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Emmerdale fans convinced there's a new serial killer after huge clue

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Marlon Dingle's new physiotherapist, Kit, has a dark side to him. Fans of the ITV soap have only just seen the end of murderer Meena Jutla, but some fans are suggesting that a new killer could be set to make himself known.

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Emmerdale's Charley Webb details health woes as she hides under blanket during heatwave
Emmerdale’s Charley Webb took to Instagram today to share her health struggles with her 568,000 followers.The actress admitted she was “feeling ill” as she cuddled up under a blanket despite the current heatwave affecting the UK.This morning Charley, 34, shared a picture of just her leg nestling under a thick blanket while she sat outside in the sunshine. The temperature at that time was marked at 22 degrees celsius, which many people would consider “shorts weather”.However, Charley wasn’t feeling quite so warm in the sunshine, as she opened up about her health.“There’s worse places to be ill,” she told her fans.“I’m 100% sure I’m the only person on the planet with a blanket right now.”Later today, Charley updated her followers with another post confirming she had moved inside.“So happy to be in bed,” Charley captioned another picture of her legs as she rested.She also included a poll for her followers to find out who else liked going to bed early.“Earlier the better for me,” she wrote. “Are you an early night or a night owl?”Charley’s post comes after the soap star discussed her ongoing health issues with her followers two Sundays ago.Taking to social media, the mum-of-three posted an image of herself lying back, with one arm over her face.She captioned the photo: "Migraine hell today.
'Truly disgusting' Emmerdale's Charley Webb addresses health 'hell' as she asks for advice
Emmerdale star Charley Webb has been flooded with support on Instagram after sharing her health "hell" with her fans.The TV star, who played Debbie Dingle in the ITV soap, told how she had been suffering from migraines, which she branded "disgusting" after sharing that they leave her "vomiting".In view of her 564,000 followers, the mum of three told how she had been suffering with the migraine.In the snap, Charley appeared in a light grey jumper as she lay back with one arm partially covering her face.The star asked her fans for their advice on dealing with the health issue.Charley wrote: "Migraine hell today."Does anyone else suffer with vision migraines?It's where you get some sort of bright light/flashing [lightning] type of thing in your eye followed by the migraine."They make me vomit as well."They are truly disgusting," she added.Soon enough, the star was inundated with messages from her followers offering their suggestions on how to deal with migraines.Many included over the counter painkillers, cold compresses and sleeping it off.It comes days after Charley told how she had been "left drained" by a family issue involving her youngest son, Ace.The star said her son Ace, who she shares with Ememrdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden, was keeping her up all night with a cough.She wrote: “This will be me all day. “Ace was awake from 1-4 this morning.
'It was rough' Emmerdale's Charley Webb left drained over 'hellish' family problem
“He had a temperature so I let him stay in with me and it was rough! “His sleep is just hellish at the moment.“He wake up whenever he fancies for a chat.” (sic) The star continued in her next story as she showed her son sleeping in the back of her car during the middle of the day. In the caption she joked it was “alright for some”. She also quipped it was “brilliant” that he kept her up all night then decided to sleep. Charley added sadly: “He’s not well at all, bless him. Hate it when they’re poorly.” The soap actress is married to her former Emmerdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden. Together, they share sons Buster, 11, Bowie, five and Ace, two. Earlier this month, Charley took to her Instagram in another story to give some insight into their family life, sharing a hilarious update. The actress revealed her youngest son, Ace, two, chose not to call Matthew  “daddy” anymore.She recorded herself in the car as Ace slept in the back. The soap star explained the reason after sharing in an earlier post that Matthew left notes for all their children on the kitchen counter.However, some clever fans spotted that Ace’s note had been signed off with ‘Matthew’ instead of ‘daddy’ like the other children’s messages.Charley then publicly replied to all the fans that reached out sharing their confusion.She said: “I’ve had so many messages saying, ‘why does Matthew’s note to Ace say, ‘to Ace, love Matthew,’ and not daddy?’“That is because Ace has decided that he isn't going to call him ‘daddy’ anymore.“He calls him Matthew.