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Lorraine Kelly pays tribute to Dame Deborah James in Rebellious Hope t-shirt

Lorraine Kelly has paid tribute to her late friend and No Butts campaign inspiration, Dame Deborah James. The 62-year-old presenter appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about podcaster and campaigner Deborah also known as Bowel Babe who passed away on June 28 at age 40, after a five-year battle with bowel cancer. Lorraine also made the sweet gesture of wearing Deborah’s ‘Rebellious Hope’ t-shirt, which she created as part of a collaboration with InTheStyle to raise money for the Bowel Babe Fund.

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Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray 'savages' Labour MP over chaotic rail strikes
Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray really grilled Shadow Economic Secretary Tulip Saddiq over Labour's stance on the current rail strikes.On Tuesday morning's programme (June 29), Tulip Saddiq told Adil and co-host Susanna Reid that the Labour Party didn't support the strikes.However, the interview got heated when Adil asked her: "Are you out of touch with your own party?"To which she replied: "Let's put it this way, we can't sit around and clap workers who are driving our trains or tubes during the pandemic, calling them key workers and then refuse to give them better pay conditions."But I want to go back to what you said, why are these people striking?"They are striking because the situation we're facing is the worst cost of living crisis in 30 years."We're in a situation as you've already said, where my constituents are being told, 'Wait 10 weeks before you even apply to renew your passport'."We're in a situation where people are being told, 'Don't renew your driving licence because we can't get it to you'."There are 400,000 currently waiting for a new driving licence. People who rely on their driver's licence for their livelihood."Susanna then argued: "If you're behind the strikers, and you support the strike action, why did your leader order front benches to stay away from picket lines? Surely that's the most obvious way to support those workers who are striking." The Labour MP slammed: "Well, as I said, we didn't want this strike to go ahead."We obviously respect workers' right to strike but we didn't want the strike to go ahead.
GMB fans claim to spot signs there's a 'rift' between Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley
Good Morning Britain viewers wondered where Richard Madeley was as he's "still missing" from the ITV show.The host was absent from the GMB lineup on June 28 for a second day this week.The 66-year-old TV host not being on air again has convinced ITV viewers that this could be due to the brewing rift between him and his co-host Susanna Reid.READ MORE: Richard Madeley cringes viewers out as he ‘chats up’ Loose Women’s Judi LoveRichard usually hosts the show on Monday through to Wednesday each week.Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the matter, with one writing on Twitter: “Beginning to look like Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid have fallen out.”Another user aimed their tweet towards at Adil Ray, which read: “This alleged feud between Madeley and Reid is really benefiting you work wise, eh Adil?”A third penned: “Well I'm taking this as Reid can't work with Madeley anymore.”Other users were pleased with Richard's absence and shared their feelings on this, with another adding: “I’m so glad Madeley isn’t at work this week, can you imagine him discussing the overturning of Roe v Wade? How deeply offensive he would be?“I suspect Susanna is glad she doesn’t have to be on alert, waiting for him to put his foot in his mouth.”Another commented: “Without the entertaining Richard Madely is an insomniac's dream.”Susanna and Richard's feud rumours were set soaring earlier this year after they didn't pose together at the BAFTA Television Awards.Richard arrived on the red carpet separately and without the rest of the GMB team.Richard once opened up about taking over from Piers Morgan during an appearance on Sunday Brunch and explained how he plans to be more absent from GMB in the coming months.He told the C4 hosts:
BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt's family life - 27-year marriage, children and net worth
BBC presenter has kept a relatively low profile over the years.Avoiding social media, he has chosen to keep most of his personal life private, only opting to let BBC Breakfast viewers and co-presenter Naga Munchetty know some insights on his family life.He has both an impressive career and home life, finding success on and off the camera.Despite rumours over the years that the two may have split, it seems that Charlie and his wife remain happily married with nearly 30 years under their belts and having children together.Charlie married Anne Francis Brickell in 1995, with the pair still husband and wife to this day.It seems as though their relationship is still going strong after 27 years of marriage.Little is known about his wife, but it is reported that she is a manager at a global corporation.Charlie and Anne have two children together, with the family of four living together in London.His two children are Phoebe Senara, 24, and Jake Hamilton, 21, though they similarly keep away from the cameras.Over the years, there were rumours that Charlie and his former co-host Susanna Reid were dating.However, the allegations turned appeared to be baseless, as neither presenters commented on the situation.Instead, it seems the two have a close friendship, with Susanna recently revealing he caused her addiction to candles.During a conversation on Good Morning Britain, she admitted that she loves to “splurge” on them, adding: “I cannot get enough of candles.“I’ve got an addiction after BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt bought me one.”Anne Francis Brickell’s net worth remains unknown, but according to, Charlie is worth an estimated $2million (£1.65 million).According to the BBC salary report, Charlie earns a
Susanna Reid breaks down on GMB as Grenfell victim talks tragic loss of niece
Susanna Reid could not fight back the tears on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain (June 14).The host was joined by David Badilli and Manny Ruiz, who were both deeply affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy which ruined the lives of many five years ago.Brave David, had been a firefighter at the scene and was taken with resting many who were trapped in the burning blaze.He had been tasked with rescuing Manny’s 12-year-old niece Jessie - who sadly did not make it out alive from the devastating fire.David was sent to the 20th floor to bring the young girl to safety but she had travelled to the top of building to get away from the flames and had no way out.Jessie's tragedy brought the two men closer together and they are now close friends with the pair appearing on the ITV programme sharing their account of awful situation together.The heartbreaking story left Susanna emotional and in tears and she commended the twosome for their "courage" and "bravery".Becoming choked up as she addressed the two men, she said: "I can see how hard it is to hear… it’s hard for me and all I did was report on it here in the studio."Susanna went on: "I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to listen, I know you’re friends you and David, and David at the time, you didn’t realise you were looking for your friend’s niece."But to find out someone was in the building trying to get Jessica back and she’d done what she thought was the safe thing to do, meant she was getting further into danger.
Richard Madeley brutally swipes Piers Morgan for storming off GMB set last year
Richard Madeley landed a brutal swipe about former news anchor Piers Morgan - who stormed off Good Morning Britain last year.The television host, 66, was joined by Royal expert Chris Ship on Tuesday's programme (June 14), when talk turned to Susanna Reid's former co-star.Chris was chatting away about Prince Harry's new tell-all book that will be released in the autumn when the conversation reverted back to the Meghan Markle's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.With this, Richard couldn't help but make a stiff jibe about Piers, who famously waltzed off set last year - calling it quits on GMB after refusing to apologise over his opinion about Meghan's account.Richard said: "Of course, one does wonder if those pictures of that very brief contact between Harry, Meghan and the Royals during the Jubilee weekend."Maybe that will be the last time that even happens with this book coming out that Prince Harry is writing or ghosting or however he's putting it together which is meant to contain explosive stuff that makes the interview with Oprah Winfrey look like a cosy chat."Chris replied: "Well, I mean, we know how controversial that interview with Oprah Winfrey was, not least on this programme."The Royal expert continued: "But yes, the book is due out in autumn [and] it's coming out with lots of other books at that time of year ready for the big Christmas market."And yeah, I mean, it's going to be a big deal.""I think where we are with the book at the moment is they're deciding what to leave in and what to take out."And I think that's one of the big issues going on between Harry and his publishers at the moment."But the book is coming, and we'll be talking about that I'm sure on this programme in the autumn," finished
Love Island axes second Islander in shock twist – and they've already left villa
Love Island has already axed its second Islander in a shock twist.Per The Sun, the contestant was dumped in a rapid exit which will be shown on Tuesday's episode.A recoupling will take place on screens tomorrow night before the unlucky Islander is dumped from the show and asked to swiftly leave the villa.The unknown Islander's brutal dumping follows the unexpected departure of Welsh student Liam Llewellyn earlier in the series.After Liam's shock departure, with the 22-year-old cryptically opting to leave the ITV2 show, Afia Tonkmore and Paige Thorne were left single but allowed to remain in the villa.Due to the ratio of female and male Islanders currently on the show, it's likely that a female contestant has been axed.Liam's sudden Love Island exit was swiftly followed by the shock arrival of Gemma Owen's ex-boyfriend, Jacques O'Neill.The 23-year-old rugby star made his villa entrance during Sunday night's show and swiftly enjoyed dates with Afia and Paige while also flirting with Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu.Jacques also chatted with his former girlfriend Gemma, much to the ire of Gemma's current love interest, Luca Bish.The fishmoger, 23, saw red during Sunday night's episode as Gemma and Jacques could be seen chatting to one another.Following the entrance of her ex-boyfriend, Love Island fans have accused the series of becoming 'the Gemma show'.Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday (June 13), presenter Susanna Reid also amusingly referred to the dating series as "Gemma Owen Island".Susanna said: "Is it Love Island or Gemma Owen Island?"She's at the heart of every story so far."It has since been rumoured that another of Gemma's exes could be heading to the villa.During Sunday night's show, Love Island fans were left
Carol Vorderman ‘willing to mud wrestle’ Susanna Reid over 'love of her life' Rob Rinder
Carol Vorderman, 61, has jokingly issued Susanna Reid with a warning as she quipped that the Good Morning Britain star was trying to steal Rob Rinder from her. In a hilarious rant posted on social media, the Countdown star joked about fighting Susanna over “the love of her life”, ITV’s Judge Rob Rinder, whom she had interviewed for a recent podcast.She shared a video of herself speaking to the camera in view of her 225,000 Instagram followers as she gave Susanna a warning.Carol said: “Well I'm happy to say I've had a lovely day because we've been recording lots of interviews for the Pride of Britain podcast that's going out at the moment.“If you haven't heard one yet or watched one yet then just go to one of the social channels and I hope you enjoy it.“But do you know what our winners on Pride of Britain are? Extraordinary.“I mean they are so just...special and I've found that I'm learning a lot from them and I have today.”Carol continued: “I also...was interviewing the love of my life Rob Rinder, Judge Rob Rinder.“Susanna Reid keeps trying to take him away from me.“I’ve told her I'm willing to mud wrestle her for him.“But she hasn't taken me up on that yet sadly.”The TV star jokingly doubled down on her fight warning for Susanna, who she said has not yet accepted the challenge.She wrote: “I've had a lovely day interviewing some of our former @prideofbritain winners for our new podcast EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE -THE PRIDE OF BRITAIN.
Carol Vorderman warns she'll 'mud wrestle' Susanna Reid for 'trying to take away' co-star
Carol Vorderman has taken to Instagram to reveal that she's challenged Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid, 51, to a "mud wrestle" over Judge Rob Rinder as she shares an update on her day.The Countdown legend, 61, shared the insight in a clip on Instagram as she recorded podcasts for the Pride of Britain Awards.In view of her 225,000 followers, the mathematician told her fans what she'd been busy getting up to.Appearing in front of the camera with her blonde curls in a wavy fashion, the stunning star shared her update.Carol said: "Well, I'm happy to say I've had a lovely day because we've been recording lots of interviews for the Pride of Britain podcast that's going on at the moment."If you haven't heard one yet or watched one yet then just go to one of the social channels and I hope you enjoy itA post shared by Carol Vorderman (@carolvorders)"But do you know what, our winners of Pride of Britain are extraordinary, they are just special."And I've found that I'm learning a lot from them and I have today," she added.Carol went on to reveal that one of her guests was ITV star, Judge Rob Rinder.She gushed: "I also was interviewing the love of my life, Judge Rob Rinder."Susanna Reid keeps trying to take him away fro me"I've told her I'm willing to mud wrestle her for him."But she hasn't taken me up on it yet, sadly," the star cheekily added.Rob previously shared an insight into his friendship with Susanna with year, Robert joined the mother-of-three on the GMB panel following the departure of host Piers Morgan.Reflecting on his friendship with the former BBC Breakfast presenter, Robert told how they hit it off straight away while meeting for work.He told "It was just a random series
Thick as s***' James Jordan defends GMB's Susanna Reid after cruel remark from troll
Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan rushed to Susanna Reid's defence yesterday after a troll aimed an attack with incorrect grammar.The 44-year-old urged him to "at least pretend" to be educated.The drama had begun after @stemuffy had told Susanna: "Your shit at your job." (sic)Not to be defeated, she hit back by retorting: "You're pretty rubbish at spelling, but there we go."As some of her 878,000 followers stepped in to support her, James Jordan led the pack by addressing the tweeter personally.Using a tears of laughter emoji, he exclaimed: "If “you’re” going to troll someone at least try and pretend “you’re” educated."He added: "But - we all know trolls are generally thick as shit, point proven."Then he told Susanna: "You're great by the way."The troll seemed to have been silenced - but readers had mixed feelings about the way the person had been spoken to.@jo31070 implored: "Please take this down, you don't know if this person has a learning disability."Thought better of you. Why not rise above it?"However @HellsBellsy was suspending her sympathy, retorting: "Learning disabilities don't excuse you from being a twat and abusing someone online...."@gennard_emma agreed, echoing: "If he is going to judge others and be rude then he has to expect the same treatment back."If you can't take it then don't dish it out."After hearing that the comments were considered "disrespectful" to those who "struggle with spelling", she exclaimed: "Can't believe some people are actually sticking up for an internet troll and judging the victim instead."@MarcHasNoFilter advised: "[Trolls] also see being blocked as a badge of honour.
Good Morning Britain turns chilly as Richard Madeley tells co-star to 'stop'
Good Morning Britain turned icy as Richard Madeley told his co-star to "stop it".Entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold was busy entertaining himself on Tuesday (June 7) with a round of N-Dubz song bingo to celebrate the first look of the band's new music video for their track Charmer.R&B group N-Dubz are reuniting for the first time in more than a decade, after originally parting ways in 2011.But Richard was determined to impress viewers with his knowledge of their song titles, and tried to cram as many as possible into his announcement as he explained the programme's exclusive look at the music video.His co-star Richard Madeley, however, was having none of it, as he begged Richard to: "Stop it now!"Richard Arnold was busy praising producers for sticking so many song lyrics into the autocue, and laughed off his co-star's ire.He couldn't resist a bit of cheeky N-Dubz fun as he announced: "No-one knows how well Charmer will do in the charts when the full video drops, but I'm sure N-Dubz will be on their best behaviour and won't be playing with fire until their Back to the Future tour kicks off in November.""Oh, stop it!" Richard Madeley begged through his giggles, as his co-host Susanna Reid collapsed with laughter beside him.Richard Arnold summed up by saying: "For those who couldn't keep up, I just referenced 14 N-Dubz songs in my script.
Susanna Reid urges critic to 'stop flirting' after branding host 'bit of eye candy' on GMB
Susanna Reid, 51, has taken to Twitter to express her view on today's antics involving Boris Johnson, leaving one social media user to critique her journalism skills.The Good Morning Britain presenter couldn't help but hit back with a funny jibe, telling her critic to "stop flirting" with her.Tim Stanley took to Twitter today and wrote: "After the 1922 committee meeting a senior party source was challenged on partygate."He asked journalists 'Have you never got drunk before?'"To which, Susanna replied in view of her 877,500 followers: "Not at work during a lockdown when life and death decisions were being made, no."Her reply angered social media user Royston Gabb who took to Twitter and criticised the GMB host.The social media user penned: "Susanna to call yourself a journalist is stretching it a bit far, you're a presenter who happens to have a beautiful face and as such is employed as a bit of eye candy." (sic)Susanna couldn't help but quip back, as she replied: "Stop flirting Royston..."Social media users rushed to the comments to defend Susanna and laugh at her funny jibe.Pankaj Gupta said: "Sorry on behalf of men - that a professional woman has to hear this in the 21st century."David Hobbs added: "There's a lot of people out there that wouldn’t agree with your comment about Susanna, Royston."Tim Baldwin commented: "I disagree, you do an excellent job whilst also having a very pleasing face."Susanna made sure to hold parliament to account as she spoke to Sajid Javid on this morning's Good Morning Britain.Sajid was defending Prime Minister Boris Johnson amid talks of a vote of no confidence to be taking place tonight.This comes after the news broke that Boris was to face a vote of no confidence this evening after the

Susanna Victoria Reid (born 10 December 1970) is an English television presenter and journalist. Reid was a co-presenter of BBC Breakfast from 2003 until 2014, along with Bill Turnbull and Charlie Stayt.

She has been a co-anchor of Good Morning Britain since 2014, and currently presents the programme alongside Piers Morgan and Ben Shephard.

She finished as a runner-up on the eleventh series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. She also presented Sunday Morning Live on BBC and Save Money: Good Food on ITV.