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Josie Gibson insists Dermot 'worships' Alison after 'she bought him a watch'

Josie Gibson has poured cold water over rumours of a feud between This Morning presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, telling OK!: “They really do get on!” The 37 year old, who is a regular on the ITV daytime show and has hosted alongside Alison in the past, insisted: "Those two are like brother and sister! "I don’t know what’s been written but they really do get on. Dermot worships Alison and Alison loves Dermot.” Proving that their friendship is genuine away from the cameras, Josie even revealed that Alison recently bought Dermot a lavish gift, saying: “She bought him a lovely watch not long ago, and they go round each other’s houses for dinner.

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‘Let’s get it straight, they left me!' Eamonn Holmes slams ITV and boycotts This Morning
Eamonn Holmes, 62, has doubled down on his claims ITV lied about his exit from This Morning.The presenter, who now works for GB News, has revealed he’s also no longer able to watch his old show as it would be “too sensitive” for him. Six months ago, Eamonn left This Morning after regularly hosting the daytime TV show for 15 years. Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford, who was also his presenting partner, were replaced in their regular Friday slot by Alison Hamonnd and Dermot O’Leary during lockdown. When he was asked whether he still watches This Morning in a recent interview, Eamonn revealed he doesn’t tune in any more.According to the journalist, fans often approach him in the street to ask why he and Ruth are not still presenting the show. Asked if he still ever flicks across to This Morning, Eamonn confirmed: “It would be too... sensitive. “I mean, I spend every day going out on the street and people saying, ‘Why are you and Ruth not on any more?’” he told the Mirror.The presenter also claimed he was frustrated at not being informed about why he was allegedly let go from ITV, insisting that he did not quit the broadcaster to work at GB News.“I wish somebody would show me the email or the letter or that I was sent to say, ‘Eamonn, this is why this is coming to an end’,” he explained. “But to tell lies, that I left them to go to GB News...I didn’t – they left me.
‘All-consuming’ Eamonn Holmes praises wife Ruth Langsford's new venture away from TV
Eamonn Holmes, 62, has heaped praise on his wife, Ruth Langsford, also 62, as she debuted her role as fashion designer for QVC.The This Morning presenter has put her penchant for fashion on display as she debuted her collaboration with the television shopping channel.Eamonn highlighted the hugely successful partnership as he praised his wife for her hard work.However, the collaboration can also prove a challenge sometimes as the “all-consuming” design task leaves Eamonn feeling it is “like being married to Victoria Beckham”.He said: “Ruth is now phenomenally successful as a fashion designer for QVC."She is the second highest selling clothing brand on QVC internationally."She spends her time agonising over detail and plans and designs – it must be like being married to Victoria Beckham, you know?“It’s all-consuming really,” the GB News broadcaster added to the Mirror.Ruth and Eamonn recently celebrated a special milestone together following his serious health concerns.In a social media post marking their anniversary, Ruth publicly declared her love for EamonnShe shared a picture of the pair while they were enjoying a well-described break in a seaside hotspot.Eamonn wore a light blue, summer shirt , which he accessorised with circular dark shades. Meanwhile, Ruth donned a pair of tortoiseshell shades, with her hair in a relaxed up-do. She wrote in the caption: “Happy Anniversary my love @eamonnholmes.“Loved you then Love you still Always have Always will.” Eamonn sparked health concerns after he was rushed to hospital in “excruciating pain” at the start of June.Due to his trapped sciatic nerve pain, Ruth’s former This Morning co-presenter was forced to spend some time off-air.Eamonn spoke out on his health woes in his
'Don't pay taxes for this' Holly Willoughby risks angering neighbours with home renovation
Holly Willoughby lives in a £2.8 million home in the leafy suburb of Barnes and was given the green light for an extension. She and her husband Daniel Baldwin had been wanting to add a first-floor side and front extension, window and door alterations and a side dormer roof extension at their mansion for over a year.Her neighbours have been complaining about her planning applications over the years, with them saying there will be disruption to the roads as well as noise from the building works.Since buying the home in 2011, she has gone through many setbacks with applications and disgruntled neighbours.According to Daily Mail's Richard Eden, planners have approved her plans for a first-floor extension.Last year, neighbours complained about the disruptions that would be caused due to the presenter's refurbishment plans.As reported by the aforementioned publication, one neighbour, Liliana Velez, said: "Having the noise all week all day for so many months is not the standard of living in such an expensive area to live."I do not pay taxes to get this level of disruption, it is not quality of life."Another local, Julie Halstead, said: "The property of Holly Willoughby has already been extended, I feel that further development as per the proposal, would severely impact the character and nature of this part of the road."A neighbour also sent a letter to the council about it, with The Sun reporting the letter saying: "My workspace is right by the project and having the noise all day and all week for so many months is not the standard of living in such an expensive area to live."I don't pay taxes to get this level of disruption, it is not quality of life.
Loved up Alison Hammond 'torn' over going public with boyfriend after past heartache
Alison Hammond reluctantly admitted that she was dating a mystery man - but she is reportedly unsure whether to share his identity with the world after her relationship status was unceremoniously outed live on TV by co-host Dermot O' Leary.The This Morning presenter is said to be increasingly "torn" over whether to disclose his name and risk the pressure of a showbiz lifestyle destroying their relationship, or continue to enjoy dating him beneath the radar.Alison, 47, has also joked that Dermot's big announcement that she was loved up meant she could no longer pose as a free agent while flirting with attractive men.Now a source close to the presenter has spoken out in a more serious way on her first major relationship since she endured a painful split five years ago."On the one hand she's so happy that she's found someone special — but on the other, she's scared her showbiz career could put pressure on the relationship," her friend revealed."She really doesn't know whether to take a big risk by going public, or try as hard as she can to keep him secret."She added to Closer magazine: "Alison doesn't want to jeopardise her 'loving relationship', but also doesn't see why she should have to keep it a secret." has approached Alison's rep for comment.The TV fave was originally outed as "seeing someone" by Dermot live on ITV.During an episode of This Morning, he flirtatiously thanked his co-star for the birthday gift she'd given him and lamented that she was no longer "available".Alison hastily insisted: "What do you mean I'm not available? I am available!", but her secret was already out.Dermot hit back that he was "confused", leading her to confess that she is loved up."There is somebody in my life.
'Drives me nuts' Lorraine Kelly furious at 'disgusting and dispiriting' locals
Lorraine Kelly, 62, hit out with a furious tweet after learning about "thoughtless tossers" dumping waste and potentially damaging stunning landscapes.The environmentally-friendly chat show host exclaimed that they infuriated her."Thoughtless ‘tossers’ have been out in the @sdnpa again - illegally dumping domestic waste just off the A272 at Privett in Hampshire," Good Morning Britain star Richard Gaisford raged.He added: "A disgusting and dispiriting scene amidst such beauty. @cleanupbritain @hantsconnect @HantsPolice."Despite urging followers to do more to keep the country clean, some were skeptical about it happening."This drives me nuts," Lorraine admitted, reposting the photos of the fly-tippers to her 704,600 followers.Yet one, @langlands_paul, quipped: "U want to try living in East London :)"Lorraine considers herself a passionate environmentalist who cares about taking care of the great outdoors.It seems her habits have been inspired in part by the words of the Queen.Her Majesty recently got involved in a tree-planting initiative to mark her 70th anniversary on the throne - and Lorraine was following along with every word.She revealed to HELLO! magazine at the time that she intended to "follow the advice of our very own Queen Bee and change how I do things" - and for Lorraine that included scattering "bee bombs".Declaring it "easy", she explained: "You just scatter these little balls of seeds on cleared soil where you think the bees might be happy."You don't have to dig a hole or water them or look after them.
'How sad is that?' Fern Britton’s ex slammed by Karren Brady over reason behind divorce
The Apprentice star Karren Brady, 53, didn’t hold back while criticising Fern Britton’s ex-husband Clive Jones, to whom she was married from 1988 to 2000, before tying the knot with her now-ex-husband and This Morning co-star, Phil Vickery, 61. Karren was left seething after Fern revealed the reason behind her split from Clive - that she secretly took and passed a Mensa test, which gave her membership to the High IQ Society.An “immense rift” then occurred between the former couple when Clive didn’t pass the test with flying colours like Fern had done.According to Fern, the rift went on to spell the beginning of the end for their 12-year marriage.While discussing Fern’s comments about the demise of her marriage to the father of three of her four children, Karren wrote in her latest column: “So interesting to hear Fern Britton’s revelation that it was her success on the Mensa test that prompted her divorce from her ex-husband Clive Jones.”The businesswoman fumed: “How sad is that?” Elaborating on her opinion on the matter, Karren declared to The Sun: “If you are happy in a relationship, there is no need to out-do each other.”It comes after Fern explained why she took the Mensa test without her husband’s knowledge.Talking on the Walking The Dog with Emily Dean podcast, the author divulged: "He had this degree and I don’t [so] I secretly went off and did the Mensa."I lied, I said I was going somewhere else, and it took a day to do this test.
Fern Britton admits 'talking to her cats about her problems' as she misses ex Phil Vickery
Daily Mail's Weekend magazine: "There comes a point when the children are substantially off your hands and you look at each other and wonder where you’re going to go from here."Yoga-loving Fern added that her life has become more peaceful since closing the door on her relationship with Phil."People say they bounce back from a long relationship, but it takes a while," she clarified to Woman and Home magazine."The rebound is difficult. You chuck the pebble in the pond, but the ripples go on for a very long time.“It’s been a long time getting to the dawn, but I’m in another brand-new chapter and do feel it will be all right."It hasn't been easy for author and presenter Fern in the past few years.Not only did her marriage collapse, but both of her parents died too - and her torment took place against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.However the resilient star has insisted that "there is life afterwards".Recently, it emerged that Fern split from her first husband Clive Jones after he was enraged that she had sailed through an IQ test and he hadn't.Fern reported that the explosive row they had about her Mensa membership was the catalyst that caused her marriage to disintegrate.Talking on the Walking The Dog with Emily Dean podcast, she elaborated: "He had this degree and I don’t [so] I secretly went off and did the Mensa."I lied, I said I was going somewhere else, and it took a day to do this test.
Eamonn Holmes, 62, breaks silence on hospital dash as he credits 'angels' who saved him
GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes has spoken out about his dramatic visit to A&E after waking up in “excruciating pain”.The former This Morning star went on to praise the “angels” that had saved him in a heartfelt tribute to the NHS.Eamonn, 62, opened up in his first column for about how an unexpected hospital dash earlier this month saw him miss out on covering the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.The journalist’s time A&E was also eye-opening, as it made him truly appreciate the tireless efforts of NHS staff.Speaking about his team at GB News, he said: “They have my respect, admiration and thanks. “But right now my heart belongs to the NHS - and the Angels who got me back on my feet again.Thank you.”Eamonn has suffered from long-term health difficulties in recent years, previously telling of his battle with chronic back pain after a dislocated pelvis led to three slipped discs.Speaking about his time in hospital for the first time, he said: “At times I had to ask myself if this was the same NHS I’d heard described on TV as broken, inefficient, wasteful and not fit for purpose.” “From where I was lying nothing could be further from the truth.”The star went on to explain how his “treatment became quicker and comprehensive” thanks to the way our National Health System works.“I ended up having my whole health diagnosed,” he explained.
'Day of dreams! Holly Willoughby all smiles as she enjoys Platinum Jubilee Pageant
Holly Willoughby, 41, stunned as she flashed her toned arms in a floral dress number for the Platinum Jubilee Pageant today.The This Morning presenter was joined by the likes of Rylan Clark, AJ Odudu and Nicole Scherzinger on the 2010's themed bus.The blue floral halterneck dress looked stunning with its keyhole detail and dazzling floral print.She beamed as she smiled and waved to the many onlookers at the memorable parade.Holly styled the outfit once off the bus with a large blue overcoat, sticking to the Royal theme.She styled her blonde tresses in an updo and went for a simple yet effective makeup palette.A post shared by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby)Holly took to Instagram to share a selection of snaps from the "dreamy day" in view of her 7.8 million followers.The presenter couldn't contain her smile as she posed for selfies on the 2010's double-decker alongside Rylan Clark and friends.She captioned the post: "Day of dreams…. Happy Happy Platinum Jubilee your Majesty… we LOVE you."Many social media users rushed to the comments to compliment the presenter on her youthful looks and share their excitement over the memorable day.Xhollys.healthy.habitsx said: "National Treasure, gorgeous human!"Spires.carol added: "You looked so happy and genuinely overwhelmed by it all! Lucky you!!"MilesBentley17 commented: "Sensational 4 days.
Alison Hammond's fear after replacing Eamonn and Ruth on This Morning - 'Not qualified'
Alison Hammond is now one of Britain’s most beloved presenters, however, there was a time the former reality TV star felt “not good enough” to host This Morning. It comes after Alison and her co-host Dermot O'Leary replaced Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Friday mornings last year.The 47-year-old appeared in the third series of Big Brother back in 2002 before going on to host regular segments of This Morning in 2003.The star has spoken about how the role was first offered to her in a revealing interview with co-star Holly Willoughby on her new podcast By The Light Of The Moon.Speaking on how she first became associated with This Morning, Alison said: “This Morning rang and said, ‘Would you like to do a strand?’ And I was like, ‘I might do’ obviously I was like desperate.“I was like, ‘What are you offering?’.They said, ‘We’ve got this strand, it’s really good, it’s only until December, would you like to do it?’ I said, ‘Yeah I'm totally up for that’.“Then that three-month contract has been 20 years,” Alison added.Holly replied in disbelief: “Has it really been that long? 20 years?”The This Morning host confirmed: “Yep 20 years now.”Holly continued: “So that’s 20 years and then you have been doing Fridays with Dermot (O’Leary) now for a year.”The mum-of-one shared: “We had our anniversary the other day! I can't believe it’s gone so quick.”Holly queried: “When you first started if you had known then that you were going to get the sofa job at some point, would you have believed it?”Alison answered: “Absolutely not, I don’t think that was even in my head. I probably never dreamt that big.“I’ve never dreamt that big before.That wasn’t even on my radar.“Even when they came to me with that job.
Laura Hamilton announces mysterious new project for ITV during A Place in the Sun break
Laura Hamilton, 40, is best known for helping clients find their perfect property in sunny locations. However she has now posted on Instagram to announce she'll be taking a break from the enormously popular Channel 4 show A Place in the Sun and joining ITV.Laura has shared behind the scenes snaps from filming on the show, fronted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby."Excited to be filming something new over the next few weeks and joining @thismorning," she captioned her slides.She has been releasing cryptic clues on her page alongside sneak peeks of where she is.One photo depicted her in boots and overalls walking in front of a farm building.Meanwhile another snap showed her standing beside a donkey, while she joked: "Just a couple of asses! First day filming with This Morning."Finally, she added: "So excited to be part of the team."The snap was also posted by an Instagram account called @my_farmcottage, which brands itself as a company "growing the newest hop varieties for the brewing industry".It also advertises "luxury holiday home rental" - and according to the account's latest post, ITV had just been filming there with Laura.A post shared by LAURA HAMILTON (@laurahamiltontv)A post shared by LAURA HAMILTON (@laurahamiltontv)"Lovely to meet you, thank you for making our day so special xx" the account commented on Laura's page.@nickmason669 wrote underneath: "Hope you enjoyed yourself in the shire and sampled some of the local ciders? It’s the place I get to call home.