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Loose Women's Carol McGiffin left fuming as panel brutally mock her age

Loose Women's Carol McGiffin was left fuming after the panel mocked her age by photoshopping her face onto a spinster's body.Carol was joined by Charlene White, Judi Love and Nadia Sawalha as they opened the show and began discussing whether people should learn how to sew.McGiffin was a big advocate for the skill and began to recall how her mother taught her how to sew.READ MORE:Loose Women turns awkward as Carol McGiffin tells co-stars they're not her friendsShe said that she learned how to darn socks and told the audience that she has two sewing machines, one with a crank handle.The panel joked that they had a picture of Carol using it and flashed the photoshopped image on the screen.'Carol' could be seen wearing a long dress and sat at a spinning wheel as she worked and both cast and audience were left in tears.Carol jokingly laughed but pulled a straight face immediately after to show she was unimpressed.The star recently left her colleagues in shock after she made a savage comment about friendship.The panel discussed "how they can tell an acquaintance from a friend," with some interesting results.Kaye spoke about new research and said: "11 interactions, each lasting three hours and four minutes, over five and a half months, 34 hours."Nadia questioned whether Carol thought that the panel were her friends but Carol replied: "Well, I wouldn't call you all actual friends." Her response clearly shocked her co-stars before former Strictly contestant Kaye Adams noted that they had "known her for 20 years".Carol argued: "I know, but I don't call you every day.

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