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Emmerdale's Paddy and Mandy reunion 'sealed' as Chas continues steamy affair with Al

Emmerdale fans are convinced Paddy Kirk will rekindle his relationship with ex Mandy Dingle. The loveable vet is unaware that his parter Chas Dingle is having an affair behind his back with Al Chapman.Chas has been secretly hooking up with Al as a way to drown out the pain she's experience because of her mum Faith Dingle's cancer diagnosis.READ MORE: Inside Emmerdale Isabel Hodgins' private life - co-star split after 'secret soap fling'After meeting secretly in the woods, Chas admitted to Al she was disgusted by the way the rest of the Dingles are pretending everything is fine with Faith when clearly it isn't.When Al chased after Chas to talk things out, she insisted "the last thing" she wanted was to talk and then passionately kissed him."Let's go to a hotel," she asked him.Al admitted they should "slow down", only for Chas to insist she wanted the opposite.

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Emmerdale's Al Chapman 'related to Chas' as fans 'expose' identity of adoptive mum
Emmerdale's Al Chapman could be related to Chas Dingle in what would be a huge twist, as fans are sure they've figured out the identity of his adoptive mum.Earlier this week it emerged that Al's adoptive father had died - and with the funeral fast approaching, it makes sense that viewers might be about to meet his adoptive mum.Now viewers are sure that they've exposed her identity ahead of time, and think she could be in some way related to Faith Dingle, Chas' mum.READ NEXT: Love Island's bombshell Charlie had sights set on 3 Islanders before entering villaEven though the relation wouldn't be by blood, it would throw some doubt over their relationship if Faith ended up being the long lost sister of Al's mum.Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: "#Emmerdale pretty sure there’ll be a twist at Al’s dad’s funeral and his adoptive mum will be related to Faith somehow."They added: "Not incest exactly but it will muddy the waters with Chas if they’re going to get it on!"The fan went on to joke that Rodney could turn out to be Al's real dad, quipping: "Then again, Rodney is a bit of a s***!"It comes after theories that Al could have been Faith's biological son, which would mean he and Cain are related amid their fiery feud.One poster penned: "I think [Faith's] secret is that Al is her son who she had adopted before she married Shadrach and he and Cain are half brothers."Remember when Al first came in, he said he was adopted but was never happy and always felt unloved."For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.As another added: "That would also mean that Chas and Al are half brother and sister too!", and someone else pointed out: "Yes, and he had
ITV Emmerdale fans spot odd link between Chas Dingle and famous Friends star
Emmerdale fans were left in stitches after they compared Chas Dingle to beloved Friends character Chandler Bing as she complained at her loving husband Cain Dingle.During Wednesday’s instalment of the popular ITV soap (June 22), the long-standing character attempted to tell Aaron about Faith Dingle’s terminal cancer diagnosis.But the loving mum has come under fire after taking the news of her mother’s new diagnosis poorly as she encouraged her to continue taking treatment even though it would only extend her life by a couple of months.Instead of respecting her mother’s wishes to stop the chemotherapy and spend the last few months of her life with her family and friends, the brunette beauty has put all her efforts into finding a cure for her illness.Chas could be heard shouting at Cain for preparing their son for Faith's eventual passing rather than encouraging him to be positive about her recovery.During their heated argument, she shouted: "Could you be anymore patronising?"It was at this point that fans of the show flooded to Twitter where they compared the star to the beloved Friends character. One user penned: “Chas doing her Chandler Bing impression # Emmerdale.” Another added: “Chas doing her best Chandler Bing impression ‘could you beeeee anymore patronising?! #emmerdale.”A third agreed: “Who does chastity think she is, Chandler Bing? #emmerdale.”This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.
Emmerdale fans sure they've rumbled Faith Dingle's secret in dramatic Cain DNA twist
Emmerdale's Cain and Chas Dingle have believed they're both the children of mum Faith Dingle - but fans aren't so sure, as they have predicted Cain isn't biologically related to her at all.Faith has been hiding a secret in the ITV Dales - and fans are sure they know what it is.Faith and Cain have had a rather turbulent relationship ever since she abandoned him as a child.Though years have passed, Cain has still been left hurt by his mother's actions and has been reluctant with letting her back into his life.But now fans online seem to think that Faith isn't actually Cain's mother in the first place. Sharing their thoughts on Facebook, one avid Emmerdale viewer said: "She's not Cain's birth mother think she reared him as her own from very young.""I saw someone else mention that before!" someone else quickly agreed.After being asked by other social media users, the fan wrote: "As I said I read it on a magazine I also stated that I did not know if it was true reread my comments thanks!""We shall see if it's true or not either I be eating my words or you will be eating yours," they added.Faith and Cain's relationship has gone through immense ups and downs since Faith returned to Emmerdale village.Although the mother has tried to mend her broken relationship with her son, they constantly seem hit stumbling blocks along the way.This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.
Emmerdale Debbie Dingle return 'sealed' as fans convinced she's mystery Woolpack owner
Emmerdale's famous Woolpack has now been sold to a mystery buyer but several fans believe Debbie Dingle purchased the pub.Chas Dingle was left distraught on Thursday when she discovered that she was unable buy her beloved boozer due to lack of funds.However, despite her brother Cain's best efforts to try and outbid Al Chapman at the auction house, a mystery person put in a great offer online.But viewers now seem to believe that Debbie could be behind the secret sale.Jumping on Twitter, fans shared their thoughts.One viewer penned: "And the new owner of the Woolpack is Debbie Dingle."Another penned: "Debbie buying the pub (yeah she’s leaving)..but maybe settles to give it to Chas and let her pay it monthly etc."A third wrote: "Its Debbie Dingle she won the lotto and coming back to the dales."While a fourth added: "It’s defo Debbie whose bought the pub to wind al up."Debbie hasn't been seen in Emmerdale for quite some time and actress Charley Webb who plays the devious character recently confirmed that she has left the show for good.Taking to her Instagram story in January, the star explained: "This is always my most asked question but I’ve never answered it before because I’ve never wanted to make a big deal out of it."I left to have Ace 2 years ago. I went back at the end of last year for 10 weeks to complete a storyline.