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Globo’s New International Release ‘In Your Place’ Broken Down by Creator Lícia Manzo

Emiliano Granada Few companies have put as much energy as Brazilian TV giant Globo into pushing out their new slate during the week when NATPE Miami was scheduled to occur.Packed with new and retuning hit shows, Globo’s roster marks a robust consolidation of early last year’s business strategy of unifying free TV, pay TV, streaming and digital properties under the name “One Single Globo”.Rubbing shoulders with burgeoning franchises – the second season of eco thriller “Aruanas,” Season 4 of social issue medical drama “Under Pressure” — is  “In Your Place,” the new telenovela that is airing in prime time in Brazil.The show is created and written by Lícia Manzo, one of the many talented female writers that are propelling a new era of Globo, author of such hits as “The Life We Lead.” It follows the lives of twin brothers – played charmingly by “Brazil Avenue” star Cauã Reymond – separated at birth and living diametrically opposite lives in the abysmally unequal Brazilian society. Of course, both are destined to find each other and irrevocably change one another’s lives when one of them dies and the other takes the chance to replace his brother and change his fortune.The well known premise gives room to Manzo and director Maurício Farias to put a spin on it, navigating an ever more embroiled plot that will delight any novela fan while never forgetting the stark realities that confronts its characters.Variety talked with showrunner Licia Manzo as “In Your Place” is being launched on the open market:There’s a sort of story archetype in Mark Twain’s 1881 “The Prince and the Pauper” that still resonates nowadays and is the reason why it has been used many many times in our medium. What did you find thematically interesting when

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