2000, the show ran for 23 series and discovered many famous faces that we know now.This Morning stars Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson both appeared on the show with Alison starring in series three and Josie going on to win the competition in series 11.BBC DJ Adele Roberts was also on the show in series three and came in seventh place.Big Brother moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5 in 2011 but was axed five years ago by the broadcaster.However, it's looking like the show will make a return on ITV2 in Autumn 2023.It's been rumoured that Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark could be the host for the reboot as opposed to previous presenters of the show such as Emma Willis and Davina McCall.
'Could feel so ashamed' Davina McCall says celebrities are 'terrified' of cancel culture
Ry-Union podcast.Davina went on to scrutinise societies lack of forgiveness, adding that often an apology isn't enough anymore.She explained: "If somebody says something and I think, that's a celebrity that I have known for many years, one of the things that I think is really weird is hauling somebody over the coals for a tweet they made in 2011."In 12 years, I've changed so much."Sometimes people could have been racist or homophobic 10 years ago, 12 years ago and they might have met somebody along the way who's made them change the light."And they could feel so ashamed of the way that they used to feel."They get hauled over the coals and they apologise and that apology is still not enough," she said.Back in March, the star took to social media to thank her follower for their support after the death of her father from Alzheimer's disease earlier in the year.The 77-year-old had been diagnosed with the deadly brain condition just six years earlier and finally, after a sudden bout of illness, he died at the start of March.She told her 1.5milion followers: "Firstly I just want to thank you for all the support around the death of my dad," she addressed fans in a quavering voice."I really felt it - thank you."The visibly emotional star continued: "Secondly I just want to go on about how much exercise helps me."I've just done my first proper bit of exercise since he died - and yeah, it really helps," she confirmed.She also captioned the video by thanking fans for the "virtual hug", which she said was "really appreciated"
ITV's Long Lost Family guest believes she was switched at birth in air raid shelter
Long Lost Family continues tonight with a special episode.Long Lost Family special: Switched at Birth will explore the story of Rosemary Rawlings who suspects she may have been accidentally swapped as a baby in an air raid shelter during the Second World War.In order to uncover the truth about her extraordinary upbringing and her identity, the team will do a thorough search for any biological family members she may have and for the girl with whom she may have been exchanged with.Rosemary's story will hopefully provide her with the answers she always longed for but it may potentially have huge repercussions for everyone involved.Speaking more about her situation in the show that will air on ITV tonight at 9pm (May 6), Rosemary explains that she always felt she was switched at birth.Speaking directly to the camera, she said: "I don't know how I knew and I don't know when I knew but I've always known that I was swapped at birth."The first time I can remember mum saying something, which when I look back at it, it's very peculiar."Providing more details, Rosemary continued: "We were on holiday in Weymouth and we were actually in the theatre. There was a lot of noise and I just remember mum saying 'oh that family down there, that could be your family.'"I sort of looked and thought yes there is a girl there with her mum and dad and that was it."I didn't think about it anymore, the show began and yes it never worries me.
Holly Willoughby's unexpected new member of staff revealed as business figures released
Holly Willoughby has an out-of-this-world member of staff on her team - the moon!The 41-year-old presenter has listed the heavenly body as an employee at her new wellness firm Wylde Moon.Bizarrely listed alongside the biographies of staff there is an entry for ‘‘the moon’’.This Morning host Holly claims it is responsible for company “guidance and intuition”.And under its guiding hand, the mother-of-three star has posted her first money-spinning financial figures since giving her agents the boot and taking control of her cash.Her financial books show healthy assets for her lifestyle brand Wylde Moon of £305,981.Holly says of the project: “It’s an online space to empower women, explore crystal energies and offer fashion and beauty tips.“I want Wylde Moon to be a place where I can share the things that I love, the lessons that I’ve learnt, the things I see and instantly want to share with others.”The Freeze The Fear host has become a shrewd entrepreneur as well as a successful TV presenter.She famously split from the talent agency YMU Entertainment in a shock business move in 2020.The star left the company - which represents stars including Phillip Schofield, Ant and Dec and Davina McCall - after 13 years to establish one of her own.She launched the all-female firm Roxy Management and is its sole client.Holly also runs Roxy Media Ltd with her telly producer husband Dan Baldwin.Its earnings are made up from her telly and advertising and social media work.The firm has a cash pile of £1,632,245 million. Holly will be back on our screens every night this evening to host The Games.The This Morning star and former cricketer Freddie Flintoff will host the live ITV reality show from Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 13.
Davina McCall feared she had early onset dementia amid 'horror' menopause battle
Davina McCall has revealed she once thought she was suffering from early onset dementia, when in reality she was battling the menopause.The former Big Brother host is one of the most famed TV presenters in Britain, but she worried she'd have to pack TV presenting in for good at the young age of 44.Davina, 54, was suffering from a "horrific" brain fog which left her unable to read autocues or remember celebrity's names.Brain fog is a key symptom of the perimenopause, which Davina described as the menopause's "evil little sister".The perimenopause is the transitional period before the menopause, which tends to occur when women between the ages of 40 and 44.However, Davina never told anybody about the fact she was struggling as she was too "full of shame" to admit what she was going through.Davina opened up about her menopause symptoms in a new Channel 4 documentary called Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause, which airs on Monday (May 2) at 9pm.The programme is a sequel to Davina's first menopause documentary called Sex, Myths and the Menopause, which came out last year.In the doc, Davina speaks to a range of medical professionals and women who have struggled in the workplace as a result of their debilitating menopause symptoms.One emotional scene shows Davina speak to former tech high-flyer Paula Fry, who suffered memory loss as a result of her menopause.She told Davina: "My symptoms I can pin back to when I was about 43. Went to a big tech firm, had a lot to learn.
Davina McCall feared her menopause documentary would be 'worst mistake of her life'
Davina McCall, 54, has said that she initially thought making a documentary about the menopause would be “the biggest mistake” of her career.The documentary, called Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause, aired in 2021 and was a deep dive into the affects of menopause on women’s body, and how it affects women not only physically but mentally.The former Big Brother presenter had been fighting to quash the stigma around the menopause, which is something almost half the population have been or will go through at some point, which can in some cases have debilitating effects.Menopause can cause brain fog, depression, hot flushes and mood swings, to name a few of the symptoms women have to face.As soon as the documentary filming came to a final close, Davina doubted whether it was something she should have done.Talking to the Metro, Davina said: “We filmed it and I was like ‘Oh my god, this was the biggest mistake of my life."I sat down to watch it on television and I thought, 'Oh my god what have I done?’ I was stopped by everyone, men, women, saying: ‘I watched that thing last night, it was amazing I sat down and cried, that’s what happened to me and nobody listened to me, and now I am going to my doctor!’“It was insane!”Davina wanted to educate people on the menopause, and how treatments such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be of great help for those who really suffer.She noticed talking about the menopause really helped herself and others to no longer feel shame or embarrassment of their symptoms and the stage of life they were in.The star said that having “dry vaginas” was one of the most common symptoms women leave out when they visit the doctors because they were too embarrassed to bring it up.Davina
Davina McCall 'very excited' as she breaks silence on huge Big Brother TV return
Davina McCall has revealed her thoughts on a new series of Big Brother, and she's 'really excited' about the prospect of the iconic reality show's return.TV star Davina hosted the legendary housemate programme for 10 years during its initial run on Channel 4, from the very first episode in July 2000 until 2010.Emma Willis, who later hosted the series until it ended in 2018, said she wouldn't fight Davina for a presenting spot if the show comes back as Davina is "the queen".The series threw members of the general public who'd never met each other before in a house.Davina's now spoken exclusively to Daily Star about the show, following reports it could soon be making an epic comeback to screens.The Masked Singer star shared her thoughts about the show at the launch of her new Channel 4 documentary, Sex, Mind and the Menopause, which airs next Monday (May 2) at 9pm.The stunning ITV star said she "really hopes" Big Brother hits our screens again, and that the idea is "really exciting".She said: "[The prospect of] Big Brother returning is very exciting. I mean, I really, really hope it comes back, and I think if it's coming back to ITV2 then that is a really good home for it."The presenter also said she'd be keen to know if the show would change how they cast its housemates, and if they would be planning to try a "different mix" of people.Davina added: "I'd just be interested to see how they do casting and change it up at all.
Davina McCall almost ditched TV career as menopause left her unable to read autocues
Davina McCall has revealed she once feared having to "give up" her TV career as she couldn't read her autocues or remember celebrity's names.The famed Big Brother presenter, 54, said she "seriously thought" she'd be forced to pack in her presenting work altogether at the age of 44.However, she was too ashamed to tell anybody what she was going through as she was too "full of shame" about what was going on in her mind and body.Davina was suffering "horrific" menopause symptoms such as brain fog which left her unable to read TV scripts or remember names.She felt "lost" and didn't realise she was battling through the perimenopause, which she described as menopause's "evil little sister".The Masked Singer star opened up about her menopause struggle in a new Channel 4 documentary called Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause, which airs on Monday (May 2).It sees Davina embark on another journey of self-discovery after her first menopause doc called Sex, Myths and the Menopause, which came out last year.Speaking about fears of ditching her job, Davina said: "I was 44 when it happened to me. Might have happened a bit earlier and I didn't even know the meaning of the word perimenopause."Juggling fluctuating hormones in life can be tough, but what makes matters worse is one frightening symptom which can occur during perimenopause.