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What the hell happened at the YSL RICO trial?

Prior to this week, it had been a relatively sleepy few months for the RICO trial of Young Thug and YSL. The Atlanta rapper has sat in a Fulton County jail since May 2022, alleged by the state of Georgia to be the ringleader of a criminal street gang (six additional felonies connected to gang, drug, and firearm violations were added in August 2022).

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James Blunt says Rishi Sunak’s national service plan is “not a bad idea”
James Blunt has shared his thoughts on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s mandatory national service plan, saying it’s “not a bad idea”.The Conservative Party have said that 18-year-olds would be required to participate in a scheme involving military or civilian service, if they win the UK general election on July 4.“This modern form of national service will mean that young people get the skills and the opportunities that they need, which is going to serve them very well in life,” Sunak explained at a recent campaign event (via BBC News).“It is going to foster a culture of service which is going to be incredibly powerful for making our society more cohesive, and in a more uncertain and dangerous world it’s going to strengthen our country’s security and resilience.”In a video on TikTok, the PM said: “As is the case in other countries, we will provide a stipend to help with living costs for those doing the military element alongside their training.“Meanwhile, on the civic side, we will make sure organisations have funding for training and administration.”Singer-songwriter Blunt – who served in the British Army before he got signed as a musician, and was an officer during the Kosovo War – recently spoke about the controversial move at the 2024 Hay Festival.This will change lives #nationalservice #generalelection #uk #rishisunak ♬ original sound – Conservatives “We all know it’s not going to happen, but I think the concept – to understand a bit about serving your community – is not a bad idea,” the ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer reasoned (via the Standard).“The greatest thing about the Army is that we worked together as a team, people from all corners of the UK, and that was a huge benefit.”Blunt continued: “I’m a posh twat and these