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Paris Sashay believes in the “healing” power of comedy — now more than ever

On the night of her stand-up debut, nearly a decade ago, Paris Sashay had a case of the nerves.“We get to the club, and there’s about 60 people and a comedian on stage,” she recalls. “He’s not having a good set, because people are not laughing and were talking. Now I’m really scared.

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Sydney Mardi Gras Party Cancelled
public health order issued by the New South Wales government.It comes on a day when New South Wales recorded over 30,000 cases of COVID-19.According to the health order, “Singing and dancing is not permitted at a hospitality venue, entertainment facility, nightclub, major recreation facility or music festival.”Exceptions to this rule only apply to performers who are “performing” or “rehearsing,” a person who is “instructing” or “being instructed, in singing or dancing,” and a “wedding service” or a “gathering immediately following a wedding.”One of the four main ways to obtain an exemption would be to “ensure there is no dancefloor at the event” or that “any existing dancefloor is not used.”Yesterday, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) sent out the announcement stating that it was cancelling Party for the 2022 LGBTQI celebration.It wrote it was doing so with “very heavy hearts,” and Party is not “operable under the state’s Public Health Order.”It also acknowledged that the SGLMG team has “worked tirelessly with NSW Health, the State Government and venues at all stages of planning for our entire Festival.”It added, “This phase of the pandemic remains volatile, and the health and safety of our community will always remain our top priority.”Party would be a mainly indoor event with dancing.