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Maisie Smith shares exciting career move after quitting EastEnders' Tiffany role

Maisie Smith has shared the next role she will be starring in, since leaving EastEnders in December. The 20-year-old left her role as Tiffany Butcher on the BBC One soap to pursue new professional opportunities. Now, Maisie is joining forces with Strictly Come Dancing professional Kevin Clifton once again, after the duo danced together in the Children in Need special in 2019.

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Lorraine Kelly ‘looks better now’ than she did decades ago, GMB’s Richard Arnold claims
Lorraine Kelly "looks better now" than she did decades ago, according to ITV star Richard Arnold, 52, who was speaking about how they'd changed over the years.The Good Morning Britain presenter spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how he and Lorraine, 62, “look better now” than they did years ago while speaking at the Ideal Home Show, in partnership with NatWest.Richard has been the Entertainment Editor on ITV’s Good Morning Britain since 2014 and has been working in showbiz for over two decades.He previously worked for the channel’s predecessor GMTV, first starting out as a TV critic there in 1997.Lorraine helped launch GMTV back in 1993 and has also stayed with ITV over the years, continuing her self-titled show Lorraine under the new format.Reflecting on how it’s been working for the channel over many years, Richard said: “Well, I've seen a lot of changes, and my makeup isn't quite as orange as it used to be when we did GMTV, which wasn't altogether flattering.“I think what I find extraordinary - and it's like being in a soap opera in many respects…“When you see archived footage of you, if they play an old clip from when you were younger, you don't think that you've got any older necessarily.“But then when you see a picture of yourself when you first started out with frosted tips…“You just think, ‘Oh my goodness me, we really have all been through an awful long time together!’" he added.Speaking about his time with Lorraine on the channel, he continued: “Lorraine and I always joke about the fact that surely we look better now than we did back then.“Even though we're getting older now!” he added with a laugh.Richard went on to discuss how he felt to be Entertainment Editor at ITV, decades on from where he first
Lorraine Kelly says Katie Hopkins is only star banned from her show 'She's a busted flush'
Lorraine Kelly, 62, said she wouldn’t be inviting Katie onto her ITV daytime show, Lorraine.She had some less than kind words to say about Katie Hopkins, 47, who she described as a “busted flush”.The 62-year-old revealed she is open to having most guests appear on her show, with one exception.When asked about the guests she has on her show, mother-of-one Lorraine said she wouldn’t be inviting Katie onto her show anytime soon.Lorraine said: “The only person that I actually genuinely wouldn't have on the show is Katie Hopkins.“She's a busted flush.”Television star Lorraine revealed the celebrities she has banned from her show when she spoke to comedians Jojo Sutherland and Bruce Devlin on the latest episode of the Be Honest podcast on Sunday.She went on to describe the media personality and former businesswoman as “dangerous”.Lorraine explained why she wouldn’t allow Katie to speak on her show: “It's because I actually think that person is dangerous.”During the podcast episode, she also spoke about how “really big stars” such as actor Ralph Fiennes found being on the show “nerve-wracking” when he appeared as a guest in 2019.Describing his appearance, Lorraine said: “He hated every single moment of it.”She described him as a “brilliant actor,” but said he was “uncomfortable” with live TV.Lorraine also said “things go wrong” with live TV, giving the example of how DI Ray actress Parminder Nagra recently missed a live interview which they had scheduled to do over Zoom.Lorraine said: “She just never turned up”, and admitted there had been a mix-up with the timing of the interview.She added: “Things go wrong on a daily basis for us.”Another elusive guest has been Lady Gaga.Lorraine said: “I nearly interviewed Lady Gaga, but we
Lorraine Kelly looks stunning at 62 for BAFTAs after red carpet fears over weight gain
Lorraine Kelly stunned at the TV BAFTA Awards red carpet today in a gorgeous gold and white gown.The star explained in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk she had been feeling self-conscious at celebrity events after lockdown, but that her new weight loss plan with WW has helped her “get her va va voom back”.Lorraine, 62, wowed in a floor-length gown on the red carpet today. The star opted for a white dress with a tasteful v-neck and long, flowing skirt. The garment had a gorgeous gold leaf pattern on it, and was tied with a matching belt at the waist. The star wore open-toed high heels on her feet and accessorised with a heart-shaped necklace. The ITV talk show host doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would get shy, but the star previously told Express.co.uk about her red carpet fears due to weight gain. She spoke about how she was dismayed to find that she had gone from a size 10 to a size 14 due to a lack of exercise and indulging in more junk food during lockdown. However, since then, the TV icon is back to feeling like herself again with the help of WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers).Prior to her weight loss, she explained: “At the moment, if I go out - I mean, I’m not very good at red carpets anyway - but say there was a big event… “I would be kind of ‘hmm’,” she said, while slumping her shoulders with an unsure expression. “And the last thing I went to, there was a big do just before Christmas, and I couldn’t get into - obviously my red dress is my go-to dress - and I couldn’t get it over my head. “But I thought, ‘well that’s ok,’ so I ended up wearing a really nice black dress and I looked fine, but I really, really didn’t feel fine,” Lorraine confessed. “And I was looking at everybody else looking
Lorraine Kelly brands Boris Johnson 'whatzisname' in epic dig after Susanna Reid chat snub
Lorraine Kelly, 61, has responded to Prime Minister Boris Johnson "snubbing" her on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday. Viewers were stunned, and GMB host Susanna Reid was soon hitting back, as Johnson asked who the longtime ITV host was.On Twitter, Lorraine didn't hold back, as she shared a clip from the interview between Susanna and Johnson, before swiping: “Well worth a watch with @susannareid100 and whatzisname.”(sic)It comes as Johnson appeared on his first interview with the programme in around five years, and for the first time since he was accused of hiding in a fridge to avoid Piers Morgan on the show in 2019.But, as the interview was wrapping up after Johnson was apparently late, he was left asking who Lorraine was as Susanna brought her up.Lorraine was waiting to begin her self-titled show, but with GMB overrunning, Susanna was forced to tell the PM that they needed to hand over to the ITV host.But Johnson claimed to not know who she was, asking: "Who's Lorraine," before looking around, causing Susanna to hit back: "Who's Lorraine? Lorraine's a legend."He then appeared to mumble, as the sound cut off: "Great, fantastic, well I don't want to talk to Lorraine..." as the show then went off air, and Lorraine began.Lorraine appeared very amused by it, especially after seeing fans messaging her in confusion.Despite her swipe, Lorraine defended Johnson over his mishap, claiming there was no reason for him to know who she was.She said: "There are loads of you, it's so funny, reacting to Boris Johnson earlier on wondering who I was.
Piers Morgan insists 'I didn't want to leave' as he returns to ITV for chat with Lorraine
Piers Morgan, 57, found himself at the centre of controversy last year after he suddenly left Good Morning Britain following his comments about Meghan Markle.The broadcaster sparked over 57,000 Ofcom complaints after saying he didn't believe a word Prince Harry's wife said during the pair’s landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey.Now, Piers has returned to the ITV studios for a candid chat with Lorraine Kelly on her eponymous show.During the interview, Piers discussed his new TalkTV series, Uncensored, which is set to kick off with a 75-minute interview with former US President Donald Trump.He also addressed his shock exit from Good Morning Britain as he once again clarified he did not want to leave.Piers began: “On the last day we finally got our highest ever ratings and beat the BBC.“And I wasn't expecting a carriage clock Lorraine, but I wasn't expecting to leave the building either, so I'm sorry I had to leave."He insisted: "Just to be clear, I didn't want to leave. It wasn't my choice to leave.“I was just told, 'You've got to apologise or you have to leave.'“I said, 'Why would I apologise for something I believe?'"I don't think anyone, by the way, should apologise for an honestly held opinion."Piers went on to highlight the “lovely time” he had throughout his years working for the broadcaster as he heaped praise on his former co-star Susanna Reid.He described his working relationship with Susanna as an “arranged marriage” as he explained the dynamic between them.“I did have a great time there. I had a lovely time at ITV.
'In so much trouble' Alison Hammond admits she got 'slated' for shouting at Meghan Markle
This Morning presenter Alison Hammond has admitted that she got "slated" for shouting at Meghan Markle during hers and Prince Harry's first royal outing together to mark World Aids Day in 2017.The ITV star, 47, told how she got in "so much trouble" following the incident and was even branded "disrespectful" by some viewers after shouting to get the Duchess of Sussex's attention.Speaking to her ITV colleague Lorraine Kelly, Alison reflected on the incident, explaining that she was "genuinely excited" to see the Suits star.Praising her friend's unique interview style, Lorraine said: "I love that about you, you know that thing where Meghan waved at you when you were shouting at her, not shouting at her -""Oh God, I got so slated for that you know," Alison cut in."I got in so much trouble, so many people were saying that I didn't respect royalty at the time."I was like oh my God."Explaining the incident, Alison said: "You know what it was? I got genuinely excited in that moment."Everyone was willing me on and I remember hearing Ruth [Langford's] in my ears saying, 'Go on Alison, get in there!'"So I got really excited and really involved!" she added.Lorraine responded: "[Meghan] turned around, smiled at you and went hi."Alison replied, "She did, she did," as Lorraine branded it a nice moment.Previously in Lorraine and her daughter Rosie's What If? With Rosie and Lorraine podcast, the Scottish host quizzed Alison on her interview technique.She said to the this Morning presenter: "You have completely changed the showbiz interview."There are no rules and I love that, because I think you go in and - you know what it's like, all of these big stars are bored t*****," Lorraine said.She went on: "They're so bored because they've been
Lorraine Kelly aims swipe at ITV over 'toe-curling' additions to daytime presenting team
Lorraine Kelly has aimed a swipe at ITV over their "toe-curling" additions to the daytime presenting team.Speaking to her ITV colleague Andi Peters, the Scottish TV host, 62, spoke about the difficulties of presenting live TV, before taking aim at the "reality stars" the broadcaster featured as part of the daytime presenting team.She said to her ITV colleague Andi: "The thing about you is though, you are a pioneer when you think about it."Her daughter Rosie chipped in: "Also I don't think a lot of people will know about any of this."Agreeing, Lorraine replied: "No, I don't think they do, people know you because obviously, you do the competitions on ITV."And the thing about you is you make it look easy," she praised the star.Lorraine went on to gush over her fellow ITV presenter for making his job look "effortless".She continued: "Now, anybody that's trying to do that live and to tap on someone's door and to make that look effortless and funny and entertaining in a minute is actually difficult."Because when you're on holiday or on the rare occasion that you're not there, which isn't very often and somebody else tries, ooh, it's no good," she added.Andi replied: "I think I've been blessed and you're right Lorraine and it warms me that you appreciate how difficult it is."I think I'm lucky that you on your show like to have me there, so I feel that's always kept me where I am."Andi went on to address his guest presenting role on Good Morning Britain, telling how the programme decided not to "go down" the reality star route during main presenters' absence.He explained: "And on GMB as well, I think the people behind the desk were like, 'Do you know what? Let's not go down the Love Island route or that person route'...""Well,"
‘Know they were looking at me’ Lorraine Kelly baffled other celebs with red carpet worries
ITV talk show host Lorraine Kelly admitted to Express.co.uk that she was left feeling self-conscious on the red carpet after gaining a considerable amount of weight during lockdown.The journalist has since teamed up with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) and is already well on her way to reaching her target of fitting back into her favourite size 10 red dress. Lorraine, 62, shared how she had shot from a size 10 to a size 14 during lockdown due to a lack of exercise and eating more unhealthy food. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the star explained that, while the perfect size is different for every person, she wanted to get back to feeling like herself again with the help of WW.Speaking about her recent outings on the red carpet, the ITV star admitted that she felt as if her fellow celebs were looking at her in confusion when she appeared less confident than usual. She shared: “At the moment, if I go out - I mean, I’m not very good at red carpets anyway - but say there was a big event…“I would be kind of ‘hmm’,” she said, while slumping her shoulders with an unsure expression. “And the last thing I went to, there was a big do just before Christmas, and I couldn’t get into - obviously my red dress is my go-to dress - and I couldn’t get it over my head. “But I thought, ‘Well that’s ok,’ so I ended up wearing a really nice black dress and I looked fine, but I really, really didn’t feel fine,” Lorraine confessed. “And I was looking at everybody else looking amazing, beautiful, and confident and I didn’t feel like that. “I know that other people were looking at me going, ‘What’s she going on about? She looks ok!’ but it’s really about you.