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GMB presenter Ben Shephard takes aim at Laura Tobin after she storms off show
Good Morning Britain turned frosty as presenter Ben Shephard took aim at weathergirl Laura Tobin - just days after she stormed off set.Ben and his co-host Kate Garraway were discussing the collective noun for a weather presenter as Laura joins 29 of her other meteorologists for a conference.Laura is currently in Innsbruck, Austria, for the International Weather Summit, surrounded by cloud and determined to "yodel them away", Kate joked.Kate began by saying: "We were trying to work out the collective noun, weren't we, for weather presenters. I said cloud, you said storm..."But it wasn't all fun and games, as Ben told viewers: "Our producer today suggested depression, a depression of weather presenters" as Kate giggled beside him.Charlotte Hawkins suggested a "sunshine" of weather presenters to lighten the mood, while other fan suggestions included a "confusion", "shower" and "mizzle".Confusion certainly seemed to irk Laura, as Kate said: "Oh that's made her cross, she doesn't like that!"It came at a rather tense time, as just days before Richard Madeley told Laura she 'isn't needed anymore', after a discussion about red skies on the programme.Richard's brazen comment came after he asked: "I have to say there was an amazing sunrise driving in this morning, it was a really, really bright, bright, bright red.“Is that old saying sunrise in morning, shepherd’s warning true?” he asked.Laura explained: “Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning – it's actually true because the sun is rising in the south east and it basically is reflecting off the clouds that are coming in.
ITV The Chase Brummie contestant reveals how the teams are selected
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GMB's Laura Tobin admits to secret 'death fear' in millionaire Lottery win chat
Good Morning Britain on Friday, Laura, 40, told presenter Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard that she always had a secret worry of being murdered if anyone was to discover her big win.Making reference to the latest National Lottery winners, Kate, 55, expressed that she would love to give Laura a large chunk of money if she won millions of pounds.Starting off the discussion, Kate said: "Laura would get a big chunk of money."Surprised, Ben, 47, said: "Would she, why wold she get a big chunk?"Kate insisted that Laura has delivered great content, which lead Laura to admit: "I always used to worry that on a Saturday night, on a 12-hour night shift with one other person, that if I won, I would have to sit there quietly because I wouldn't want them to kill me and take the ticket and run away."I used to think about that all the time."Surprised by her admission, Kate said: "Really?"The weather forecaster continued: Yeah I used to think that if I'm on a night shift on my own with one other person..."Ben interrupted: "That tells you everything you need to know that Laura will be nervous about the person she's working with might kill her.Laura added: "But it would be worth it, if you worked with someone who won the lottery you could just take their ticket.Shocked again, Kate chimed: "Hang on a minute, you're saying you would kill someone if you could get away with it if you won the lottery."Jokingly, Laura responded: "Depends on how big the win was."On Thursday (May 19), Joe and Jess Thwaite won a record-breaking £184,262,899 making them the UK's biggest EuroMillions lottery winner.As the presenters discussed the miraculous win on GMB, viewers took to Twitter to comment on whether they would reveal that they had won.One person wrote:
Ranvir Singh snaps at Charlotte Hawkins after GMB group photo blunder at BAFTAs
Ranvir Singh was quick to correct her fellow Good Morning Britain star Charlotte Hawkins after the blonde bombshell shared a snap of the news team at the BAFTA TV Awards.On Sunday (May 8), the 46-year-old took to Twitter to celebrate her attendance the show’s nomination for their tell-all interview with Shamima Begum last year.And it’s fair to say the mum-of-one posed up a storm as she strutted her stuff down the red carpet in a gorgeous black gown.Before the group made their way into the awards ceremony held at London’s Royal Festival Hall, some of the broadcasters from the ITV morning show couldn’t help but get a group photo together as a team.After the TV presenter woke up with a sore head the next morning, she took to the popular social media platform to share a snap of the team from the whirlwind evening with her loyal legion of fans.In full view of her 249,300 followers, Charlotte beamed beside her colleagues including Sean Fletcher, Laura Tobin, Alex Beresford, Ranvir and Dr Hilary Jones.But there were a few team members noticeably missing from the shot, including Susanna Reid and Adil Ray although they did attend the ceremony.She captioned the sweet snap: “Team @gmb at the BAFTAs!” but her 44-year-old colleague jumped at the chance to recognise the rest of the GMB team who couldn’t attend the event.As her 109,200 fans watched on, the brunette beauty replied: “Some of us!” recognising the hundreds of other team members often hidden behind the camera on the TV morning show.Although the brunette beauty attended the star-studded awards ceremony, Susanna appeared to miss out on the red-carpet snaps before the event took place.Weatherman Alex also took to Twitter to share some of the exclusive snaps of himself taken at
Laura Tobin credits Piers Morgan for getting her into 'massive argument' on GMB
Good Morning Britain meteorologist Laura Tobin, 40, thanked Piers Morgan for always giving her “the time of day” and including her in heated debates while he was presenting the ITV show.The most explosive row came when "climate change denier", Craig Kelly, appeared on the programme.The Australian MP was invited on the show to discuss the horrific bushfires in 2020.In a new interview with, Laura said: “Piers would always bring me into any chats, like a couple of years ago when there were the deadly wildfires in Australia, where I think a billion animals perished, we had an MP on who was trying to say it wasn’t climate change.“Then Piers brought me in and we had this massive argument.“Piers will always give me the time of day.”The incident in question saw Mr Kelly discuss the blaze with hosts Piers and Susanna Reid when the former asked whether Mr Kelly “accepted that the planet is heating up at a dangerous level”.While the MP accepted that the planet is heating up, he argued that “the main cause of the fires is the build-up of fuel on the ground and drought” but insisted there was “no trend” with the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.Piers then interrupted Mr Kelly to bring in Laura, who he dubbed the show’s “weather expert”.Laura proceeded to explain that Australia had just had its “highest temperatures and driest year ever recorded” and the country had the “second highest carbon emission per person on earth”.The mother-of-one then fumed at Mr Kelly: “You are burying your head in the sand, this is a climate emergency.“You are not a climate sceptic, you are a climate denier!”Mr Kelly rebuked that Australia had the “highest uptake of renewable energy” in the world, to which Laura hit back: “No you
Richard Bacon shares sneak peek at ITV GMB studios with Kate Garraway in subtle clip
Good Morning Britain fans were happy to see more of the ITV studios than they're used to thanks to Richard Bacon's clip.The GMB host shared a clip shortly after Thursday's show started as he filmed his co-star Kate Garraway before whizzing the camera around to the rest of the studios.With others hard at work in the clip, Richard started it by filming Kate, who looked glamorous in a vibrant patterned top while her hair was in soft and bouncy curls.Richard said "hi" to Kate as the star responded: "Hi! Good to see you", as he told the star he was filming her.The host also explained that he was whispering while a segment about the Queen was taking place, prompting Kate to tell him it was "very respectful" to do so.Kate was going through papers so she was well prepared for the upcoming parts of the show, while the crew was busy working the cameras to ensure everything was running smoothly.Richard then swiftly moved the camera over to Laura Tobin who was gearing up to do the weather forecast as he zoomed in on the presenter.He then closed the clip, but Laura was quick to get him back as an hour later she shared a selfie while Richard was on TV with Kate.Laura was pointing at him as she wrote: "Naughty @richardpbacon talking during my weather forecast. He was then good and paid full attention."Richard confirmed he would be on the show on Wednesday evening as he shared a post from Piers Morgan who teased he "might storm onto GMB" ahead of his appearance on Lorraine.Richard said: "See you tomorrow from 6am with @kategarraway.
GMB’s Laura Tobin recalls leaning on Susanna Reid for support following Svalbard backlash
Good Morning Britain’s meteorologist Laura Tobin, 40, gave a poignant report about the effects of climate change when she flew to Svalbard, Norway, last year.The bulletin was shown live on GMB in September and Laura broke down in tears after witnessing how global warming had melted the glaciers and put polar bears in danger.In the segment, she explained that Svalbard is heating up more than anywhere else on Earth and that the ice melting will cause changes to the weather in the UK, including rising sea levels and more flooding.Laura’s voice started to break when she said her young daughter, Charlotte, five, had drawn her a picture of a polar bear.She sobbed: “If Charlotte comes here when she’s my age, there potentially won’t be polar bears.”Despite the tearful report, some viewers criticised Laura because the flight to Norway would have added emissions to the atmosphere and contributed to climate change.Speaking exclusively to, Laura revealed that she turned to Susanna for support during the tough time.She confessed: “Susanna is really supportive.“When I was in Svalbard, I phoned her and told her what we had seen, the people we had spoken to. We discussed the criticism I received and whether I should mention it [on the show].“We both agreed because we need to own what we are doing, where we are going and why.”While Laura accepts that the flight would have made a carbon footprint and emitted pollution into the atmosphere, she doesn't feel "guilty" because the benefits outweighed the negatives.She stated: "The amount of people that watched, who maybe wouldn’t have watched an Arctic documentary, was in the millions.
GMB's Laura Tobin smashes 'weather girl' stereotypes and sexism in the industry
Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin has addressed some of the sexism she faces as a meteorologist on a daily basis.The 40-year-old scientist, who has recently launched her brand-new book Every Day Ways To Save The Planet, has opened up about the prejudice she faces as a weather reporter after nine and a half years working on the popular ITV morning show.From the age of 14, the ITV star knew that being able to determine the weather and climate was something she had a deep passion for.But one thing she didn’t foresee was the wave of stereotypes she would have to battle throughout her career.Fast-forward 26-years and the mum-of-one has gone on to become one of the most loved and well-respected broadcast meteorologists in the UK.Despite her impressive career over the years, the TV personality confessed that she is still fighting these prejudiced ideas of a ‘weather girl’ on a regular basis.In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Laura recalled on particular moment that she argued with a guest presenter on the show who continued to belittle her intelligence on screen.She recalled: “I remember a couple of years ago we had politician Craig Kelly, from Australia on the show, talking about the wild fires in Australia and saying that they had nothing to do with climate change.“He was just talking garbage and so Piers [Morgan] just looked at me and he was like, ‘Right, Laura’s got something to say’ and I corrected him on those things that he was saying.”But despite proving the politician wrong on air, the climate change sceptic went on to ignore her comments and assumed she didn’t understand what she was talking about.Laura went on: “Later on he went, ‘Oh no, an ignorant Polly weather girl had a go at me, what does she