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Beyonce fan goes into labor during LA concert — stays till the end
went into labor while enjoying Monday’s Beyoncé concert in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Marcel Spears — giving birth to a healthy baby daughter just a few hours later.The crazy-in-love couple charmingly documented their experience on social media, posting a reel to Instagram which showed Jones in a silver dress and headband dancing along to the music, and then having to sit down due to labor pains.The video then cuts to Jones giving birth in the delivery room, with proud dad Spears holding their newborn, Nola, at the end.Jones also posted another reel capturing the moment, writing in the caption, “Turns out we were having a whole baby at @beyonce bday show.”A post shared by ⚜️Marcel from New Orleans (@mrmarcelspears)The Post reached out to the couple and representatives for Beyoncé for comment.On Wednesday, the proud parents told local news channel KTLA 5 that their adventure began shortly after the “mute challenge,” a fun part of the concert during the singer’s performance of the “Renaissance” track “Energy,” where everyone is expected to go silent after the line, “Look around everybody on mute.”“She wasn’t due for another week, and so I thought maybe they’re Braxton Hicks [contractions], and I said, ‘Um, something’s happening,’ ” Jones told KTLA. “Usually I like to dance at the concert, and I was like, ‘I think I need to sit down for a second,’ ” she added.As the concert went on, and when they got to their car after the show ended, the papa and mama-to-be realized it wasn’t a false alarm — and that Jones was really going into labor.“The biggest contractions were happening during ‘Virgo’s Groove,’ ” Spears said, referring to a song released on the “Renaissance” album.