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Manchester councillor quits Labour to join Greens blaming party's 'culture'

A Manchester councillor has quit Labour to join the Greens, saying she felt 'constantly at odds' with the culture of the largest party at the town hall. Hulme councillor Ekua Bayunu has defected to the Green Party today, making the group of three the official opposition at Manchester council now.

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Dan Walker could be replaced on BBC Breakfast by Channel 5 co-star amid on-set 'unease'
Dan Walker could be replaced on BBC Breakfast by his new Channel 5 co-star Julian Druker.Dan left the BBC for good last month and made the move to 5 News, which he presents alongside Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije. Since then, the BBC have been considering various candidates to take over from him.One of which is Channel 5 news reporter Julian Druker, a BBC source confirmed exclusively to Daily Star - who Dan appeared alongside just last week (June 10).Julian was outside London's High Court to discuss the plans to send refugees to Rwanda, which subsequently failed to go ahead on Tuesday (June 14).Dan asked Julian: "Good evening, what’s been happening?"Later, the clip cut to Dan in the studio as he wondered: "And Julian, there’s been other opposition to the plans?"Julian was all professionalism as he responded: "Yes, Labour leader Keir Starmer today describing it as a 'chaotic diversion', said it hasn’t been thought through, he says ministers here should get around the table with ministers in France…"But our BBC source has claimed that Julian could be eyeing up Dan's old job with its eye-watering £100,000 salary for a three day week.They told Daily Star that while BBC star Jon Kay looks to be the frontrunner, other names are still in the mix."Jon Kay is very popular in the newsroom, but the process to replace Dan is still ongoing with a few weeks left apparently.
UK nightclub industry responds to publication of the Sue Gray report
COVID lockdowns.Gray’s long-awaited 37-page report, which includes nine photographs featuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was published this morning (May 25) and can be read in full here.“Whatever the initial intent, what took place at many of these gatherings and the way in which they developed was not in line with COVID guidance at the time,” the report says.“Even allowing for the extraordinary pressures officials and advisers were under, the factual findings of this report illustrate some attitudes and behaviours inconsistent with that guidance.”Gray concluded in her report that “a number of these gatherings should not have been allowed to take place or to develop in the way that they did”, and said that “there is significant learning to be drawn from these events which must be addressed immediately across Government”.In a statement given to the House of Commons this afternoon, Johnson said that he “takes full responsibility for everything that happened on my watch” and that proposals for “change and reform” of Downing Street are being implemented.“It is clear from what Sue Gray had to say that some of these gatherings went on for far longer than was necessary and they clearly fell in breach of the rules,” he told MPs, before saying that he had “no knowledge” of proceedings until the report as “I simply wasn’t there”.In response to Johnson’s statement, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that Gray’s report “lays bare the rot that under this prime minister has spread in Number 10, and it provides definitive proof of how those within the building treated the sacrifices of the British people with utter contempt”.Michael Kill, the NTIA’s CEO, has issued a response on the findings of the Gray report, saying that the
‘Vulnerable’ Peter Andre apologises to family for being dragged into Rebekah Vardy court case
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GB News' Dan Wootton Tonight hit with 61 Ofcom complaints after Keir Starmer debate
GB News show Dan Wootton Tonight has been hit with 61 Ofcom complaints following its May 5 episode, in relation to a discussion about Labour leader Keir Starmer's alleged lockdown rule break.A segment was also aired in which Dan shut down Benjamin Butterworth after he spoke about Keir's role in "beergate".Mr Butterworth said: "It was investigated before and they found he hadn’t done anything.”Dan then replied: “It wasn’t investigated, you’ve just given disinformation already.”Dan asked Benjamin if he thinks that Keir followed the rules, to which Benjamin said "yes, absolutely".The GB presenter then asked Benjamin if he himself had read the rules, which Benjamin then confirmed.Wootton then responded: "You can't say it with a straight face."The conversation came just hours after Sir Keir recently said that he will step down if he is "fined" by Durham police over beergate.The Guardian has reported that the Labour party can prove that Sir Keir's team worked past 1am on the night that the scandal was alleged to have taken place.Keir has insisted that no laws were broken and said that they were "followed at all times".The politician claimed that he "simply had something to eat" whilst he was "working late in the evening," which he said "any politician would do days before an election".However, he then said that if the police were to "issue him with a fixed penalty notice," then he would "of course, do the right thing and step down".Controversial journalist Dan Wootton has recently tweeted about GB News' alleged success as the "UK's number one non-state news channel".He told his followers that it was due to "their loyalty over the past year," which has "allowed them to block out the sneery London elite" so the channel can